Thursday Doors

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US which means turkey dinner and all the fixings including more desserts than we normally indulge in at one time.

Thinking about desserts, which I always am, here are some doors to a local candy store, Lickee’s & Chewy’s Candies & Creamery, that I visited last week. This 5,000 square foot candy store is located in the Cocheco Mills around the corner from the NH Children’s Museum.

Candy stores always call to me. I want to check them out, see how they are arranged, and look at the quality and prices. Why? I grew up next door to a candy store. I’d take soda bottles back for cash, buy penny candy, and sit on the stoop of my apartment and savor the sugary treat. That was life in the city back then.

Lickee’s & Chewy’s reminded me a lot of Chutters candy store in Littleton, NH, but on steroids – lots of bulk candy products poured into baskets. I’m not their intended customer, they are marketing to the families visiting the NH Children’s Museum and the Noggin Factory Toy Store around the corner.

Today, with a grandson with nut allergies, I’m always looking to see if they have a peanut free section. There was a single bookcase with some items from a couple of manufacturers like Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. I thought their prices were high – one item, a single piece of nut-free chocolate, was $10.95.

As our landscape continues to be occupied with gigantic box stores and the dramatic increase in online shopping, I wish them and all small business owners the very best.

Remember:  this Saturday is Small Business Saturday – shop local.

If you’re on the road this holiday weekend, travel safely, and as always thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    If you have to shop, a candy store seems like a good place to go. I remember penny candy – one of life’s simple pleasures, and great memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Judy. I hope there is plenty of dessert 🙂

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    I haven’t been in a proper candy store in ages. Had forgotten about how fun it could be. Time marches on, eh? Happy Thanksgiving, Judy. I trust there’ll be some candy for you to munch on!

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  4. Murphy's Law says:

    This place is fantastic! Love the “medieval” door and the old mill door. It would certainly fulfill any chocoholics fantasy! But no penny candy there!!

    Wishing you and Dennis and your family a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter and good food and leftovers to reheat tomorrow!

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  5. pastpeter says:

    Happy record-cold Thanksgiving,Judy! Plenty of turkey and chocolate will be needed! We are at 20deg which seems quite mild, or would if the wind would drop. Sons and spouses coming out from NYC – they get to cook these days. What do you suppose an Anglo-Chinese-Filipino Thanksgiving meal looks like!? Always interesting! No turkeys here, but lots of gratitude.

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    • I know there’s lots of gratitude around your table and probably a wonderful blessing. 🙂 I’m not sure what an Anglo-Chinese-Filipino Thanksgiving meal looks like, but I bet it will be colorful and delicious. I hope you have a wonderful day, and you can smile that it is much warmer where you are than where I am. 🙂

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  6. I am a huge fan of candy stores. Arrested development! So true about small businesses. They just have a feel that the bigger box stores don’t have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Stay warm!

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  7. Wish that candy store could be closer! And thanks for the plug for small businesses. I love to shop local! Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  8. I like the door on the bottom left and I see we both featured some goodies today. That does seem high for the nut-free chocolate. At the shop where I work, we sell nut-free chocolates, but we can’t guarantee no cross-contact, as the places we source our chocolates usually produce chocolate with nuts as well.

    Small businesses–yeah! We can’t buy everything in them, but supporting them whenever possible is great.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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  9. Great photos. My grandparents had a seaside shop and I still love to explore those stores, brings back lovely memories.

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  10. Norm 2.0 says:

    That medieval door is something special and the milk door is a lovely reminder of the past.
    Enjoy your holiday and by all means feel free to have some extra dessert on my behalf 😉

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  11. bikerchick57 says:

    The medieval door is interesting, even though it doesn’t lead anywhere. The chocolates look scrumptious, but I’ll defer to my local establishment that hands out samples every time I walk in the door. I can’t go there often, but when I do…Mmmm. Happy Thanksgiving Judy!

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    Looks like a great place to feed a sugar addiction. 😉 Gimme chocolate, hehe!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Judy!

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  13. Junieper/Jesh stG says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Judy! The blue door looks very interesting:) Those chocolates look tempting! Although, I’m more a cookie person than candy lover.
    Talking about high prices, hubs went to the store for a pie today, and their normal size pies were $9! This is at the normal Saveway/Vons store, so he called me, and we decided on Boston Cream cake instead, which is “normally” that price:)

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  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Judy. That is one large lolly shop, as we would call it here!

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  15. GP Cox says:

    Hope i bring a smile!!

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  16. germac4 says:

    My brother and his wife worked tireless in their small business, and deserve their success against the giant businesses, so I agree with you on that one! Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving Judy…I always enjoy your posts.

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  17. joey says:

    Those are wicked good and interesting doors to be found all in the same place!
    I prefer the candies that aren’t chocolate. I know you and I are not aligned there, but I like the idea of candy shops because there really is something for everyone 🙂
    I gotta say, I buy a lot local and small, and it’s getting harder and harder to do, given the rate these places are closing. Also, in the last ten years or so, several of them closed when family didn’t want to take over the business. Ends of eras and all that. 😦
    I won’t be shopping this weekend. It’s part of my plan to enjoy it!

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    • Well, if you were to visit my chocolate would be safe from your munching, and I’d buy you a stash of non chocolate sweets. 🙂 Small businesses and restaurants are closing right and left here. Our unemployment rate is 2.7%, and the average business can’t find workers. Not a good thing for large companies, but the kiss of death for small ones. Enjoy your non shopping weekend. If I do any shopping, it will be with my laptop. 🙂

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  18. Oddment says:

    Now it is The Morning After, and Thanksgiving desserts are both sweet memory and sticky kitchen mess. I have rarely met anything with sugar that I didn’t like, so 5000 sf of candy looks like Nirvana to me. And what doors! The door that leads to nowhere is my favorite, though that newer barn door does look a lot like chocolate. I do love the name of the store! As to small businesses, hear, hear! I miss those wonderful little independent bookstores of long ago. They’ll never be replaced. Now to roll up my robe sleeves and sandblast the kitchen.

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  19. Almost Iowa says:

    This 5,000 square foot candy store is located in the Cocheco Mills around the corner from the NH Children’s Museum.

    Like they say, location, location, location. Hint to parents, guardians and teachers, take the kids to the candy store AFTER the museum.

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  20. Nancy says:

    I sure hope your Thanksgiving Day was fabulous! A wee bit cold, though.

    A 5000 square ft. Candy store!?! Oh what a delight!

    We had a penny candy store in our little Pennsylvania town. I would get a quarter for washing the windows or watering the garden… and then ride my bike to the candy store. That candy would last about 3 days…

    The penny candy store is now a house… my kids never got to experience it. So sad! But the sweet memories are there!

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  21. Joanne Sisco says:

    I have a serious sweet tooth and living anywhere near a candy store would be terrible news for me. The name Lickee’s and Chewy’s pretty well says it all though 🙂

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  22. KerryCan says:

    I like the name of the shop, too–they had fun with that! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, Judy!

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  23. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Yummy candy store and quaint with the brick inside. Love the medieval door to nowhere.

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  24. Looks like a fantastic candy shop, but those are dangerous places for me.

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  25. Joyce says:

    I love the quaint names of the small businesses you mentioned! I guess our grandchildren will never experience the fun of walking to a local candy, toy, or hobby shop to savor flavors and brands that the big places don’t bother with. My penny candy purchase excursions were similar to yours – 3 blocks to a small grocery where candy was either a penny or five cents. Wish I could take my grandkids in hand and stroll down to enjoy that today!

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