It’s coming

Or so they say. Ten more days. Spring. Our clocks advance forward this weekend. There is only one problem – someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. 🙂

Yesterday, we had high winds and 5,000 of us lost power. Today we are having temperatures in the 20-30’s and light snow. It gets colder and snowier from there. Regardless of what the calendar tells us, winter is not over in New England.

But, gardening season has kicked up. Tomorrow, Slow Food Seacoast and Seacoast Permaculture present the 3rd Annual Seed to Soil Conference in Eliot, Maine.

Next Saturday, I’ll be heading to the annual Master Gardener Spring Symposium in Concord. Topics for the day will include Gardening with Intensity, Rock Gardening, World Class Plant Combinations, and Foodscaping (practical and innovative ways to create an edible landscape). I’ll report back.

In the meantime, I’m ignoring the gray day and the pellet stove roaring so I can  think spring – peonies, ferns, bleeding hearts.

I have a long to-do list of outdoor projects and have been looking at seeds and plants that are still on my garden bucket list.

I’m also still working on those blue bottles, but this cold weekend may also require some baking. I’m thinking pie with berries from last year’s garden. Yes, I think that will perk me right up. 🙂

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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45 Responses to It’s coming

  1. Thank you for those beautiful spring blooms! March is sure showing its lion side 🦁

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  2. carolee says:

    Pie is always a good response to uncertainty in any form!

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  3. Laurie Graves says:

    Spring usually comes slowly to northern New England. To my way of thinking, March, not April, is the cruelest month. As for pies…remember, March 14 is pie day!

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  4. joyroses13 says:

    Oh Wow on so many losing power!
    I totally agree about the crazy weather, it is in my post today as well!
    Enjoyed the pictures.

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  5. Donna says:

    Crazy weather, but we collected 400 gallons of sap again yesterday. Boiling another 10 gallons down today. Yeah.

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  6. Grandma Kc says:

    I sure would love a piece of that pie you are going to make! Mother Nature is just not amused with us and I think she is getting even. It was 60 here on Monday – which is rather cold for us but today it will be 85! Hope your power is back and stays back.

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  7. Pie would cheer me up too.

    On the bright side I’ll be enjoying your spring blooms well after they’ve all faded here. 🙂

    Stay warm!

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  8. joey says:

    Our weather took a serious turn for the cold today, too. Just above freezing today. The sun is shining, though. They say the weekend will be cold, but I haven’t looked. I will be home, snug and cozy 🙂

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  9. Joanne Sisco says:

    Pie? Did I hear there will be pie? Yes, please 🙂

    It’s a blustery one out there today. With that brisk frigid wind, I think I’ll stay indoors!

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  10. Dawn says:

    I’m counting the days, too, Judy! 🙂 So happy that you will be reporting on all of the interesting things you learn! Can’t wait to learn more from you! Until Spring, think warm, sunny thoughts! ♡

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    It is coming, Judy. It might be right behind the storm front, but we are adding 2-3 minutes of daylight every day, winter can’t hang on much longer. Not that it can’t smack us upside the head, but it can’t linger.

    Remind me that I said all this tomorrow night when it’s 8°

    Have a great weekend!

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    Doesn’t it feel great to be back home in New England? ;-D

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  13. Hope the weather improves! Sounds like some good events to go to.

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  14. Annie says:

    Oh no! I read that there were power outages but didn’t know where. That was some wind! We seem to collect the neighborhood’s unsecured paper and plastic whenever there’s a big blow. 😡

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  15. Thanks for the cheerful photos and the thought of pies(s). We’re a bit warmer here, low 30’s, but it’s definitely not spring yet. Sometimes, though, the anticipation makes the arrival even sweeter, so it will be as sweet as pie by the time it really does arrive! 🙂


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  16. quilt32 says:

    The berry pie sounds like a wonderful idea.

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  17. I had apple pie sent down from the DIL for breakfast this morning. Fruit is healthy 🙂

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  18. Foodscaping sounds like an interesting topic. Mr ET has gradually filled our garden beds with vegetables over the years. It’s so nice to harvest our own. What are you planning to do with the blue bottles?

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    • When we were in South Carolina, a lot of homage is paid to the Gullah Geechee people who came over from Africa to work the rice fields of the low country plantations. They had bottle trees outside their homes. The story goes that the bottles trapped bad spirits. At Brookgreen Gardens, there were bottle trees, and local statuary companies were selling the bottle tree frames from which you hang your bottles. So, I bought one, and when I start setting up the gardens for the season I’m going to put it out and then hang my blue bottles on it. It will basically be garden art and remind me of our good visit to SC. 🙂

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  19. Snowing here. And more snow next week. What happened? It was beautiful!

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  20. Ogee says:

    It’s coming. But winter will have its due. 🙂

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  21. Oddment says:

    I think it has been scientifically proven that winter is longer for gardeners. Especially in your corner of the world. It sounds awful there — and it’s no walk on a summer beach in Indiana these days either! Yesterday’s wind was just rude. I think anything called “Spring Symposium” is just the ticket to stand up to winter — ditto anything called “pie.” Warm for body, warm for soul.

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  22. Snow coming here as well, cold too! Often at this time of year, we look at our woodpile and think, why does it feel like most of the wood has disappeared in the last 3 weeks. The gardening seminars will help with the itch to change seasons and the pie…well, the pie will just help.

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  23. Isn’t it wonderful to know that spring is just around the corner….and that in the meantime there’s pie!

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  24. KerryCan says:

    It’s so cold! Our reading, right now, is -8 . . . without counting significant wind chill. And they say a nor’easter is coming, too. Just one more installment in this craziness of this winter.

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  25. We had gloomy grey on Friday in the Mid Atlantic; then a touch of snow, and in the afternoon and this morning, bright sunshine; but 25 degrees! The next few nights will be in the low 20’s too. So my heater is burning and the rads are warm, the little electric heater I supplement with in the kitchen is telling me it is 58 this morning…..brrrr! I think pie is just the right thing to brighten your day!

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  26. Tina Schell says:

    I’m thinking pie with berries beats gardening any old day Judy!!! Bummer about the weather but it will increase appreciation of spring just around the corner right?!

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  27. Rose says:

    any kind of pie and I’ll be right there!

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  28. Brenda says:

    If it’s any comfort, it is supposed to be very cold in the Carolinas this week, so you would be shivering down there too.

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  29. 10 more days. It’s freezing out +10 F and -12C, B-R-R-R-R-R ! 🍀

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  30. Spring? We’ve gone directly to summer. It was in the 80s here on California’s Central Coast this week. All our fruit trees are blooming already and the daffodils are almost done.

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    • Enjoy every sun filled moment. We’ve been hovering in the single digits with wind gusts moving us into the below zero area for two days now. Frigid. Tuesday we are going to receive a delivery from Mother Nature of 8-16″ of the white stuff. If you start to perspire, think of me. 🙂


  31. Joyce says:

    Foodscaping? Now that sounds craftsy and interesting! I hope you’ll still be able to make the symposium with the weather issues so you can share what you learn on that topic!
    Still winter here, too, but walking into the grocery store and seeing racks of seed packets is a good feeling!

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