It arrived with a bang, which in New England meant it snowed for around 24 hours. It was heavy, it was wet, but the temps got a little warmer, the sun came out and some of it is melting. We still have a couple of piles that are over 4′ tall, but I’ll take all the melting I can get before the next storm comes tomorrow.

Last Friday, I went to the UNH Greenhouse and enjoyed seeing the beautiful green plants, smelling the Hyacinths, seeing the water features, and came home with several plants. Buying plants this time of year probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I sure had fun.

There I was holding my cardboard box and picking up plants. But, before they made it to the box, I checked them all to see if by any chance there was more than one plant in the pot. Do you do that? I always do that. In most cases I can find one pot that somehow two seeds got dropped into, and when I get home, I can divide and have two plants.

I wanted a Cinnamon Curls Heuchera, but they weren’t for sale. So, I saw a hanging basket that had two of them in it plus two other plants for only $4 more and all of the money went to the Future Farmers. Bought that one with a smile. Now I’ll have four plants, 2 annuals and 2 perennials, for the low price of $14.

Sweet Caroline and Tri Color Sweet Potato Vine plants both have two plants in each pot.

While I wait to get outside and start on my long lists of chores, I’ve been working on a couple of small projects. I finished my first wool penny rug thanks to the help of my friend, Sue, and completed a pansy wall quilt. Next, I will be appliquéing fifteen aprons to be worn at the Master Gardener plant sale next month.

Today is errand day. Among other things, I have to try to convince a customer service rep to take back a Canon printer that croaked after only three weeks, but I don’t have the box. What do you think my odds are?

Tomorrow while it’s snowing, I’m going to repot my plants. Take that Mother Nature – I’m gardening inside. 🙂

What does your first week in April  look like? Are you busy at work, gardening, sewing, reading a good book, or traveling? Come on tell us all about it. 🙂

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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65 Responses to April

  1. Joyce says:

    I came here to see the cardinal project, not hear about the weather! 🙂 I am SO over snow! But, wow – not disappointed! I see you have added a new skill to your inventory. The rug is just perfect – and “sew” is your pansy! Lovely touches of bright color in your beautiful, tasteful home.
    So, perhaps you bought plants a bit earlier than normal – at least they will eventually be planted! – unlike the fabric I keep buying that will likely never see itself within a quilt!
    That’s pretty clever – checking each pod for a freebie! I have had that happen accidentally with my annual purchase of impatiens, but from now on I’ll check before I buy!
    Happy spring, Judy! You are SO ready for it!

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    • You noticed, I didn’t take any photos of that snow or those snow banks because I refuse to acknowledge it. 🙂 You’ll be surprised once you start looking how many double plants you might find for yourself. All you need to do at home, is cut it so each plant has enough roots to survive. Pretty easy. For ones without specific tools, a steak or paring knife works just fine.


  2. Love a good gardening bargain! I can’t wait to get started on our garden! We have been weeding and prepping the soil. Our town’s garden show is coming up soon, and I hope I can get some good bargains like you did! 🙂

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  3. Dawn says:

    There is nothing like a bit of indoor gardening! You have been so busy with needle and thread, Judy! I just love your beautiful penny rug and Pansy quilt!! I try to find ‘bonus’ plants, too. What a great idea to divide them right away! 🙂

    I’ve been very busy digging up perennials as I ‘right-size’ a few flower beds. Yesterday, I was certain that you could hear me repeating our mantra, “These are not children or pets.” Saying it out loud is empowering! We planted grass seeds where a perennial bed has always been. Yesterday I cut the grass for the first time this season. Now we are expecting a whole week of April showers, so I will be playing with paper and ink inside for a few days. At this time of year, Mother Nature always seems to plan our days for us! ♡

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    • I bet you LOVE that new grass bed because it is right where you want it to be. 🙂 You’re spurring me on. I’ve been looking out the windows and making note of what I can enjoy and what I can’t. Now if the weather would just cooperate, I’d get out there and get busy. 🙂 Happy creating while the rain waters your new grass.

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      • Dawn says:

        Although it’s a bit hard at first, I am following my heart. There might be a bit more mowing… but a lot less weeding!! So, I’m very motivated to keep digging… 🙂

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    “What does your first week in April look like? ” Hmmm, given that I’m still workin’ for the man, it looks like the first week of every other month 😦

    Then again, I am ready for Opening Day and to start putting March farther and farther into the rear view mirror.

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  5. Laurie Graves says:

    Oh, that pansy and cardinal! Then there are the aprons you are making. (Fifteen?) So heartening to read of such creativity. Take that, April snow! As for me, busy, busy, busy with my YA fantasy “Maya and the Book of Everything.” Still getting the word out.

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  6. lulu says:

    Hopefully, you’ve had the last snow and can now move into spring. Thankfully, most of the pollen is gone from Houston now and we can enjoy these wonderful days.

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  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Classic Yankee thrift – it may be something in the water. 😉
    You made out well with your purchases, a veritable bargain judging from the prices in catalogs, which I find outrageous. Thankfully, we have good-quality and -priced, local vendors, so I can wait.
    Your pansy quiltpiece is lovely – I hope you post a photo of your aprons! How’d the printer return go?

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    • I will post the aprons when I get them done. 🙂 The printer return went okay. They had me go find a new one in a box in the store so they could compare it to the one I returned and confirm the numbers on my receipt. Bottom line – I got the refund. And, you can be sure the box for the new one is going immediately to the attic.

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  8. I”m reading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry, doing spring cleaning, and taking walks around our neighborhood as it’s in the 60s today!

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    • I looked Hannah Coulter up, and I’m guessing by the reviews it is a really good read. My grandparents sent three of their four sons off to WWII. One came back. Life does go on, but it is never the same for the families. I did some major spring cleaning about two weeks ago. It’s about 50 here today which is wonderful but all the sidewalks in our closest neighborhood aren’t plowed so we still can’t walk there. But, I’m enjoying the sun streaming in the windows. 🙂

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  9. Nadezda says:

    I see Judy you’re very experienced in buying flowers – you choose more seedlings in a one pot, I should do the same 🙂 Your cart is full of flowers, nice choice.
    Loved your new works, especially Daises. Sure your aprons are pretty!

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  10. joey says:

    Nice plant choices 🙂 Bright and happy stuff!
    Love the cardinal! Ooh!

    My first week of April will be busy at work, but slower at home. I must shop for vittles no later than tomorrow night, but I am tempted to do it tonight just to get it done!

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  11. Heucheras really add colour and texture to borders and there are so many varieties, a wonderful post! (Ben Fastnedge)

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  12. There you are, Judy. I was just thinking about you today (must be thinking of all those flowers in southern California). We’re having r— instead of s—, but that means it’s also dreary and grey, so I went with a bright flower for my blog. I also look for an extra plant when shopping for them. 🙂

    My first days of April? Just got back from the California trip on Thursday, so I’m still settling in: errands, cleaning, cooking, just made granola…that sort of thing. What I hate most about vacation is once I’m back, it seems as if I never went. 🙂 I did have a massage today, which was delightful!


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  13. After the remnants of Cyclone Debbie passed over us, dropping more than 150 mm of much needed rain, our garden is green again and my roses are covered in new growth. Your new creations are lovely, Judy. I really like the pansy.

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  14. The hardiest of our spring flowers are up, a couple of inches anyway. It was nice yesterday and today, but tomorrow, back to snow and sleet. The process of making spring in New England is a classic two forward, one-and-a-half backward thing. We’ll get there. Eventually. I hope we do it before the caterpillars.

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  15. Annie says:

    I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get over to UNH on Saturday and I’m green with envy over your plants. Love your new creations and you’re making15 appliquéd master gardener aprons in a month….? Wow!

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  16. Murphy's Law says:

    Love the penny quilt and wall hanging. And the cart of flowers. I too look for an extra plant in the pot! Can’t wait to see those aprons. What a nice thing to do.

    I’m guessing this latest round of rain should remove the remainder of your snow. It’s really worn out its welcome. Like bad company that never knows when to call it an evening and go home!!

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  17. germac4 says:

    Love your quilt and walling hanging, and I’m faint hearted at the thought of sewing 15 aprons! Good to see the snow hasn’t dampened your gardening spirits, and I hope to see them all re-potted and blooming in a future post!

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  18. Rose says:

    Oh, yes, I check and try to get that extra plant! Any time I buy plants of any kind. Love your penny rug…I have always meant to make one but never have. And that pansy is beautiful.

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  19. Nancy says:

    Amazing projects! You amaze me!

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  20. Hope your snow disappears quickly. In the U.K. We have had such a mild winter that not a single snowflake has fell on our garden.

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  21. Diy Dear says:

    I planted some Cosmos this year, but something seems to have gotten to them 😭 I wrote about it on my blog. I’d really appreciate any tips you might have… they were my most successful plant last year and I need them again this year, or else my garden won’t be complete 😓

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  22. Rupali says:

    Your art work is beautiful Judy.

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  23. Oddment says:

    As always, I am in awe of your sewing genius. Your fabric creations give me a good idea of how artful your gardens must be. What is a “penny rug”? Surely no one walks on that!! It’s such a pleasure to see beautiful handmade things like those. Also a pleasure to see those plants. A much-needed reminder of what will be. Thanks!

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    • That’s the same question I asked my friend, Sue, when she first started talking about making penny rugs. I immediately thought ‘rug on the floor,’ but they are small creations that in some cases hold candles in the center. The craft also reminds me of doilies that our grandmothers used as decorations. Since minimizing things about 14 years ago, I’m not big on collecting things, but I like the process of making these. I’ll probably make several more but don’t have a clue what I’ll do with them. 🙂


      • Oddment says:

        The word “craft” can be so misleading. It truly means so much more than people realize. Thank you for this history — I had no idea. You do such awesome things!

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  24. KerryCan says:

    The penny rug is wonderful! The women in my sewing group are heavily into wool applique but I haven’t tried it (no new hobbies!!) And I love heuchera, too–all the colors and styles. Some of them grow so well for me and others just don’t–not sure why!

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  25. Brenda says:

    It was lovely here yesterday and I finally got to spend the day outside, cleaning out birdboxes, cleaning up perennial beds, and cleaning out my beehive. Still quite a lot of snow and frozen ground, but there are some crocuses and hyacinths peeking up. Finally. Well, maybe not finally–more snow today?!?

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  26. Grandma Kc says:

    You would be so proud of me! I got my tomatoes planted on Saturday along with a butterfly weed, some sunflower and milkweed seeds, too! I also got my plumerias trimmed so I will have 3 more to pot next weekend! Right now the plumerias all have baby leaves sticking straight up reaching for the sun. It is one of my favorite things about spring. Have a great week!

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  27. What a bargain hunter! Good job:^)

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  28. You got a good deal on the plants. Your aprons are going to be beautiful!

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  29. Good attitude – never surrender! You’ll outlast winter in the end.

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  30. I do! And feel I’ve had an extra treat- or I try and by the biggest plant and split it. My mother Inlaw is a wonderful seamstress and needlework, she made me a stunning tapestry fusion for my Christmas, and I cherish it. Here in the garden it’s all about cutting back and mulching, backbreaking but satisfying too! My house is a tip because of it- but hey-ho, garden matters more! (And my family😉) I hope you will be outside in your garden soon x

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  31. whatwerks says:

    I always check the pots of plants I am buying to see if I can get a 2fer. Many times, my diligence pays off. Which is great if I happen to neglect one to the point of it’s demise. Not to worry, I will over water the other one.

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