Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Twice a day, the dolphins move up and down the coastline. They passed by while I was walking the beach this afternoon, and I captured this with my cell phone. I wish I could have captured more, but they don’t come too far out of the water as they travel back and forth. Graceful? For sure. 🙂

Beaufort County, SC:   “The Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiopsscreenshot-2017-01-20-17-22-33 truncatus) is the most common marine mammal along the South Carolina coast. These are the dolphins that we see playing and feeding just off our island beaches. They are solid gray on top, with lighter sides and belly, and reach an adult length of between six and twelve feet.”

In 2009, South Carolina designated the Bottlenose Dolphin as their official state marine mammal.

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33 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

  1. Joyce says:

    So beautiful! And the blues you captured are just heavenly! What a paradise you’re enjoying now!

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  2. Murphy's Law says:

    And graceful they are. Beautiful photo. The blue of the ocean is awesome.

    Continue enjoying your winter get-away ’cause me and my armchair are having a great time at your expense!!

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    • You would love watching these guys go one way in the morning and the other way in the afternoon. There are anywhere between 5-8 of them. You first see just this small ripple in the water, catch the gray color which is challenging some days, and then you can catch the show for a few minutes. They just kind of come up for a breath and slip back under. Every once in a while one of them will make a splash, but you still can’t see much of the body. It just reminds you of the miracle of nature. 🙂


  3. Beautiful and perfect for this challenge. What a thrill to see dolphins passing by as you walk on the beach. You won’t want to go home. 🙂

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  4. Oh what a thrill to see the dolphins! They are regulars at our South Jersey beaches. We have seen them riding the waves, I believe for the sheer joy of it. We have also had them swimming around (and under!) us as we kayak. So humbling. No photo could ever give justice to the experience. They open your heart.

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    • You described it perfectly. 🙂 Every time I see them, I am so mesmerized I can’t move, then I grab a camera but it’s hard to focus where you ‘think’ they will come up next, and you can’t push the button fast enough. 🙂

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      • So true, Judy. I think I have given up with trying to photograph them – the experience is better if I just enjoy. My in-laws rent a house for a week each year & of the 20 or so of us packed in there, there’s always someone staring out looking for dolphins. As soon as they are there, they send the word & we race out with binoculars to watch them.

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  5. Donna says:

    Glad you’re having a great time and seeing some great things. Enjoy the sunshine!

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  7. germac4 says:

    I love seeing dolphins…nothing can beat them for grace and beauty when swimming…

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  8. Relax... says:

    Lovely shots, and how funny — our NC daughter was just visiting at Beaufort County two days ago and when I said, “Well, hurry up and settle somewhere down south soon so I can January with you,” she said, “Mom, Google ‘Beaufort, SC beach.'” She pronounced it “Bue-fit.” So lovely, and what a small world!! Oh gosh, enjoy!

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  9. quiltify says:

    I initially just saw the photograph and forgot you were south. I got very confused…do
    lphins?! LOL

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  10. Sue Smith says:

    Sweet dolphin face in the lower right photo….

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  11. Denzil says:

    I love seeing pics of dolphins (and whales), although I have never seen one of either. Dolphins seem to define graceful.

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  13. KerryCan says:

    We were on a boat trip in Florida and the dolphins came by, very close. I swear they were looking for attention, playing in the wake and making eye contact, almost laughing with us!

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  14. Oddment says:

    Thank you. The peace in this image is most welcome this morning as I try to recover from the intensity of yesterday. Lucky for all of us that you and your camera are so quick — that dolphin wasn’t about to wait around to pose! How wonderful to be so close!

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  15. RuthsArc says:

    Definitely graceful and what an honour to see them so close to the beach.

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  16. Thanks for posting about one of my favorite animals! I love watching the dolphins around here. We see them swimming near the the beach, in the rivers and in the creeks. You’re in for a real treat if you can catch them feeding. And many times they will come near our boat to check us out.

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  17. I’ve only seen dolphins when they rode the bow waves of the cruise ship we were on. But that was a wonderful site. I think the bow waves are their version of a roller coaster. They certainly LOOKED like they were having a really good time. Thank you for the memories!

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  18. Just fantastic. I absolutely love seeing Dolphins, lucky you.

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  19. Annie says:

    Beautiful! Dolphins seem so playful and full of joy. I love the way their mouths are shaped in a permanent smile.

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  20. Nadezda says:

    Good shot Judy. You walk along the coast, it’s wonderful for your health. I’ve seen dolphins very close playing ball in Mediterranean sea. Perhaps he or she wanted to play too but I was scared!

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  21. That must be such a treat to see them every day! 🙂

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  22. What a joy to walk the beach as the dolphin rise and dive…..so glad you are enjoying your vacation, Judy!

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  23. prior.. says:

    graceful and that blue is warm and wonderful.
    I also love seeing dolphins leap from the shoreline…
    oh and thanks for sharing about SC Bottlenose Dolphin as the official state marine mammal.

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  24. samba2017 says:

    Dolphins are such magical creatures. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


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