Maple Weekend

March 25th and 26th is Maple Weekend in New Hampshire. 🍁

There will be over 100 sugar houses open across the state. Our favorite sugar shack stop is definitely in Alexandria. Of course, we’re partial because we know and love the hard-working couple who live there. We enjoy their syrup on our pancakes while never forgetting the hard work that went into producing it.

Besides the building and equipment investment, there is the chopping of the wood, miles of lines, collection sites, hundreds of spiles, transportation, and then the boiling of 40 gallons of sap for one gallons of syrup. It’s hard work to produce the real thing, and those of us who enjoy it certainly applaud these craftsmen.

So, get out and about this weekend, and knock on your favorite sugar shack door. It’s definitely the sweetest weekend of the year. 🍁

If you’re looking for a maple recipe this weekend, check out the maple muffins over at Vermont Farm Made. The muffins are delicious, but the topping is maple heavenly.

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47 Responses to Maple Weekend

  1. We have sugar shacks here in upstate too. I love pancakes this time of year plus spring is coming!

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  2. Joyce says:

    I always enjoy these behind-the-scene glimpses of this New England industry. You didn’t have to educate me on the taste – it’s the amount of tedious work involved that makes me respect this syrup even more!

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I hope the weather has worked for a good run this year.

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  4. germac4 says:

    Nice to see a slice of New Hampshire life, I have to admit I didn’t realise how much hard work went into making maple syrup….enjoy a maple muffin or two!

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  5. Dina says:

    Lovely! And you still have snow … marvelous!:-)

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  6. joyroses13 says:

    Now that sounds like a fun week-end!! Enjoy!

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  7. Oddment says:

    Sweet it is to think of something so uplifting about this time of year, which can be so tedious. I think I can taste that maple clear over here. And I love the photo of the syrup in the glass bottle with the trees behind it. It’s good to think about what went into that. Thanks for another glimpse into New England.

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  8. quilt32 says:

    I don’t believe we have sugar shacks in our area of southwest Ohio, although I’m sure there are some farther north. I checked out the recipe and saved it – sounds wonderful.

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  9. Great shots. I saw this advertised. We were at Parkers Maple Barn last week. It’s such a treat to visit maple producers.

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  10. I imagine I’m a long way away from my nearest Sugar Shack. 😦 I recently read there may be a shortage of Maple syrup. I hope not! I don’t use it often but it’s my go to syrup when I am baking or having pancakes, waffles, or french toast. I’m not much into the other flavors of syrup.

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  11. joey says:

    Fab photos 🙂 I get my syrup from a guy in Wisconsin, and then buy more at the store. I use it on grits and oatmeal mostly. I am unaware of sugar shacks anywhere near me. :/

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  12. We don’t have sugar shacks here in Southern California, but we did come across quite a few on our road trip in Vermont and upstate New York last summer. We loved meeting the people who sold their own maple syrup (much better experience than at a store) and their product was so delicious!

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  13. Joanne Sisco says:

    Yum – real maple syrup. Thanks for the reminder. Our supply is approaching empty!!

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  14. Real maple syrup here usually comes from Canada and it is very expensive. No wonder, with all the effort that goes into producing it. I checked out that muffin recipe. Yum!

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  15. Eliza Waters says:

    The best syrup ever!

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  16. KerryCan says:

    I love knowing someone who knows what the word “spile” means and how to use it in a sentence! Our favorite syrup producers, my cousins, are having the big pancake breakfast in two weeks–can’t wait!

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  17. Mmmm! That syrup looks very tempting! I don’t think I’ve ever visited a sugar shack but now I will definitely look out for one.

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  18. Norm 2.0 says:

    That muffin recipe looks yummy. Mike uncle who used to have a Cabane à Sucre says sap is running pretty good here this season. There’s no substitute for the real stuff is there?

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  19. Oh, I love real maple syrup. Have some with buckwheat pancakes for me!

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  20. Mmmmmmm! Great shots! I can just taste the sweetness!

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  21. Nadezda says:

    Unfortunately I’ve never tried maple syrup, Judy. It is not sold here, or maybe I badly looked for it? However I believe you maple syrup is very delicious.

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  22. The best! We enjoy some cooked by a local farmers wife with loving attention. It’s a passion!

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  23. reocochran says:

    The photo of the sugar shack with gray and white billowing smoke is gorgeous, Judy!
    The montage or arrangement in boxes into your post was like a professional website! 🙂
    I had an aunt and uncle who put their spouts into trees (Chardon, Ohio) and would boil the maple syrup and make maple candy. I always enjoyed the syrup and candy as they gave it to us, throughout the years. They now live in Virginia and are relaxing in their eighties. Mom’s sister always wrote me letters while I was away at summer camp, in college, as a young mother of 3 and now, I write them letters once a month to stay in touch. Hope you have seen the last of snow, Judy! ❤

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  24. reocochran says:

    Go ahead and put one of those in the trash, Judy. My cellphone has been sending duplicates nearly all weekend! Yikes!

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  25. Dustytoes says:

    Oh I miss this… and the wonderful, fresh and lovely NH Maple Syrup. We visited a Sugar Shack in Antrim when I lived there and the place was empty when we arrived (it filled up quickly with visitors). Mr. Levesque (name?) let my son taste the syrup right out of the hose… I’ll never forget.

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  26. I still remember when you sent me the REAL stuff 🙂

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  27. Rose says:

    It would be interesting to visit this place!

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  28. Ogee says:

    Fresh maple syrup on snow…the snow cone of my youth. Thanks for a happy memory.

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  29. Grandma Kc says:

    I thought of you this weekend when they talked about Maple Weekend on the news here!

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  30. Annie says:

    I remember my first visit to a sugar shack. I bought everything they sold, including eggs, bread and jewelry that the children made. I’m more restrained now but I always buy a lot of syrup. Don’t you just love meeting the family members who pour their hearts and souls into the business?

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  31. lifeintrips says:

    Great pictures…


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