Thursday Doors

I’m somewhere on the road in Connecticut on my way home, but I have one more door post from South Carolina. It comes to you from Pawley’s Island Tavern, or the PIT as it is called locally. It is also referred to as “classically shabby” maybe because it is dripping with dollar bills. 🙂


After the wonderful Horry County Museum’s 23rd Annual Quilt Gala last Friday, five of us ladies went for lunch there. I had fried scallops and home-made potato chips – delicious. We sat outside and really enjoyed ourselves. At night, it is something else because of the music venue and the partygoers.

They have a cool sign and wall mural. The door to the unisex single bathroom is red because of the lighting coming from the stage area. The old tree trunk bench is dedicated to “Jimmie Wilson, 1/29/39-6/23/10, Every night is Friday night, and Every day is Saturday.”


screenshot-2017-02-25-15-11-43For those who sew and quilt and are wondering what was the most spectacular quilt I saw, well here it is – Primitive Garden from Primitive Gatherings.

You can purchase the Kit for $385, Thread for $165, and the Pattern for $80. For a mere $630, you can get started on a new project.

This is a screenshot from Primitive Gatherings website. I couldn’t get a clear shot of it for all the people gathered around. All of the appliqué is done in wool. Gorgeous piece of work but a little out of my budget.

Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, March 2, 2017.

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    “classically shabby” Looks like a most welcoming style. It looks like the ladies had fun, and what a wonderful post to wrap up your respite from winter. I think it’s going to get a little cold up here, maybe to remind you of what you missed, but thanks for taking us along with you on your trip! I’m not much for sewing and stuff, but that quilt is amazing!

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  2. Beautiful quilt, Judy! What a great trip you’re having. Travel safely and welcome home to the north east!!

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    Super final post wrapping up your winter get-away. Bench is awesome, but the walls are a hoot! The quilt is amazing….so is the cost! Glad you were able to visit this place with friends.

    You’re on the last of the trek home. Hope you didn’t pack jackets in the trunk! And hold on to your hats ….wind is fierce.

    Welcome home!

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    • Lady, you said it. 🙂 Tuesday we traveled in short sleeve shirts. Wednesday was long sleeved shirt, and today we had layers on and my hubby had to struggle to keep the car within the lines. Wow, that was some wicked wind. Iit followed us through the eastern part of PA, CT, NY, MA, and NH. We’ll be cranking up the pellet stove tomorrow morning. 🙂

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  4. What an amazing quilt! Sounds as if you had a great time at the PIT, a classically shabby place with lots of atmosphere. Atmosphere + good food and drink = a winner in my book. Safe travels. We have a bit of snow on the ground this morning, something we haven’t seen since December. Winter isn’t ready to give up yet!


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  5. Joyce says:

    I worried about you yesterday when I saw the weather report about storms up the NE coast. Hopefully you dodged them!
    The price and beauty of that quilt is incredible. Imagine the hours of tedious work too!
    One of the most popular gathering spots downtown here is 100 years old and also very “shabby” in terms of decor. No dollar bills though!

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  6. joey says:

    I have seen that quilt kit! And when I looked at the pricing, I LOLed and LOLed, as I often do with such things. There’s one similar in my Singer bible — Beautiful quilts though 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the doors — I love those places with the dollar bills, one of my favorite places is like that.

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  7. A really stunning quilt, Judy. I like the look of that place and love the bench inscription. 🙂

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  8. Aren’t old places like that wonderful? We used to have a few here. We still have some of the places, but they sold the old haunts to expensive companies like CVS and moved someplace cheaper. I understand, but I miss the old digs 🙂

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  9. Oh yes wool is out of the budget, lol! 🙂 Well Judy I hope that when you get home the worst of winter is over there! 🙂 I was just thinking about you and that today 🙂

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  10. Fun lunch spot and great door! Did you sign a dollar bill and add it to the wall? Safe journey!

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  11. Oddment says:

    I think those were the same winds that practiced on us earlier this week. And they are still with us, though a bit tempered. Driving in such wind is no pleasure, and I’m very glad you made it home safely. Thanks again for taking us with you!

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  12. KerryCan says:

    There’s a similar restaurant on Cabbage Key in Florida, where there are zillions of dollar bills taped to the ceiling. Everyone who visits adds to the display and, when the masking tape dries out and money drops, the waiters collect it and donate it to that year’s designated charity. I can’t remember the donation details but it was in the thousands of dollars a year!

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  13. slfinnell says:

    Whoa! Pretty pricey for a “kit”! Pretty though.

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  14. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’ve heard of throwing money at a place, but this is a unique twist I’ve not seen before 😉

    Yes, that quilt is outside of my snack bracket too … even if it was already made!!

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  15. Norm 2.0 says:

    Nice one, though I wonder what the story is with all those dollar bills.
    Welcome home – just in time for the latest cold snap. Looks like winter is not quite finished with us just yet 😀

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  16. Phew, that is one expensive quilt pattern! I’ll just enjoy looking at your photo. I hope you’re staying warm with all your wonderful memories.

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  17. lorigreer says:

    I love old places like the PIT…The red door, dollar bills, etc all make it fascinating. That quilt is gorgeous…Maybe when I retire I will learn to quilt. My quilting friends love it. Hope you made it home safely!!

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  18. Rose says:

    Oh, I would love to see the Pit for myself…the quilt is a beauty but beyond my budget. I don’t do kits anyway.

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  19. Annie says:

    Welcome home… just in time for those bitter overnight single digit temperatures. I’ve been to Pawleys Island several times but never dined at The Pit. Hope the food was as good as the atmosphere.

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  20. Nancy says:

    Just stopping in to say hello! Hope all is well with you! Looks like you were in the south for a spell. Hugs to You!

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