How was your weekend?


We had a nice quiet weekend staying off the interstates and away from the 600,000+ visitors.

There were blue skies, lunch at the water on Saturday, and some good craft beer and home-made ice cream on Sunday. We still have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, and the Hyacinth Bean Vines* are beautiful.

MondayΒ involved a little sewing and organizing for Ireland, baking banana peach bread, enjoying some ribs and turkey, and watching a couple of episodes of Harry Bosch.

We hoped for a few showers from the storm coming up the coast, and we got a few drops.Β The driveway is wet, but the area under the car is still dry. Individuals with water wells are concernedΒ and there are outside water restrictions, so we’re grateful for whatever moisture we can get and continue to hope for more.

As we plan for the Ireland trip, is there anything you always take with you because it makes your traveling easier? Do you take a DSLR camera, compact digital, or just your cell? Do tell, I’ll take all suggestions. πŸ™‚

Screenshot 2016-09-05 15.20.37

*”A vigorous ornamental annual vine, purple hyacinth bean plant (Dolichos lablab or Lablab purpurea), displays beautiful pinkish-purple blossoms and interesting reddish-purple pods that grow to be about the same size as lima bean pods. The hyacinth bean plant adds loads of color and interest to any garden right through fall. Thomas Jefferson’s favorite nurseryman Bernard McMahon sold hyacinth bean vine plants to Jefferson in 1804. Because of this, the hyacinth bean is also known as Jefferson bean. These fabulous heirloom plants are now featured at Monticello.”

I received my seeds from my blogging friend Debra at Frugal Little Bungalow. I harvest the seed pods each year and think of her as I sow them the next gardening season. If anyone would like some seeds for next year, drop me a note, and I’ll send you some. πŸ™‚

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    First off, “banana peach bread” oh my, that sounds amazing! As for camera, I have a DSLR, but I prefer to carry a point & shoot that I can tuck into my pocket when I don’t want to be carrying a camera. The one thing I never forget to pack (‘cuz no carry-on) is a pocket knife. There is always something that needs to be cut off, set free, opened or removed.

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    • I didn’t have three ripe bananas but did have one banana and two peaches. It really turned out well and has a nice taste. t am really debating the camera decision. The idea of lugging around a purse full of necessary junk plus the camera bag with equipment is not real appealing. I can just add the point & shoot to the purse and that’s where I’m leaning right now. I hadn’t thought of packing a pocket knife but it makes sense.

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  2. Judy, our weekend started on Friday as tropical storm Hermine passed a little west of us. The wind was howling all day Friday and we got some much needed rain. We are safe with no damage but spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning up debris in the yard. I can’t wait to hear all about your Ireland trip. It’s on the top of my bucket list!

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  3. oh that banana peach bread sounds wonderful as well as lunch on the water. As to Ireland, I would think that your underwear would be important, ha ha. I am glad that you are enjoying the bean vine. I always think of Balisha, who sent me my seeds the first time and I have two blogger’s addresses who I’ll be sending some to this year as well. I am going to pick the pods and let the kids ‘harvest’ the seeds prior to sending as they get such a kick out of the ‘buttons’ inside! πŸ™‚

    I came over wondering if you were getting any hurricane related rain…sorry to hear that the drought continues there.

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  4. Definitely take a small compact camera as well as your phone, but like others have said I would take one that can fit in your pocket. Also take a small foldable umbrella and a lightweight raincoat – it is Ireland after all!

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  5. KerryCan says:

    What a wonderful weekend you had! We also stayed away from crowds–we went to an annual get-together with friends, which included a tiny new baby, guitars, and pies. Re: Ireland–I’m going to argue for the DSLR. Taking great photos when I travel is huge for me and I really like the versatility of my DSLR–using the sports setting to take multiple really fast shots, having a zoom lens to catch photos of those far-off sheep, and much higher resolution so I can crop the photos tightly when I get home. Yes, the camera is heavy but . . . I still take it and have never regretted it. Beyond the camera, I’d say be sure to take a journal or an iPad for daily diary and a GoreTex jacket with a hood!

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  6. Oddment says:

    Those photos are so full of life! I especially love the way the marigolds are photobombing the tomato. But I’m so sorry to hear that all you got was a little teaser of raindrops; my years in California taught me never to take water for granted, and I can appreciate how frustrating that Hermine couldn’t have done a little better for you.

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  7. Laurin Lindsey says:

    Looks like you enjoyed lovely weather and had a satisfying and restful weekend. We had family here on Sunday and a friend over for brunch on Monday….all inside because we had thunder storms and heavy rain both days. My new mobile phone takes such good pictures I barely use my camera but haven’t left it home yet. I did just by a little white noise machine to travel with because I always have trouble sleeping. Ireland will be such fun!!!

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  8. Annie says:

    Judy, the last time I went abroad, I just packed my camera phone. A mistake. A compact digital for low light situations will be packed on my next trip. Still drizzling and dripping here in Exeter this morning. I threw down some grass seed and straw in anticipation of more rain. Morning dew will have to take over now.

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  9. joey says:

    Where we were over the weekend, Saturday was supposed to be the coolest day. It was, temperature-wise. But Sunday was overcast and breezy, so it felt cooler by far. On Sunday, the wind gave me a chill. I was thrilled πŸ™‚

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  10. When we travel, we stay in airbnb apartments which are great, except that the kitchen knives are never sharp. We carry a small camping knife sharpener to solve that problem. And I always carry a small roll of sticky tape. It comes in handy for so many things along the way. Take both a camera and your phone for photos and you will have the best of both worlds. If you are on Facebook, it’s much easier to upload photos with your phone.

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  11. I’d love some seeds, if you have extra. For travel, although I’m always tempted to take my Nicon plus telephotos, for my last trips to France, I’ve taken my iPhone 5s and not been disappointed. It’s so easy to carry and takes excellent photos. But a small, good camera is easy to take as well. Take adapters for plugging in all your rechargeable things. You can get them at Target and similar places and they’re inexpensive. I take a notebook for notes about the trip because I find it easier than digital and I take my iPad for doing WordPress and editing my photos because the phone is just too small. I take my Kindle for reading material. Can’t wait to see your photos and hear about your trip. When are you going?


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  12. germac4 says:

    Hi July, I’m enjoying reading about the cameras readers use when travelling. When we went to Italy I knew we would be in crowded places, and moving around a lot and I wanted to travel light so I took my PowerShot which fits in my jacket pocket and also my iPhone 5 (in my other pocket) Worked just fine. However, Ireland will have all the lovely landscapes to enjoy and photograph, and then all the fine craft beers…. nice way to spend the days and evenings! I hope you can post lots of photos and interesting bits and pieces about Ireland. Enjoy!

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  13. Of course you take your camera! I didn’t have a great camera when we were in Ireland, but I still took several hundred pictures — and those were back in the days of film! Do NOT depend on a phone for pictures. It’s a really super photogenic country. You may want to invest in a high quality compact, but a phone is not going to give you the pictures you want.

    Ireland is my husband’s favorite port of call and where we spent our honeymoon.

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  14. Shelagh in Vermont says:

    All good tips! I take my point&shoot, & Kindle for reading. Do get an adapter, voltage is different over there and you will need to recharge. I buy a short term SIM card for my unlocked phone from a phone store over there, cheaper than overseas call charges. Lightwgt. binoculars a must for bird watching. A Swiss Army knife got us out of a locked public toilet in Devon!! never go out of the house without one now. πŸ˜‰ Looking fwd to your photos too.

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  15. Hello Judy, Glad you a nice weekend….no rain here as of yet, geeze! My weekend was spent in Eastport, a town I truly love. Rain gear for sure in Ireland,certainly an umbrella for walks in town, but a good jacket and even pants for traipsing around the countryside. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  16. Ha, always travel with camera!! Though I must admit Mr. Walker carries that backpack…I always bring a little knitting project, my Ipad and a miniature first aid box. Happy travels, I look forward to your photos and stories!! xo Johanna

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  17. Joyce says:

    I’m very excited for you! This time of year is kind of a breath of fresh air for us who no longer have kids at home. I love them, of course, but it sure is nice to go on vacation – or even just the mall or grocery store – and not have to dodge ’em by the dozens! You’re going to have a great time!
    I don’t travel much, so can’t give you any good pointers, but am thinking of the long plane rides ahead. For sure, a paperback novel to pass the time! But you’re a reader, so that’s undoubtedly already on board!
    Whichever camera you bring, make sure there’s plenty of photos to share with us folks back home!

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  18. Summer Daisy says:

    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend β™₯

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  19. Joanne Sisco says:

    1) banana peach bread sounds wonderful! What a creative substitute to make … I wouldn’t have thought of it.

    2) I agree with Marilyn, don’t rely on a phone for photos. I consider it emergency backup only.
    Tough call on the cameras though … I’d probably take both the DSLR and a point-and-shoot.

    3) one of my go-to travel companions is a portable recharger. They’re small and very useful for charging devices when Husband and I are fighting for limited electrical sockets and adaptors.

    3) Hyacinth Bean Vines! Oh my, I’ve heard so much about how lovely they are … are they rather aggressive invaders once they get going? I would love some seeds …. but getting them over the border could be kind of challenging πŸ˜‰

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  20. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Judy, Wishing you happy travels. Great photos here and your header made me smile since I summered in York Beach as a kid and spent many happy times at the Nubble. 😊

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  21. reocochran says:

    Your weekend sounded lovely! I liked the lake framed by plants, the delicious bread description and bright tomato, too.
    Judy, I love ice cream and would love to have stopped by this stand or cafe! πŸ™‚
    I was up at my Mom’s, brother Randy and I took 7 year old Micah to the Huntington Beach, Lake Erie. We sat and dug our toes in warm sand and watched people. I soaked in my last time for the season and we had Honey Pecan ice cream cones while Micah had chocolate. πŸ™‚

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  22. msgt3227 says:

    One my second trip to Ireland (in 2004) I took an Olympus digital water resistant pocket camera… I was on a bicycle trip, so anything bigger would have been too heavy/bulky. But was great… On our hiking trip last year, The Mrs bought me a waterPROOF Fuji FinePix XP pocket camera, and it was PERFECT! Have great trip!!!! Take rain gear…

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  23. Sounds like a very fine weekend indeed. I do hope you get some more rain.

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  24. Grandma Kc says:

    It was a quiet weekend here. Richard had surgery last Tuesday so I have spent most of my time taking care of him. He went back to work yesterday and hopefully now I can get caught up. I can’t wait to read all about your Ireland trip. It is going to be amazing and I am going to live vicariously through you!

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