Rainy Day

It was a beautiful day for a walk at Brookgreen Gardens even with an umbrella. ☔

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you ever take a walk on a rainy day? ☂

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43 Responses to Rainy Day

  1. ortensia says:

    like my daughters always say:it is just a drizzle…..beautiful images

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  2. Donna says:

    Great pictures.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Oh my, these are beautiful pictures, Judy. I love the reflections with the egret, the turtles and even the alligator (why does he seem so smug?)

    Rainy days are nice days for walks. I haven’t done it for a while, but if I could walk in a place like that, I might change my mind.

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  4. quilt32 says:

    I especially liked the March of the Turtles.

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  5. Laurie Graves says:

    I should say so, even though I must admit the picture of the alligator gave me pause. There’s a reason why I stay in snowy Maine. Too chicken to go farther south. 😉

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  6. Joyce says:

    How refreshing to see such pretty signs of spring poking colorful heads up from the ground!
    Love the turtle convention! – especially seeing it at various times – from “squeezing in room only” status to today’s unhurried and uncrowded procession to the top!
    Is that alligator roaming free in the gardens? I mean, he’s cute and all, but one of these days he’s gonna be “all growed up” – and that would be MY last day as a visitor!

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    • Yes, he roams around a couple of ponds. Regular visitors certainly know to look for him usually sitting in the sun, but yesterday he was enjoying the rain drops. There are signs telling you to not get too close. Yes, and that is why I carry a camera with a zoom lens. It does make you chuckle when you see people walking by scrolling on their phones and not even noticing him laying there. 🙂 I can’t physically get closer to the turtles. I don’t know why they are so much fun to see, but I love them crawling all over that log.


  7. I live in England, unless I want to stay inside forever I have to take my chances with the rain 🙂

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  8. This place looks so tranquil. I could sit there for hours…as long as the alligator didn’t want to cuddle up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  9. Murphy's Law says:

    You got some terrific photos my friend. LOVE the turtle convention and the egret complete with reflections. And the statue of the man reading the paper…..just great!! So nice to see plants coming to life. It even ‘looks’ warm there. 😄

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  10. joyroses13 says:

    Lovely!! Thanks for sharing and yes I love going for walks in the rain. Well in a light rain that is. 🙂 Then again I have walked in a downpour before.

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  11. Nadezda says:

    Judy, nice slideshow! I love photos of the rain, the water drops make the pictures interesting. I liked camellias in bloom and even alligator going somewhere.

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  12. Sandra says:

    i do not leave the house if it is raining, walking or driving. i only go out in rain if i have a doc appt that i can’t miss. beautiful slide show

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  13. Rupali says:

    Going out in rain! Oh yes! I can’t take chances. Our default weather setting is “rain”.
    Very nice slideshow Judy and the turtle shot is just great.

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  14. I certainly never let a little rain keep me from seeing a garden. I don’t mind getting moderately damp.

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  15. Love those turtles. I bet they enjoy rainy days.

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  16. germac4 says:

    We are in New Zealand and just caught the tail end of a cyclone ( just heavy rain) but we walked anyway … I think wind is worse. I love your photos and especially those turtles … They are on a mission!

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  17. What a beautiful walk! If it’s not windy and pouring I will venture out in a drizzle.

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  18. In the summer. NOT in the winter and not since I turned 70! But I do love the look of rain on flowers 😀

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  19. Beautiful, Judy. And, yes, I have a ‘few’ rainy day walks in Ireland ( ha). Still delightful! Hope you are enjoying your days!

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  20. Oddment says:

    Every shot is lovely, but I’m partial to the “March of the Turtles” — my idea of speed! This looked like the kind of rainy day where it’s better to be out than in, and it was a treat to go along with you — thanks!

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  21. Lovely photos. I like to walk in a gentle rain 🙂

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  22. Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the rain. It calms me and comforts me. I walk in rain and open my windows in rain as often as possible. Thanks for posting!

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  23. KerryCan says:

    That turtle photo is great–the reflection is perfect! It was about 60 degrees here yesterday! You should come north soon!

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  24. pommepal says:

    Love the turtle photo, in fact all the photos are beautiful. Not often I walk in the rain as it is not often we get rain

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  25. Nancy says:

    Beautiful slideshow!

    Yes we welcome rain here in the desert!

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