Covered Bridges

Love them or leave them?

I love them. I always enjoy looking at the construction and thinking about the community of local residents and craftsmen who came together to provide a simple solution to crossing a body of water. No battery packs or air compressors, just men with skills and simple tools.

When we are heading out on a road trip, I check to see if there is a covered bridge in the area so I won’t miss one. Recently, when visiting the western part of the state, we lucked out – there are four covered bridges in the town of Swanzey crossing the Ashuelot River.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Standing there, I think about the people who travelled these bridges, and I applaud the various organizations that still keep them maintained and in use today.

New Hampshire and covered bridges seem to go together. If you’re visiting don’t forget to check them out, but heed the warning – $5 fine for riding or driving over this bridge faster than a walk.

Happy last week of August – stay safe and cool. We’re looking at two days out of five this week hitting 95 degrees. 😎

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37 Responses to Covered Bridges

  1. Joyce says:

    I love covered bridges, too, and for the same reasons you do. There are things to be said for the quieter, slower pace of rural America when structures like these sufficed to get people from farm to town in one easy horse drawn ride. Easy, though, to overlook the things they lacked that make our own lives today one of more leisure than they had. It would be fun to time travel backwards and see for sure if the peace and calm beauty of a social media free life is worth the absence of “breaking news,” medical advances, and widespread social safety net programs!

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    I do love them! I wish we had more that were within an easy drive,, but I would go out of my way to see one. Like you, I always check out the construction, and I marvel what people could do with the tools of the day. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. That is so New England!

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    Love covered bridges! Like barns, there can’t be enough of them. The bridges in your slideshow are just beautiful and well maintained. They really make you wonder about life ‘way back then’. I agree with Joyce, it would be fun to travel back in time, but only for a visit for me! I wouldn’t want to give up some of the advances we’ve made since then.
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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  4. Nancy says:

    Stay cool my friend! It’s going to be warm here in Pennsylvania as well!

    Your slideshow was a real treat to my eyes! You have quite a few and they are spectacular!

    I too love covered bridges and there are quite a few about one hour away from the LakeHouse. Right across the border into Ohio!

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  5. Oddment says:

    Oh, yes, count me among the love-’em’s! These are beautiful specimens and easily prod the imagination into time travel. Although I always enjoy the comments on your posts, I was louder than usual in my enjoyment just now — LOL, you know. (I think my neighbors know when I’m reading blog comments!) We too are in hideous weather, so it’s good I got my laughing in this morning because in a little while it will be too hot to laugh.

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    • We don’t have the AC set that low to start with, but we got the highest electric bill ever last month so I turned it up 1Β° to see if that helps. It may help the bill, but I’d sure like to turn it down several degrees in these ‘feels like’ >100 degree days. But, on the positive note, no humidity and at least 25-30 degrees cooler inside than outside. 😎


      • Oddment says:

        So glad to hear that you are getting a break! It’s about time! I don’t doubt that electric bill — my ac has been set at 79 and it’s been working hard to keep my place at that number. And it’s been worse there, so I can well imagine how hard your ac has been working. Let’s hope you’ve seen the last of that wretched sticky heat.

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  6. We don’t have any nearby (that I know of), but I like them too, Judy. Nice post — thank you.

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  7. Almost Iowa says:

    Love them. There is no better place to take shade on a hot summer day.

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  8. Eliza Waters says:

    Great photo series of these iconic bridges. There is one 1/4 mi. from my house that we drive over every day, built in 1869 and restored about 5 years ago (it was closed for so long it took a while to start using it!). There are often tourists taking photos, reminding me of just how special it is.

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  9. I have never been as far North as you. I must plan a fall trip next year!

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  10. tonytomeo says:

    There are not many covered bridged in the West, and if I remember correctly, most are in Western Oregon. The tallest covered bridge in America happens to be right here in Santa Cruz County.

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  11. We found a covered bridge on a day trip from Toronto – our first ever! Like these, it was quaint and so picturesque.

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  12. I don’t think I’ve seen any around here. They are suggestive of a quieter time.

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  13. The one with the two pedestrian walks on either side is my favorite, but the red one is gorgeous.

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  14. Joanne Sisco says:

    I love them! They are a rarity in these parts – only one that I know of in Ontario. Swanzey is lucky to have 4 of them!!

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  15. Splendid bridges! How lovely to reflect on the work involved in building them. Hotter than heck in Maine, too. In what universe is it so hot the end of August? In the new order of things.

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  16. KerryCan says:

    I like the ones that have the walking lanes alongside! There’s only one around here, in Jay, NY, and it’s over a wide, shallow spot where people sit on the rocks and wade and swim–very picturesque!

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  17. germac4 says:

    I love covered bridges & have only seen them in movies and books…. So I’d love to see one in real life …. If I win the lottery! Thanks for showing me another part of your lovely place in the world.


  18. joey says:

    Love them! They’re fewer here, I believe. I enjoy them, and never seem to photograph them well. You did that πŸ˜€

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  19. Annie says:

    I love them. As we drive around in New Hampshire and Vermont and pass one, I’m always yelling, β€œStop the car, pull over!” We end up stopping for every third or fourth one. But they fascinate me. Each one a little different from the last one. Wonderful photos.

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  20. debrapugh says:

    we have a few local to our area and they are as precious to us as yours are πŸ™‚

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