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This has been an interesting summer with the extreme heat, high humidity and never-ending drought. It has meant that gardening chores have to be done in the early morning hours and after about three hours I am drained, need a shower, and a lot of hydration.

One advantage is that I finished the baby quilt Baby quiltI was working on for an expected winter delivery.

Quilting is something that keeps me humble because I always find areas that could have been done differently or things I need to change. I am a firm believer in ripping what can be fixed, but sometimes I have to accept and acknowledge that quilting is a lot like life – it’s a journey.

Tomato hornwormMy tomatoes are still producing, and I’m still giving them away.

I did have an interesting two-day period where I picked off ten tomato hornworms. Yuck.

There is some satisfaction when I carry those ugly creatures over to the chicken run and provide an appetizer for the girls.

Over the weekend, I went to a program at Wentworth Greenhouse put on by the Caterpillar Lab in Keene. I thought I’d seen all the creepy crawlies I needed right in my own garden, and here I was surrounded by so many more examples my head was swiveling back and forth. Some of them were enclosed in glass because they sting. Okay, I am good with those being inaccessible.

PicMonkey Collage-2

White I was at the greenhouse, I saw a couple of good handouts from American Beauties Native Plants that I thought I’d share – best plants for bees and best plants for butterflies.

I’ve been moving some plants but have to be careful so that I put them where I can reach with the water. When I dig a hole, I have to break up the soil because it appears that there are rocks in the hole, but it is just clumps of soil that will hardly break up because of lack of rain. I’ve been gardening a long time, and we really need rain and a lot of it.

Indoors this week I have a little sewing and a new wall hanging project to start because there always has to be something available to work on that needs thread.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful end of August and first of September. 🙂

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  1. All lovely and all is beautiful…you made my day!!! xo Johanna

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  2. Pat says:

    What a beautiful quilt! It’ll bring a breath of spring for that winter delivery.

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    The quilt is awesome. Love fabric combination and design. Center patch is perfect!! Recipient will be over-the-top to receive it.

    I don’t grow tomatoes, but if I came across a hornworm, I’d still be running!! Ewwwwww!! Lol. 😱

    Hope your area is blessed with some much needed rain this week.

    Enjoy the last three days of August. Somehow time moved slower when I was younger!! Another few weeks and it’s fall.

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  4. Laurin Lindsey says:

    I love quilts, yours is a treasure! I wish I could send you rain….we have had too much! It is always too hot and humid during the summer here in Houston for me…I am a California girl and lived there the first 42 years of my life. I love plants that attract pollinators. Was just enjoying the bees on my Saliva Miniata yesterday out my library window : ) Looking forward to fall!

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  5. Leah says:

    Your days sound much like mine recently. I am doing a total overhaul in my garden, so mornings are hot, sweaty, and back-breaking. We break for lunch, a shower, and a rest. The afternoon is sometimes spent in the sewing room, hiding from the heat.

    One big difference is that we’ve had bits of rain here and there. Not often enough to fill the rain barrels, but it helps!

    I wish I had chickens to feed; offering insects as snacks would be so much better than dropping them in soapy water.

    Here’s hoping you get some good soaks.

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  6. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful quilt Judy–lucky little child. Hope the rains find you. We need some here too. Everything is brown and parched and were I to try to dig, I’d probably find similar dry clods of soil.

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  7. Dawn says:

    Such a beautiful quilt, Judy! Sunbonnet Sue will welcome the new, little one in the sweetest of ways! Last week, we had a few cooler days in the midst of the heat and humidity. So, I was able to do a lot of digging and transplanting. I’m moving some favorite perennials from my Cutting Garden to the edges of my Herb Garden, along the inside of the white, picket fence. Today I’m going to draw a little map of the Herb Garden so that I can remember what is popping up in the early spring. Wishing you gentle, soaking showers very soon, Judy! Have a good week! ♡

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  8. Joyce says:

    I enjoyed this update from your “New England garden and thread!” The quilt is just delightful! Beautiful pattern, colors, and workmanship. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Sunbonnet Sue, but never made her myself. I think you’ve created a heirloom for this lucky baby!
    I’d love to treat chickens with fat little nasty worms! Just the “circle of life,” I guess!
    I hope the rainfall situation corrects itself. I’ve noticed that there are no acorns on our quarter acre of woods oak trees. I’ll have to take care of more squirrels, of course, but am more concerned about the environment being disrupted by a really hot summer and limited rainfall.

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    • Oh, please, let me box up some acorns and send them to you. I was hauling buckets of water to plants this morning, and I was walking on a bed of them and they were dropping on my head. I wonder what the postage would be and if MI squirrels and chipmunks would like NH acorns. 🙂


  9. sweetk8 says:

    🙂 I have bags of fabric purchased from my trips to various places. Someday, I plan to sew something!

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    • Last year I made a small quilt of tulips to remind me of our Benelux tour, and I just ordered the fabric to make a Celtic Twist wall hanging for our Ireland trip. You can put your fabrics together and make a quilt or wall hanging to remind you of everywhere you’ve been. 🙂

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  10. I hope no-one ever tells me that tomato horn-worms turn into the most beautiful butterflies, because I don’t like them!

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    I’m impressed at how you manage to stay busy, Judy, especially in this heat. We have a couple of plants to move, but we are hoping to do it in the fall when they won’t bake in their new home. Right now, it’s tough keeping the ones with established roots watered well enough. The quilt is beautiful. I’m guessing that quilting, like any intricate craft, is one where you see things you want to change, but most people just see an amazing work of functional art.

    Bees, butterflies, plants and animals all seem to be stressed by the relentless heat and lack of rain this summer. I hope things improve soon. Stay cool!

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  12. joey says:

    Beautiful photos 🙂
    I added some mums this weekend. Purple 🙂 SO hot and humid here lately, I planted them in the rain! I can barely stand to be out.

    I agree quilting is a journey. Writing, too.
    Have a great week! 😀

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  13. I’ve been looking at drought maps. Much of New Hampshire is fine, but you live in a large state — an you live in the really dry part. I washed my hair this morning and I felt guilty for rinsing it. The only watering we are allowed to do outside now is via a watering can. No hoses. No sprinklers. If you have a well, you get a bit more latitude, but we all work from the same aquifer, so I try to respect that. I use as little water as possible.

    Massachusetts is pretty much entirely in severe or extreme drought and our water pressure is low. It was better, briefly, after we had a bit of rain a week ago. The weather map says we may get some thunder storms (rain!!) later this week. Let us hope!

    I wish I were your neighbor. I love tomatoes 🙂

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    • I would gladly share my tomatoes with you. 🙂 I’ve been hauling water in watering cans to some plants that may not make it. Even though we don’t have harsh restrictions right now we’ve been trying to not use any more than we have to. I’m always excited about sunshine but lately I hope for a nice dreary dark day with hopefully some accompanying rain. Here’s hoping NH and MA get some this week.


  14. trkingmomoe says:

    I love the little quilt. I have a few orphan blocks like that. You gave me a wonderful idea. Thanks.

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  15. Lovely quilt, Judy. I so wish we could send you some rain! I was thinking this morning as I walked in the park how verdant it is, overflowing on all sides with green, green, green (and flowers, of course.) My husband won’t be able to mow tonight, as we got rain again today and there’s the possibility of thunderstorms and rain over the next few days.


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  16. Ogee says:

    Drought is bad enough. But drought, humidity and hornworms? Well, that’s just uncalled for, Mother Nature!

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  17. Oddment says:

    The comments to your blog are as wonderful as the blog itself! Not only do I get at least one good laugh as I read along, but I also get lovely sense of friends and neighbors, even though they all live who-knows-where. You cannot imagine the depth of my admiration for your fabric artistry. Wow.

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    • I am always humbled by the blog comments because I know that person took time out of their busy daily life to write them whether it is a short sentence or a long paragraph. I also learn something or get a huge chuckle and no one ever has enough laughter in their life. The blogging community is a wonderful thing to be a part of isn’t it? Thank you for the compliment. I try, I enjoy it, and I have a lot of opportunity to learn. 🙂


  18. The baby quilt is beautiful, I can sew but find it a chore, last night was spent sewing name tapes into my sons clothes and bedding as he starts weekly boarding school today! I hope one day I will grow to enjoy it more. Can’t believe it’s September tomorrow!

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  19. Lovely, inspirational quilt. I realize that I need to buy some striped fabric. Those bits just make it all magical.

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  20. Annie says:

    There must be more hours in your day than mine. I’m awed by your talents and energy! This blasted drought: Exeter NH has its first-ever mandatory water restriction and I have 3 new trees in the ground. What to do….?

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  21. Lucky baby! Judy this quilt is adorable in every way! Speaking of bees just this morning I read about the mass murder of them in South Carolina 😦

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  22. Grandma Kc says:

    Judy that baby quilt did come out beautifully! You are too hard on yourself! Sure wish I was there to share some of those tomatoes!

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  23. Our tomatoes still going strong down this way, too! Starting fall peas and kale. Let’s see if they make it before frost sets in. If last few years any indication, we will have a warm December again so maybe yes. Happy Labor Day!

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  24. Joanne Sisco says:

    It’s certainly been one of those summers. I can’t believe that I actually hope for rain everyday. We too are very dry. It seems to be raining all around us, but we have nothing.

    The only tomatoes I have this year are from the market. I gave up trying to grow any a few years ago. I guess that was a good call this year … this drought would be only one more reason for a crop failure.

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