Let’s catch up

I owe you some follow ups to close out several conversations we’ve had in past posts.

Big pharma – Without describing my medical issues in detail on the world wide web, I want to clarify that the two prescriptions I was talking about in a previous post were in liquid form not pills.

At a regular appointment, I made a point to talk to my doctor’s assistant about the issue with the prescriptions and showed her the documentation – 21 day supply for 30 day copay and 68 day supply for 90 day copay. She knew exactly what I was talking about and said it was the way the doctor had worded the prescription. If a three month supply or a bottle is called in, then that is what they fill. However, if they stipulate the measured amount of liquid needed, the pharmacy will fill that.

Two days later, I went to the pharmacy to pick up the new 90-day prescription, and this time I was given two bottles which will actually cover 136 days for the same copay. Imagine that. Bottom line – read the fine print and ask questions.

Granddaughter’s quilt – I put together a quilt top for my granddaughter this past winter. When I took it to the longarm quilter in April, I found out the backing of a grand piano was too thick and would not fit in the machine. I ended up having two quilts with one between a full and a queen size and the other a good sized lap quilt.

I made quilt labels using fabric sheets that can be run through an ink jet printer. Because the larger quilt had a moon/sky/star theme, I wanted a good photo of the moon. So, I asked one of the best photographers I know, fellow blogger Deborah at Circadian Reflections, if I could borrow one of her exceptional shots that showed two sand cranes flying in front of the moon. She graciously agreed to let me use it. A fabric sheet doesn’t do justice to the quality of her photo, but I look at it and see her beautiful original photo and her generosity.

Quilt with a vintage linen
– At a SC quilt show, I saw a wall quilt and wanted to copy it – maroon background with a lovely antique linen tablecloth. But, where was I going to find a small tea table sized tablecloth?

It’s a good thing, one of my favorite bloggers is Kerry at Love Those Hands at Home. She was kind enough to check her stock and send me a beautiful piece she had in her inventory.

If you’re ever looking for vintage linens, please check out Kerry’s Etsy Store because she has an amazing assortment of lovely linens and other items. Besides her great linens she also has the best toffee recipe around on her blog.

DIY Headboard project – I’ve been working on a tufted headboard project. I watched a video and was convinced it was a weekend project.

That weekend turned into several and even required an email to our resident carpenter blogger, Dan at No Facilities, for advice. If you ever decide to try one, email me so I can point out all the speed bumps to completion so you can avoid them. I’m happy to say it is finished, I like it, and its on the wall.

I thought when I did this post I could say I was done with projects for a while and was headed back out to the garden. But, I visited a friend last week who wanted to show me a sewing project she had designed. The only problem is she doesn’t sew. So, on a rainy afternoon that will be my next indoor project.

If you noticed a theme of fellow bloggers coming to my rescue, you are right, and that is why I love the blogging community. It is a wonderful group of creative and supportive people, every one of you – bloggers, readers, visitors, and those special folks who take time out of their busy day to comment.

Okay, we’re all caught up now so I’ll head back outside and see what I can find to work on with my shovel. Hope you are having a wonderful mid-week in July. Hot and humid here today. 😎

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  1. I’m glad that you got your answers about the prescriptions!

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  2. Wonderful projects. I love the way the binding looks on the piano quilt. Well done. Confused about why the quilt would not fit on her frame? Was it a king size quilt?

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    • She said the thickness from the top (sky/moon/stars) added to the thickness of the piano and keys and the batting wouldn’t work on her machine. So…two quilts, but she gave me a very reasonable price to have them both quilted – stars on one and music notes on the other.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    You are amazing, Judy, with the number and complexity of the projects you have going. I am always glad to help, and, like you,I appreciate the support of this great community, I love it when problems turn into different goals, like two quilts. I’ve had many woodworking projects seem to go south, only to turn out fine, sometimes better.

    Enjoy this week. It looks like you have both inside and outside projects and the weather seems like it will give you time for both.

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  4. So all’s well that ends well. Good to hear. Your achievements really are a combined effort Judy, which is quite special. The quilts are beautiful – well done. It is very hot and humid here in Toronto too. We’ve been told by our Airbnb hosts it’s because of Lake Ontario. We had very sunny but mild weather in Victoria and Vancouver.

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  5. Murphy's Law says:

    The quilts and headboard are outstanding!! So glad you were able to take a different path with the quilts and all that work wasn’t wasted. If I were your granddaughter I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough!

    I also love the burgundy/linen quilt you want to copy. What a beauty!

    Glad prescription fiasco is straightened out. Never occurred to me the meds were liquid. Sounds like the doctors and pharmacists need to get on the same page.

    Want to get some weeding done early. They are beginning to resemble small shrubs!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  6. Joyce says:

    Speaking of the kindness and generosity of fellow bloggers….I can personally attest to the excellence of your craftsmanship on your quilting and sewing projects! 🙂
    Your musical granddaughter is going to love her piano quilt – and the label might bring her to tears! That’s a beautiful touch!

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  7. Seeing your beautiful quilts always makes my day. Your granddaughter is very lucky to have her grandma put so much love into her quilt. Yes, there is a wonderful blogging community and I am happy to be a part of it.

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  8. Laurie Graves says:

    My goodness! And you are so right about the blogging community. Wonderful, wonderful group of people, and that certainly includes you.

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  9. Almost Iowa says:

    21 day supply for 30 day copay and 68 day supply for 90 day copay.

    The sound that I emitted upon reading that phrase, sent Peaches and Kelso scrambling up the curtains, and scattered the outside cats. Scooter is still barking madly, the Scottish Highland cattle up the road are lowing and I anticipate a visit from Jay, my next door neighbor, to discuss my upsetting his sheep.

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  10. Our blogging community is truly special. The friendships I’ve made and the generous help that I’ve been given go well above and beyond what I envisioned when I started my blog 5+ years ago. Your quilting projects are gorgeous! I know that your granddaughter will be thrilled and will treasure her quilts forever.

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  11. Joanne Sisco says:

    This is the best part of this wonderful blogging community! I know Deborah’s photo very well and it’s one of my favourites too 🙂
    … and if I should ever be foolish enough to consider a carpentry project, I think I might end up with Dan on speed dial 😉

    Love your quilts and I’m happy to hear that the prescription issue was a minor fix. A cautionary note for all of us!

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  12. Wow – Amazing the beautiful things you get done – in and out of the garden.

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  13. Ogee says:

    Hot and dry here. Thanks for introducing me to Circadian Reflections. And I especially love the vintage linens. Stay cool!

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  14. germac4 says:

    I agree the blogging community is great, and it is always a highlight in my day to see what people are doing out there in the world. I can’t believe how much you get done in a weekend Judy… Incredible! Your quilts look lovely. Also thanks for the links to other blogs … Always interesting.

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  15. joey says:

    My dad signs his quilts with freezer paper, which sounds like something I will never be able to wrap my mind around, so I like your pretty pretties even more than the average person. I have thus far signed and stitched.
    I delight in our blogging community, too. Buncha kind and helpful folks 🙂
    You’re SO productive. I think you win the summer productivity award! 😀

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  16. Eliza Waters says:

    Such an accomplished crafter you are, Judy – truly inspiring!

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  17. I am a hopeless household stuff-o-holic. Talk to me about quilts or linens or pillows or a better drain for the sink … I want it. So I will NOT check out those links because I would buy something and I can’t afford it. But take my word for it: I already want it and haven’t seen it.

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  18. Oddment says:

    I can’t write anything that wouldn’t sound gushy. Not that I have anything against gush, but it couldn’t do justice to your work. Your talents are completely amazing. Thanks for the catch-up and for the benefit of your pharmaceutical experience!

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  19. KerryCan says:

    You’ve been busy! And so productive in different directions, all really wonderful. It would never occur to me to make a headboard but I love yours–so cool. And, of course I love seeing what you did with the tablecloth–it was pretty to begin with but you’ve elevated it to a new level! So striking . . .

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  20. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve been contemplating making a tufted headboard. Interesting to read about how long it took you to do yours. Which is lovely. Still, I don’t know if I’m up to this project… right now…

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  21. Karen says:

    So very true about the shared friendship in our blogging community. Your quilting projects are lovely and will be cherished for many years, I know.

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  22. Marilyn Maxwell says:

    I love reading your blog.

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  23. A strong and vibrant blogging community and one I am so grateful for!

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  24. Good work on the prescription issue. I take several medications, and it’s a damn good thing I have decent insurance. I tend to pay as little attention as possible, which probably isn’t such a good idea. One drug I have to take is Niacin. I found out that the full price of over-the-counter Niacin costs substantially less than the co-pay for the Niacin prescription – and the pharmacist said it’s the same stuff. So now I just buy over-the-counter.

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  25. debrapugh says:

    i remember you taking your quilt to the longarm and then saying you had a bit of a re-work to do / well it’s all good and congrats on the lovely finishes! I’ll bet that she was absolutely thrilled!!!!

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  26. Annie says:

    Great detective work. I’m not sure I would have noticed the fine print. I’m in awe of your talents with fabric and thread…

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