Macro Monday


I’m back at the lake for a couple of days this week enjoying the sunshine, warm temperatures, and baking my bones. 🙂

The lilies, roses, and cornflowers have started to show their stuff in the perennial beds. The raspberries are just starting to turn pink, the low bush blueberries are still green, we’re eating a ton of fresh lettuce, and we have the first couple of tiny tomatoes set on. It is very dry here so we’ve had to water quite a bit. We could sure use some rain, but I hate to even mention that when some areas are flooded and others are fighting fires.

I’m also working on a baby quilt for a friend’s nephew and will try my hand at an appliquéd block to center it. I’m not working hard on it, just in between being outside. Quilting is really my winter sport.

I’ve got a busy week with camping, a couple of MG meetings and a garden tour. Hope your week goes well. Do you have special plans for the upcoming 4th of July? Did  the recent Brexit vote turn out the way you wanted?  Complicated world we’re living in right now. 🙂

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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37 Responses to Macro Monday

  1. joannesisco says:

    Enjoy your outside time. We Northerners have to soak up every minute of it while it lasts 🙂

    The world really is in a strange place right now 😦

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  2. Dawn says:

    It sounds like you have planned a perfect kind of week, Judy! We are looking forward to some nice, cool days this week. It’s perfect weather for a big outside project that I’m working on! Your macro blossoms are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week, Judy! ♡

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  3. Gorgeous photos there Judy. Have a great 4th July! Do we get to see the quilt when it’s done?

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  4. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful photography!

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  5. Well, I wish I was with you at the cabin, this girl could use it. Have a great time.

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  6. Laurie Graves says:

    I love macro shots, and yours are beautiful. The Brexit vote has left me feeling unsettled and uneasy. Hope my feelings of foreboding are just useless worrying. Fortunately, we have summer and biking and flowers and many other delights to soothe us.

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  7. pbmgarden says:

    Love your colorful blooms this morning Judy. Would love to be at the beach but a few more weeks to wait. Enjoy your lake time.

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  8. Have a great time at the beach! I hope the weather shines on you and you come back feeling on top of the world.

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  9. Beautiful photos all. Sounds like a great week. We have some green tomatoes on ‘Early Girl’, flowers on the others.

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  10. joey says:

    The heat is ridiculous lately, so we haven’t decided if we will do our normal Fourth of July stuff.
    Funny about your cornflowers, mine are one of the first to bloom in spring. Even before the hostas are open all the way. I hope you get some rain soon.

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful photos. Maybe we’ll get some much needed rain and you’ll have a day to work on that quilt. We had a few cukes from my wife’s garden – that’s when all (her) hard work is worth it. No big plans for the 4th. We usually stay close to home to console the dog during the fireworks. Enjoy your week!

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  12. “Quilting is my winter sport.” I love that.

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  13. Joyce says:

    Wow! Those colors in your flower selection could wake up the dead! Beautiful!
    I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know much about Brexit. I’ve been too busy in my own little family cocoon to look outside. But I was shocked at the impact on world financial markets. I hope that settles down and what is best for our dear UK blogging friends eventually emerges.

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  14. Oddment says:

    I loved Joyce’s comment about colors that could wake up the dead! So right! And how we need them in the midst of this funereal time. Thanks, Judy!

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    • If you want to be in a decent mood these days, you can’t let yourself watch the news because someone is dying, or one state or another is burning or flooding, and we won’t even touch the national news. Flowers – they are beautiful to look at and to contemplate how they came about. I’m like Curly from the City Slickers movie. I’m always looking around at the meaning of life.

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  15. germac4 says:

    I also love the comment on the colours of the flowers, good one! I think seeing a photo of each flower really gives a idea of summer beauty (I say this on a frosty day in Canberra!) I think I need to do a photography course or two. Do you have a Mac or a PC?

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  16. Shelagh in Vermont says:

    I am an ex-pat Remainer. They know not what they hath wrought. 😦 Love your macros, and my inexpensive point&shoot Samsung does a very creditable job of it too. Ate the first two summer squash last night, yaay, and all kinds of lettuce being harvested by the bucketful.

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    • I have quite a few UK blogging friends, and I only wish them the best in this situation. Sometimes you really don’t understand something until it is too late. 🙂 I think most cameras today, point and shoot, smart phone, or all the others levels take pretty darn good photos. Summer squash = delicious. We have had terrible squash bugs for several years so I’m taking a year off and need to get myself to our farmer’s market and pick some up. Thanks for the comment from our neighboring and beautiful Green Mountain State. 🙂


  17. KerryCan says:

    When it’s hot, a lake is the only place to be! I love this time of year and the run up to July 4th, and, like yours, our perennials are just popping right now! As long as I don’t tune into the news, I’m a happy camper.

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  18. Grandma Kc says:

    Things have only gotten worse since Monday. Another airport… it does scare me. Glad you are at the lake and soaking up some sun. Hope you get some rain. Hope we do too but at least today is much cooler for those poor firemen.

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