Almost May

One word – busy. The weather has warmed up at last, and the outdoor list is long. The Master Gardeners projects have started, and I’ve been doing social media and computer work for them like it is a full-time job.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylson, MA. It is suppose to rain all day, but, hey, that never stops a group of Master Gardeners from visiting a garden. πŸ™‚

Speaking of spring, has anyone bought a garden shed that they’re happy with? We’re looking at them for some of my gardening supplies, but there sure are a lot to choose from with varying online costs and opinions.

I’ve been doing some inside painting. I have three different areas going I guess to keep myself from getting bored – kitchen, master bath, and hallway. I’m using the same color paint so it’s not exciting, but it is a little easier to match it up when I stop. If you’ve had to paint a really high ceiling in a stairwell and came up with a good tool, do tell because I’m past the time I could balance a ladder on a step.

Over the weekend, I wrote a guest post for the Landaff Ledger blog from the town where my grandparents lived. Once it was published, there was a suggestion by a reader to submit it to the local historical society. That’s when you feel old – when they want to submit something you’ve written as oral history.

No flower photos because the most I’m seeing are a couple of inches of day lilies coming up.

But, we did enjoy our first seafood of the year since returning from SC – clam strips at Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine. We were lucky to get a table because after we sat down there was standing room only.

Here’s hoping spring is in the air where you are, well, except for our Australian friends who are enjoying fall right now. Have you started your spring to-do-list?🌷

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  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    Strips lol Strips lol only kidding I can’t have clams without their tender and juicy bellies πŸ™‚
    It will be gorgeous today then rain tomorrow but next week real warm temps! I have more organic compost and super soil coming this morning I will work my new Deere with determination. Make sure you add sunscreen I forgot yesterday oops

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    • Compost? Soil? Ah, love this time of year. Yes, take good care of that John Deere, and he will take care of you. Sunscreen – yes! We were coming back from the recycling center after dropping off some brush and leaves and here are three senior guys trying to move a washing machine into the front door of a house. They have the washing machine in the bucket of a tractor and have raised the bucket up to the level of the door. Except that we were on a major road, I was driving, and I couldn’t stop, I would have loved a photo of that. Talk about Yankee ingenuity. πŸ™‚

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      • nutsfortreasure says:

        No kidding! Deere under cover as well as soils until our rain ends πŸ™‚ peas and lettuce lie in wait and I have a landscape designer coming at 11 to look at my list of WANTS and to figure out how and where I can make it happen. I see many trips to all the local garden club sales. We just sold Pansies so now it is time to shop! Have a great day.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Hi Judy. It’s good to see that you’re getting busy with garden activity. I hope the weather is kinder to your group than the forecast is predicting.

    I don’t know if this will work for you, but when I had to paint the ceiling of a stairway, I put a straight ladder from the stairs against the far wall of the stairway. Then I put a smaller ladder on the landing. I put a plank across those and was able to work from that. I uploaded a crude drawing to the library on my site – – it worked really well.

    If that seems a little to circus-like for you, they do make brush holders that fit on the end of those roller-extension poles. I don’t think I would have a steady enough arm to control a brush at the end of a 10′ pole, but it might work for you.

    Good luck as you begin the next season of activity!

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    • Love the sketch – makes perfect sense. Now, I’m deciding between that the pole. Got to think some more on it. One thing in my favor is we originally painted the ceiling the same as the wall. πŸ™‚

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      • Dan Antion says:

        That makes the pole a viable option. The only problem with the pole, is getting pain on the brush. You end up either putting the paint 10′ away, or working your way back and forth along the pole (and smacking the cat with the other end). I used a 3-4′ extension pole with the roller and I taped a brush on the end (the attachments weren’t available), so I could leave the paint on the plank in front of me. I usually work with an extension pole anyway, just because it’s easier to hold.

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    Not quite so springy here yet. No more snow, but lots of rain that is slowing me down. I won’t garden in the mud. That’s how I know I’m old!

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    • Well, age may have something to do with it, but this time of year I also don’t know if I’m stepping on a plant or not. I raked this morning for a while, and had to be careful where I was stepping because most of the perennials aren’t up yet. πŸ™‚


  4. quilt32 says:

    I enjoyed your article about Landaff and your grandparents so much. It sounds like the perfect childhood.

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  5. Joyce says:

    I’m sharing that exuberant feeling of a few warm, sunny 70s days after a looooong ugly winter! Rain today, though….:( Just hope it’s nice Saturday for Brielle’s first communion!
    I’m not surprised your historical article was such a hit. You’ve tutored us here on places both near and far and the writing is engaging, straight-forward, and informative. I’m going to click on your link and hope that takes me to the article!

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  6. germac4 says:

    I don’t know how you fit in half the things you do! Painting takes so long and with so much preparation needed, I would pass on that one! Keeping up the social media side of any group is a full time job these days … Good for you. Hope your spring flowers are on the way soon. Yes Autumn has arrived in Canberra with near perfect days ( except we need rain… I bet you could send us some water!)

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  7. Murphy's Law says:

    I have the perfect solution for your painting dilemma…….get someone else to do it!!!

    Been waiting so long, like everyone else, for spring to arrive, and now that it seems to be here, my back and knee have reared their ugly heads!! 😑😑😑 Go figure. Sigh……

    It was like summer yesterday and more of the same for today. Rain coming tomorrow, but we can use it.

    Enjoy your visit to the Botanical Garden. Rain or shine, it will be a treat I’m sure.

    And when you start puttering in your garden, please keep an eye out for those nasty bees nests. Some things are not worth repeating!! Lol.
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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    • We had that discussion – that one where you have to admit maybe the job needs to be done by a professional who is younger. I’m still thinking, but I don’t picture myself balancing a ladder on two steps like I did the first time. YES, I was over where the bees were this morning and I was looking around but didn’t see any yet. I guarantee you, I’ll be checking for sure. Been there, done there. πŸ™‚


  8. joey says:

    I’m seriously debating going out in the yard this afternoon. We’re having rain off and on day two now, and the ground is surely soft. I could weed out all that annoying broadleaf much more easily, but then, tomorrow will be warmer and drier…
    I don’t even like to paint ceilings in my bungalow, so I feel for you. Some 19 years ago we had the sort of stairs that are open from floor to ceiling in the center of the house and while we wrapped the entire downstairs in a sweet, restful green, we did intentionally stop at the stair trim, because layered scaffolding would be necessary. I hope you find a good method. May be best to call a pro.
    Why am I not eating in Maine today, Judy? That looks and sounds great!

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    • Yes, weeding when the ground is wet is much easier. That is if weeding is ever easy. πŸ™‚ That’s exactly what we have – a two story wall. The one thing we did do smart was paint the walls the same color as the ceiling so if I figure out how to do it it won’t make a huge deal if I hit it once or twice. We did it originally, but that was twelve years ago which makes a huge difference. Yes, why aren’t you in Maine today? πŸ™‚

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  9. Laurie Graves says:

    Busy is right! Add finishing a novel to gardening chores and you’ll get some idea of how busy I am. πŸ˜‰ But I love it!!!!Speaking of love…Bob’s Clam Hut is high on my list of loves.

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  10. I have only kept up with the front yard weeding, but the weather has turned warm so I should get out back while the soil is still damp to weed out there.

    I visited Blake Gardens in El Cerito for the first time on Saturday. It’s only open to the public one week-end a year! It’s open M-F but I don’t live that close to it to make that trip very often. Anyway the native wildflower section was in full bloom! I wish is wasn’t as breezy Saturday it made macro work very difficult.

    Best of luck with the painting. Our painting guy uses a telescopic pole, but his arms are strong so he makes it seem easy, but I know it’s not!

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  11. Eliza Waters says:

    These past few days have been stellar, basking in the warmth that’s been so long overdue. Slowly getting yard work done. Already have two tick bites to show for it. 😦 And that is being vigilant, checking constantly! (sigh)
    Enjoy Tower Hill!

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  12. If you asked Mr ET for advice on sheds, he would tell you the bigger the better! He has two – a large one and a smaller one behind it. It’s like the Taj Mahal of sheds! How nice to hear you are finally enjoying some warmer weather. Here it is still beautiful but the nights are definitely cooler.

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  13. Today was beautiful, but tomorrow, not so much. We’re in for a few days of very heavy rain, but supposedly after that, we’re going to move into the dry summer days. So hopefully all this rain will fill our wells and it won’t be too droughty this summer! I’m still waiting for a day when I can get into the garden and clean in up. No time today, but I’m hoping whenever the rain ends, it will be my turn! Glad YOUR weather is better!!

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  14. Oddment says:

    I am in shock: it’s finally warmed up there? I was beginning to fear you were in for a twelve-month winter. So glad to hear that you see a bit of new life popping up. Alas, I have no experience with sheds or painting ceilings, but I have lots of experience with memories, and I loved the blog about your grandparents. I wanted to walk right into those photos — I’m sure I would have felt right at home. You might have heard me hoot when I got to that part about how you know you’re old when the historical society wants your memories! But anyone who can balance on a stairway to paint a ceiling is still a spring chicken!

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  15. Yes, the snow finally has all melted. Wahoo. I have donated several photographs and documents of my grandparents to that historical society, but never in my wildest imagination would I have thought in writing about my childhood I was creating oral history. Maureen, I’m feeling old here. πŸ™‚


  16. Annie says:

    We are welcoming the rain in Exeter but hope there’s a hole in the clouds above Tower Hill for your visit. I now have that site on my bucket list. I enjoyed your memories of farm life and happy that my children have similar memories of life in rural Ohio with friends who raised cattle, pigs, corn, etc. and glorious state fairs that seemed more important than world affairs….

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  17. KerryCan says:

    Busy, busy! But I like it this way and I think you do, too! Right when it’s finally time to be outside, i notice how dingy and cluttered the inside of the house looks! Eek! And our local seasonal snack shop opens tomorrow, with ice cream and fried foods–can’t wait!

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  18. I am excited for May! I hope it is really warm for you there.

    I have got tons of seedlings going, and can’t wait for them to begin blooming and harvesting!

    -The Northern Garden

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  19. debrapugh says:

    I followed the link to read your post there! it was beautiful πŸ™‚

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