Mid February

February is almost half over. Where did it go?

I’ve been sick. Not in the hospital sick, but sinus cold type sick. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for almost a week using over the counter meds. I thought about going to a doc in the box but was concerned I’d pick up something worse. Seeing people out and about with surgical masks is becoming a common sight right now.

I was well enough to take in a craft fair yesterday. I have worked several craft fairs when my daughter was first getting her Etsy business up and running. Crafters work hard and long to get their wares ready, and then there is set up, take down, not to mention the hours of waiting to see how successful the sale ends up being after you deduct the cost of purchasing the space.

One of the funniest things I remember is the person coming up and asking her if she could tell them how she made something because they wanted to go home and make one. Sure, she spent weeks getting ready and is trying to make a living, so why wouldn’t she just explain it in detail to you. Did you ever hear of Pinterest or Google? πŸ™‚

If only I wasn’t a minimalist and 1,000 miles from home, I could have shop til I dropped yesterday because I admire each and every one of those talented crafters.

But, instead I look at something and talk myself out of it. Oh well, good for the wallet I guess.

But, I sure would have enjoyed taking this beautiful gourd fairy house home. Handsome isn’t it?

There are a fair amount of antique type shops down here.

They are stocked by a variety of crafter types which means some items are actually made and others are bought from China.

I did buy a piece of yard art. It is a metal egret. It will look perfect either on my four-season porch or in the yard. He’s long and flat, and I can squeeze him in the car.

So, are you watching any of the Olympics? Favorite sport? I like the ones I understand like the luge. Those are some serious competitors going 80-90 mph down an ice slide on a piece of plastic.

I watched curling for a while trying to figure it out. It seems to require patience and strategy, but it sure could put you to sleep.Β And, please, will someone give Lindsey Vonn a real job and make her go away? Just saying. πŸ™‚

No golf today for the hubby. Another day of rain and heavy fog. A dripping wet seagull flew up to sit on the balcony railing for a while this morning and even let me open the door to snap this shot. I couldn’t decide if s/he was looking for an umbrella or a snack. I think I’ll hit the mall to walk today.

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    That gull does look like he could use a break, Judy, maybe a saucer full of beer.

    I do enjoy the Olympics. Some of the sports are hard to figure out, and some are hard to imagine not getting seriously injured while learning. Snow boarding comes to mind – that’s a serious battle going on between you and gravity.

    I love going to craft shows. I can’t imagine asking someone how to make something so you can make it yourself – how rude. I have learned some things from woodworkers at shows, but usually as the result of a compliment I’ve given them which encouraged them to talk. One guy was so nice at a recent show, that I bought something from him by way of a thank you.

    The egret will be nice to look at while you’re thinking of your next drive south.

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Love the fairy house! Oh my about someone asking to explain in detail how something is made. The nerve of some people is crazy!
    Sorry about you fighting sickness a lot this winter. I have been fortunate. Was sure that I would catch the flu from my husband but I didn’t! None of us did!
    I love the Winter Olympics. The figure skating is my favorite and I enjoy the luge too. I would be so scared to do that! I also enjoy the ski jumping and speed skating.
    Enjoy the Egret in your yard. It made me smile . πŸ™‚

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  3. Amy says:

    I must have the same thing you have. No fun!

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  4. Sandra says:

    you could walk outside today here, we are having early summer, 10 degrees above normal for Feb and going to mid 80’s with 100 percent humity and hot hot sun…. like June and i don’t like it. but it is what it is. the only things i see on the Olympics is wandering through the living area between bob and the tv, i saw a girl high in the sky on what looked like a skateboard and i stopped to say why would anyone want to do that…. looks dangerous to me. that gourd is so pretty and i am also a minimalist but also cheap and only buy what i need or if i have a place for it. i see so many beautiful things but don’t want them… hubby hears me say, isn’t that gorgeous? and says why don’t you buy it. i say it will collect dust

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  5. pastpeter says:

    Nice post, Judy, full of just right mid-February thoughts. I like your egret – we have a bunch of such garden friends now sheltering in the garage. And the gourd fairy (hobbit?) house is great. The olympics are a real mix. Marian loves the skating so we have seen a lot of that, hunkered down while she fights off bronchitis. Enjoy the almost spring like temps, and hope the rains stop soon!

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    • Please wish her my best on getting rid of that bronchitis. I’m not down and out but just can’t say a final goodby to it and be done. The Olympic skaters are amazing so I can certainly understand watching them. Thinking about the years and hours of practice just makes you wish they could all win something for their lifetime of dedication. Enjoy the viewing. πŸ™‚

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  6. Laurie Graves says:

    Hope you are feeling better. ‘Tis the season for sinus ailments, no matter where you live. When I go to craft fairs, I’m always on the lookout for gifts for family and friends. Love to support local crafters. Jams and jellies always make good gifts that don’t add to clutter.

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  7. Murphy's Law says:

    Awwwww, that seagull looks like (s)he wants a hug. Although I don’t know how you would go about hugging a bird. Lol.

    Love the fairy house. The egret is really neat. I think I would put it on the porch to keep it protected from the weather. I know most people would want the weather to ‘age’ the metal, but I would want it to stay looking brand new.

    I think crafters have a difficult time selling their beautiful wares simply because people, in general, are hard pressed to pay their bills and still put food on the table. Sad state of affairs. But asking a crafter for instructions on how they can make the item……holy cow!

    Feel better soon.

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    • I opened the patio door and couldn’t believe that seagull didn’t go flying off. A crafter I know from the condo community was selling these beautiful reversible aprons. They were lovely and well done. She was asking $15. I couldn’t figure out how she got the material alone for that let alone her time and effort. πŸ™‚


  8. atticsister says:

    Your post sounds like me this past week…..head cold, not bad enough to risk the incubator doc-in-the-box but needing much rest because of fuzzy thinking and disjointed ideas…..it all made perfect sense to this foggy brain and I loved your post.

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  9. ortensia says:

    Amazing fairy house…..that is an idea….hope then my daughters won’t start leaving notes in the garden too 😳

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  10. Well done having such self-restraint at the craft fair πŸ˜‰ !! I am the queen of filling a cart and then slowly putting things back, whittling down to one or two things only. And yes, I almost always put things back where they belong πŸ˜› That fairy gourd would’ve been hard for me to pass by also!

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  11. Rupali says:

    Setting a table for craft fair is a difficult job. Atleast in this part of the world people do not think about negotiating prices but in some parts the visitors feel it is perfectly OK. Hope it turned out good for the crafters.

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  12. That seagull doesn’t look happy. You’d think he would be used to being damp. We’re enjoying the Winter Olympics too especially as it’s actually on in the daytime here this time. I love watching the figure skating. Funny you should mention the luge, because I commented to Mr ET last night about it. I wondered who first thought it would be a good idea to lie down on their sled and hurtle downhill at breakneck speed like that. It seems like a crazy sport to me.

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  13. germac4 says:

    Your post gave me a smile… I often think I could pick up something much worse when I have to go to the doctor! And the luge competitors at the Olympics … a lot of faith in those bits of plastic. We see mostly figure skating ( with the time differences) & they are lovely. Good luck with your sinus problem & hope you get well soon.

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  14. Eliza Waters says:

    I watched the luge runs at my neighbors on Sat. (I don’t have TV) I kept thinking how I would feel if that was my son (I would be scared to death!)
    I think your seagull buddy was looking for a hand out – don’t they always?
    Feel better soon!

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  15. I haven’t been to a craft faire in years. I just don’t want to buy more stuff and the one near Christmas is just too crowded. Your new egret looks best though. I wish I could find stuff like character garden center.

    I am not watching the Olympics. I have no interest.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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  16. Joyce says:

    I love your egret! Hand made crafts are just the best for uniqueness! That fairy house is just adorable too. I think I’d have sold my car down there in a spurt of gluttony and walked home with a backpack full of crafty stuff, pulling a wagon loaded with goodies!

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  17. Sorry you’re sick, Judy. That’s not much fun. Have you tried using a Neti pot and a vaporizer at night? We find both those often help. In fact, we’ve been running the vaporizer every night just for the moisture.

    We’ve been watching and enjoying the Olympics, but I agree with you about Vonn. πŸ™‚ I like your egret, too.

    Hope you’re better soon.


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  18. Judy, you’ve probably said this on your blog and I missed it, but I gather you are either on an extended vacation, or you’re a “snowbird,” living part of the time in the South? Anyway, I talk myself out of buying things, too. I really like the fairy house – my cousin makes them.

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  19. We’ve been sick too, but viruses don’t respond to antibiotics. But sinus infections generally DO respond to antibiotics, so you may have to go and get some. The longer you leave the infection in place, the harder it is to get rid of, but I’m sure you already know that.

    Our ski jumper was amazing. I don’t watch a lot of the Olympics, but the ski jumping is fascinating. i was really impressed.

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  20. Oddment says:

    Sinus infections can really knock you out. What a rotten turn of events, especially in this scary flu season. I’m guessing that sorry-looking gull was making a get-well visit to you. Bless his heart. I think your egret is wonderful. I don’t have television so I don’t know much about the Olympics and I had to google Lindsey Vonn. The name sounded kind of familiar but I didn’t know who she was (don’t tell her).

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  21. KerryCan says:

    Sick while on vacation?? That’s not fair! I’ve been on both ends of the crafts show experience–seller and buyer. I love participating and talking to real people about my weaving, unlike Etsy where you never get any real, useful feedback. As a buyer, I’m a lot like you–I admire but tend not to buy because I should be getting rid of stuff, not adding more! And YES to Olympics–I love the skating and luge/bobsled stuff, and I even really dig curling!

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  22. Joanne Sisco says:

    I too love strolling around craft fairs and vintage shops – especially when I’m travelling – but I don’t often buy anything. It’s funny how we spend years accumulating stuff and then reach when an age when we want to start shedding it.

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Hope it turns around soon – sinus colds are miserable!

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  23. pbmgarden says:

    Hi Judy, hope you feel better soon. My yoga teacher says to hum–humming is good for sinuses. You may still need those antibiotics but humming is an easy thing to try. No further details on that though. And Wednesday is World Sound Healing Day (http://www.worldsoundhealingday.org/)

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  24. Dawn says:

    What a great photo of your visitor! I took a peek at Jennifer’s Etsy shop. Her work is just lovely! It would be so interesting to learn more about her 1840 Farm life. It fascinates me! I’m sure that she has inherited many of her talents from her mom. πŸ™‚
    Hope that you feel better very soon, Judy! β™‘

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    • She takes great pride in her work and does a beautiful job on each and every basket. πŸ™‚ We all live on 1840 Farm with her menagerie of pets – two goats, a dozen chickens, big and small, six handsome ducks, and two pups. I get to hang around the pets but travel as well. Best of both worlds. πŸ™‚

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  25. Ogee says:

    Take care of yourself! Skip the mall and take a nap. This winter flu/bug season is the worst!

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  26. pommepal says:

    What a woebegone look that poor wet seagull has, I guess he is just happy to find somewhere out of the rain. I’m with you Judith, a minimalist, I love to look but seldom buy. My Jack is the impulse buyer…

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  27. I hope you feel better soon!

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  28. Nadezda says:

    I love going to the craft fairs as well Judy. I always admire amazing things they do and sell there, as quilts, knitting, embroidery, sewing, some iron and carvings, etc. Sometimes I buy a souvenir, as I’ve bought the cast iron deer in Stockholm during the Baltic cruise. I do watch on TV the Olympics, I love figure skating, it’s musical show.
    Hopefully you getting better now, take care!
    P.S. you might try to write a comment on my blog – I did it better.

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    • I left a comment on your beautiful blooms because I could almost smell the wonderful fragrance. I don’t know if it will show up or not. I think it has to do with the two different blogging platforms we use because it has happened to me on other Blogger sites. It is really annoying for those of us who like to stay in touch.


  29. Nancy says:

    Craft shows always make me smile!

    That fairy house was adorable!

    Yes watching the olympics but we also had a quick get away to San Diego! Stay tuned for that blog post!!


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  30. Love that wet seagull shot.

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  31. Annie says:

    It’s the winter for illness, n’est-ce pas? I must knock on wood for escaping so far but two of my children and their families (7 people) have suffered with flu, bronchitis, sinus infections, and/or the dreaded norovirus. Hope you feel better now. Love your daughter’s Etsy site. She’s inherited her mother’s talents!

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  32. joey says:

    Great shot of the gull πŸ™‚
    Yes, that fairy gourd home is exquisitely executed. I love to marvel over details in things like that.
    The flu is rampant, fersure. So sorry you’re under the weather, hopefully you’ll win soon.

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