Sunny Wednesday

The thermometer is going to hit 87 in my part of the world today. Let’s remember – a week ago, jackets, hats, and gloves were required. Dare I say that I think we have messed with the environment a little too much.

We’ve been getting rain almost every other day, and the spring flowers have popped up all over including Bloodroot, Daffodils, Pulmonaria, and native Violets.

The painting is done. Several times along the way, I thought maybe it was going to be the end of me. There was the nook in the main bath where I couldn’t turn around and my elbow hit the back wall every time I raised the brush or roller, the two-story wall over the stairs, or the wall behind the washer and dryer. I’m a really good painter, but give me a nice open room versus these small, confined spots where I can barely get my shoulders in.

Now, I’m on to the start of some outside projects. There are more leaves to be raked, grass to be mowed, raspberry supports to be painted, raised beds to be moved, loam and compost brought in. I have lots of gardening opportunities including which shed to buy because I still haven’t made a decision.

We did buy a truck – Nissan Frontier. I love our truck. It drives nice, and best of all I can pile all kinds of gardening related stuff in the bed. We live close to our recycling center, and it is great to just load up and haul branches and leaves over there. I just can’t figure out why we didn’t do it sooner.

I’m still plant sitting for the upcoming May Master Gardener plant sale. Maybe the heat and higher temps will enable the plants to grow because right now, some are struggling. Saturday will find me working the Ask A MG table at our town’s annual spring clean up day. Yeah – it’s finally gardening season. πŸ™‚

So, what are you working on this second day of May?

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    I can almost feel the relief of trading your paintbrush for some garden tools and plenty of room to work. I’m a little jealous about the truck. I often miss my trucks. I opted for the utility trailer. It works pretty well, but there are days…

    Good luck with the leaves and flowers and the Q&A session on Saturday. We are enjoying the warmth, but I did turn the AC on, just in case the Editor declares it necessary. This seems to be the pattern lately, too cold to too hot in too short a span.

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  2. bikerchick57 says:

    Wow, it’s insanely warm in NE for this time of year. We’ve been in the 70’s since Monday, which is a huge relief from the snow and cold of just over two weeks ago. It’s been a very weird spring, but I’m happy to finally see green grass and spring flowers starting to pop through the ground.

    I don’t have a truck, but I do have a small SUV. I don’t know how I will ever go back to a car because I’ve depended on it so much for hauling things…like my bike. Enjoy your new truck and happy spring/summer, Judy!

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    Glad painting is past tense at last. You have a mega busy schedule ahead of you, but it involves gardening so that’s a plus. Flowers are so pretty. I am partial to the violets. I just love them.

    Some spring cleanup still needed here. A couple of perennials that looked like they were poking through actually didn’t survive winter. πŸ˜₯ Warmer temperatures are a welcome relief. And I’m so happy to be able to open windows!!

    Good luck with your new truck. No doubt it will make the heavy-lifting jobs a bit easier.
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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    • I wish we lived a little closer because I bet I could replace those lost perennials. πŸ™‚ Yes, I drive my truck all around the yard loading it up. It’s a nice big yard cart with backup camera and air conditioning. πŸ™‚


  4. Joyce says:

    We went from mitten weather last week to 80 and humid yesterday with the same expected today. We desperately need rain, something that’s usually here in abundance this time of year. I join other concerned people who worry about the effect on the bee population.
    What am I doing gardening-wise here? Watching my magnificent hostas poke their pretty heads up, glad that they don’t need any skill from me to survive another year! Thank you, God, for thinking of us inept-ers when you invented those glorious specimens!
    What a lovely collection of spring arrivals you have nurtured! – your own backyard color wheel!

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  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    Sometimes I think it’s a wonder that we don’t all get whiplash from the dramatic changes in weather from week to week – even day to day.
    I’m in awe of the energy you’ve been expending, first on painting and now on gardening. I spent one morning outdoors this week cleaning the front yard and now every muscle in my body hurts 😏
    … or maybe that’s just my whine because I dislike yard work πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts!!

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  6. Almost Iowa says:

    it’s finally gardening season

    [grumble] That means “outside” chore season. :):)

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  7. pastpeter says:

    Mid-70s here thanks to the ocean. Spring cleanup done, some new perennials planted in gaps. Dirt on my fingers and oldest overalls – it’s a good time of year!

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  8. Laurie Graves says:

    Yay for spring! I’m chuffed about how much yard work I’ve accomplished, especially when you consider a couple of weeks ago there was snow in the backyard. Of course, there is plenty more to do, but how good it feels to be outside. The truck sounds great, and glad the painting is done. Finally, yes, we have messed with the environment, which means that weird is the new normal.

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  9. My Way Home Life says:

    Warm and windy here, too. I’m reconfiguring my perennial beds this week. Lots of digging up what hasn’t worked and dividing what has, as well as deciding upon new plants.

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  10. debrapugh says:

    Glad that you found a nice truck. The blooms look gorgeous ! Going to 80+ here as well. From one extreme to the other !

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  11. So glad to hear you are having some warm, sunny weather. Your flowers are beautiful! I feel your pain on the painting a stairwell. I was twisted like a pretzel while I painted a stairwell and stained the wooden steps a couple of weeks ago and my back still hurts!

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    The weather has changed rather radically, hasn’t it? I’m not sure that my body can register the sudden rise in temp. Like going to the tropics in the middle of winter!
    We had next winter’s firewood delivered on Sunday, so we’ve been stacking it every day. With this warmth, I’m only working early or late. Too hot otherwise! It is always at this point where the plants leap forward in the garden and leave me in the dust. And I have 2 clients’ gardens to tend as well. It is good to be busy in the garden again, at last!

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  13. I am working getting the snow removed from our yard. Well, I will let it melt, but it is still a bummer. Oregano and Basil seeds are in their seed starters an should be on their way very soon! I hope it warms up substantially here!

    -The Northern Garden

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    • I was wearing a coat and hat to rake leaves last week, and right at this moment it is 88 degrees F. I wish I could send you a few degrees to finish melting that snow. Oregano and Basil mean some good eating this summer. πŸ™‚


  14. Dawn says:

    Wow! You have really been busy, Judy! It must feel great to have all of your painting projects finished! Now you can enjoy all of the lovely colors ~ both inside and out. Wishing you delightful days in the garden, Judy!πŸ’—

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  15. We have sun today, but it’s breezy. I was out in the yard doing a little marco photography of some ground cover daisy like flowers that are in bloom before it got breezy. Next up…lego brick building with #1 Grandson.
    He has a new jet plane kit he wants me to help him put together. He does most the building I’m just there for the tricky bits, and making sure he doesn’t skip a step. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad your painting is done, and you can get to your garden!

    Best of luck at the Q&A desk!

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  16. My daughter in Toronto said the same thing. It went from single figures to 28 Celsius overnight. She was very happy. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful garden now that spring has definitely sprung, Judy.

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  17. pommepal says:

    After your tough winter spring is so good. I’m coming into winter, but really, I think you would say β€œwhat winter!!!” Pruning, tidying is the order of the day over here

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  18. germac4 says:

    Wow Judy you have been busy! After your long winter I can see you would be itching to get all your Spring chores done…& how great to have your Nissan Frontier for loading up the garden stuff…. Make sure you have time to relax with fellow Gardeners…πŸ˜€

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  19. I went out and looked around. i did a better job than I thought. on the other hand, I should have worn shoes, not socks because there are still a lot of thorns laying around. Ouch.

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  20. KerryCan says:

    It was hot here yesterday! I thought I was going to keel over, trying to fit weeks of yard work into one nice day. I am so glad you got your painting finished–I hate it, even in a big open room. Enjoy your gardening ways!

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  21. Oddment says:

    Wait. How many of you are there? I cannot believe how much you’ve been doing, and I send many kudos! And get-well wishes for your elbow. Although I love the end results, I hate painting and have done enough of it to be sure. But congratulations on the accomplishments! And on the truck — what a gardener’s friend that will be! We too have gone from wintry April to summery May in about five minutes. I’m as confused as the crabapples.

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  22. Ally Bean says:

    Beautiful photos. We are so behind our usual posey potting schedule here that it may be June before I get all my herbs outside and all our zinnias planted. I’d like to say I’m dismayed [pun intended] by this, but I’m not. I do what I do, nothing masterful like you, but I enjoy it all.

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  23. Oddment says:

    p.s. I was excited to see the name “Bloodroot” — is that the same flower that’s in the header of my blog? Needless to say, I had no idea what it was when I took the picture of it. But I was sure glad to see it, and I’d love to know what it is!

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  24. Sandra Hangey says:

    here i am, i was forced to join word press, but will deactivate it. decided to comment while I can… i wonder what will happen when i deactivate it. we shall see.

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  25. What odd weather we are having. Our winter and spring were warmer than usual, while yours was cold and snowy. Now, you are experiencing warmer temperatures than we are! Enjoy your lovely weather and gardening adventures!

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  26. joey says:

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing all the pretties!
    I’m glad you got a truck! I want a truck. That’s one of my “when the kids are gone” plans. I want an old janky truck though, cause I’m weird. But yeah, I wanna throw stuff in my truck bed πŸ™‚
    I got a lot done in the yard on Monday, but I ran out of days at home so now I’m dependent on the weekend weathers. Then the heat will come and I’ll be gardening in the dark, ahaha!

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  27. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful spring flowers Judy. That’s quite a temperature jump. Hang in there.

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  28. Ogee says:

    From freezing to frying…yup…Mother Nature gets her revenge! Your spring flowers are lovely.

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  29. Annie says:

    I hope those Master Gardener plants have responded to your tender attention. What a major undertaking!

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  30. Wonderful spring blooms!

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  31. seraphsun says:

    The flowers are so beautiful. I love flowers, though I am no gardener. But flowers planted by one’s tender loving care must be especially special to the gardener!

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