Political corrections.

It started back in the 1980’s, while I was working in human resources. When I sent out notices regarding employees leaving the company, I was told to use the wording that employees had left to pursue other interests or had been involuntary separated. Was there anyone who questioned that a person who  had been involuntarily separated had been fired?

That was also the start of wishing people Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas so no one would be offended. This time of year, we also hear about people being food insecure. Hmm – I think I’d understand the word hungry if they used it.

Today, when they refer to people who rescue someone who has fallen through the ice, they are swift water rescue technicians instead of divers. And, for years, when someone avoided paying taxes we heard the term tax evasion, but now they are convicted of income misconduct.

Do I support individuals using language that would cause harm to someone? Of course, not. But, are we going too far?

Last week in Kansas, they recalled all the license plates that had the three letters, JAP, in them. These were not vanity plates spewing some kind of negative message. They were plates issued by the state that included random letters and numbers.

This weekend, there is a brouhaha about the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer questioning whether he was marginalized or verbally abused, and does the story include racism, and homophobia.

This morning,  the lyrics to the 1944 holiday classic, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ are being banned on one radio station because it is viewed by someone as decisive and offensive to the #MeToo movement.

Give me a break – please.

What happened to taking responsibility for yourself? Don’t pick up a book if you don’t want to read it, turn off the screen if you don’t want to see it, or turn the volume off if you don’t want to hear it. Are we going to burn every book, every lyric, every everything that one person reads something into?

Let’s face it folks, a spade is still a spade even if one person prefers to call it a shovel. 🙂

Now back to the regularly scheduled holiday celebrations. 🎄🎅🏻🦌⛄️🛍

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76 Responses to PC

  1. Carmen says:

    Very good commentary. When incorporating ingredients in a recipe, guess what! It means mix!

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  2. A little of that goes a long way.

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  3. I agree with you. I am calling a spade a spade even if some people complain because all of this PC garbage is offending me.

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  4. syt says:

    Merry Christmas from me

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  5. Annie says:

    I agree there are two sides to PC but we now live in an outrage society and that can make life tough!

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    Thank you for taking this issue to task. My wife and I were talking about Rudolf this weekend. Of course he was being picked on – that’s the message, that it’s not nice! We heard that story, we learned that lesson and maybe some of us became less judgemental. If we’re not going to be allowed to tell the stories, we also won;t be teaching the lessons. I’ve been working over 40 years, and I’ve involuntarily separated more than a few people from service to this and other companies. I’ve followed the prescribed protocol, especially when subsequently asked for a reference. Saying “I’m sorry, you have to speak to our HR department for references” is pretty much understood to mean “yeah, we fired that person.” I’ve given honest references to people (which I’m sure our HR folks would not be happy with).

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    • Yes, they are lessons. 🙂 You brought up another very important issue – giving references to good or not so good employees. By not being able to give an honest reference, we pass less than desirable employees from one place to another. I’m not sure what that accomplishes.

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      • Dan Antion says:

        I once met one of the people who hired one of my previous employees (whom I was not allowed to provide a reference for). It was a dicey discussion, until I discovered that this man had also ‘involuntarily separated’ that employee from his company.

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  7. Relax... says:

    Well said! I haven’t checked Merriam-Webster’s yet, so I continue to fear seeing the new definition for “Americans”: Special cupcakes. :-p

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  8. Murphy's Law says:

    Gee, the other day my neighbor was fired from his job. No Merry Christmas for him this year. And he’ll be going hungry to boot. I hope if he falls through the ice there’s a diver to rescue him and that he doesn’t consider tax evasion as a way out. I hope he reads Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer to his kids and sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” at the top of his lungs.

    Terrific commentary Judy.

    🎅🏻🎄 Merry Christmas dear friend! 🎄🎅🏻

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  9. joyroses13 says:

    Very well written! Rudolph is a classic, still a favorite Christmas movie of mine! I feel that we can be so sensitive to TV shows and other things we may hear BUT yet at the same time be so insensitive to others by things we may say or do, without blinking an eye.

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  10. Almost Iowa says:

    Like my buddy Stan says, “Those people think Orwell wrote HowTo Manuals.”

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  11. tonytomeo says:

    OH MY! YOU SAW THAT TOO! How . . . weird! SERIOUSLY! Yet, as a Christian, I am not allowed to be offended by what has become of Christmas. Who decides what is offensive and what is tolerable! I happen to live in Santa Cruz County, where we invent new genders quite regularly. There are men, women, men who think they are women, women who think they are men, men and women who can not decide, men who know they are men, but want to dress like women and on and on and on and . . . . . . There are SO many genders that it is difficult to use public restrooms. I find THAT offensive! In California, where we should conserve water, some find urinals offensive because some ‘men’ are unable to use them. Well, I don’t use those hand blow driers; but I don’t find them offensive. I just don’t use them. In some ‘MEN’s’ rooms in town here (where some buildings use septic systems) there are signs over the toilets to remind us to not flush feminine hygiene products. Seriously! Any you better NOT leave the seat up!

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    • This comment could be a post all by itself – love it. 🙂 I also liked your column on Arborists, but I sure wish there were more of them. We wait months to have one consult about a tree, and then wait months until we reach the top of their list. They are busy folks. We are over a year right now waiting on two huge dead branches that need to come down before they take out our fence. Still waiting.

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      • tonytomeo says:

        Okay . . . Okay . . . I will refrain from ANOTHER rant; but so many of the tree preservation ordinances are precisely why trees are not allowed to mature in places like Los Gatos or San Jose. Once mature, we are not allowed to cut them down or even prune them without very expensive guidance from arborists like me. If we do not cut them down or prune them, we gut sued by neighbors with shaded solar panels or . . . . ANYWAY, I will refrain. I do love California by the way.

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      • As hard as it is to find a tree service up here to do regular work, I’m glad we don’t have any additional issues in the mix.

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    A crazy world it is – if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry. I won’t be giving up Eartha Kitt’s ‘Baby, it’s cold outside” anytime soon. It is understood that it is a relic of a bygone era, reminding us how far we’ve come. 🙂

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  13. Carmen says:

    I am finding I like the comments as well as the article. Thank you and God bless.

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  14. Joyce says:

    VERY well expressed, Judy! I concur – some insensitive terms are best left in the past, but most of what we see nervously fretted over today is just simple common sense – like you said – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, promote it, or buy it! I saw the “Baby, It’s Cold” song story on the news last night and felt badly. I’d never identified it with “coercion” or “date rape” – instead, I’d think back to the era when this song was written (about the time I was born), picturing my mom and dad flirting over both wanting a longer evening together! Guess that fun is over now, too!
    One of the earliest terms to arise, about 30-40 years ago, when I was a young stay-at-home mom was “domestic engineer,” subbed for “housewife!” I’m sure you remember that. What an insult to both those who conquered challenging math and science curriculum to legitimately earn the title and to me, who was very proud to be a wife, mother, and the busy organizer of a happy home full of children and pets!
    I like your occasional forays into “political territory,” mostly because your readers are thoughtful, intelligent, and polite. Things don’t escalate here into ugly exchanges the way they do elsewhere. Your audience is to be commended for their “implemented individual idea graciousness!”

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    • I had forgotten ‘domestic engineer,’ and I so totally agree with you about its definition. After that came the big emphasis on ‘working outside the home’ and ‘working inside the home.’ I was never embarrassed to say I was a wife and mother, but someone must have been. When I first entered the work force, I was a ‘secretary,’ but then that became out of tune, and although we were doing the same job, we were suddenly ‘administrative assistants.’ It kind of makes you shake your head to think about all the terms. And, you are right, I am so lucky that we can talk about something in the news here and everyone has an opinion but gets along. Thank you for your insight. 🙂


  15. Dan Antion says:

    I had to come back, after reading this tweet from the Hartford Courant.

    “The top lawyer for the state Senate Republicans was fired Monday after admitting that he removed thousands of dollars without authorization from the Senate Republican campaign fund”

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

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  16. mitzybricker says:

    You are right, we have gone over-the-edge with allowing our feelings to rule the roost. A friend of mine was yelled at terribly because of using the word “maid” instead of the ‘accepted’ word that tickle ones ear (I don’t even know what the accepted term is for maid! 😳.) Ridiculous.

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  17. The involuntary separation of JAP from those license plates does seem pretty silly, especially when you consider there are numbers before and after those letters!

    I’ve struggled with the “happy holidays” brouhaha in recent years because I personally never really saw it as a statement against saying “Merry Christmas.” I can remember “Happy Holidays” being said in stores or by friends and neighbors as far back as when I was kid in the sixties; in other words, long before PC had been invented. To me anyway, both “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” are interchangeable greetings. And I say this as a Jew who enjoys all the Christmas joy even though I don’t celebrate the holiday. I sometimes wonder if the so-called “War on Christmas” is just a cable news ruse to gin up ratings. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Judy! – Marty

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    • A lot of this may be news media trying for ratings. I think that’s why I limit myself so I can maintain my sanity. 🙂 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a sincere Happy Hanukkah to you as well, Marty. 🙂

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      • Joyce says:

        I carefully considered the implications of each seasonal greeting, and decided that I’d be delighted to hear “Happy Hanukkah” from a Jewish person. I’d interpret that as a sharing of good will from one human being to another – not an insult to my Christianity! I think Marty (above) has the same sense of decency and acceptance that I do!

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      • I sincerely appreciate any type of greeting because we exchange greetings with so few people anymore. I would be thrilled to hear “Happy Hanukkah” too. 🙂


  18. All true and it’s happening in Australia as well. I loved your reply to a commenter about learning life lessons in Kindergarten. All we need to do is treat everyone how we want to be treated – simple!

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  19. I hear you. Some language is definitely objectionable but it’s not easy to figure out where to draw the line. I have no objections to people saying “Merry Christmas”, but then they should not take offense is someone says “Happy Holidays”. My wife was once criticized for using the word “picnic” on the grounds that it had racial connotations associated with “pickaninny” – which turns out to be false, the word comes from the French “piquenique”.

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  20. Norm 2.0 says:

    There are lots of examples of how the PC pendulum has swung too far back in the opposite direction. A lot of it feels like attempts to fix something that isn’t actually broken.
    I read over the weekend about the song being banned and thought ‘how silly’ but on the flip side I figured those who do want to hear it can choose a station that still plays it, or listen to it online too.
    Regardless of which side you end up on when it comes to some of these issues, the thing that saddens me most is how quickly it seems people can go from zero to downright furiously outraged. .

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    • Yes, choose your options and let others do the same. I wonder sometimes if people were having real face to face conversations if some of this zero to outrage would be curbed. You know, Norm, like in the old days when we’d sit down together, have a cup of coffee, and discuss life and what’s going on. Today, it is all black and white straight from the keyboard with no stopping. I’m showing my age now – sorry. 🙂


  21. Oddment says:

    Thank you! I’d been scratching my head about that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for a few days now. I could only shake my head and marvel at how dense I am. I’m supposed to be offended? But it’s OK if I’m ear-butted with “Holly-Jolly Christmas”? Now THAT’S offensive! I say “Merry Christmas,” and I figure those who don’t like it don’t have to have a merry Christmas! Works for me.

    That aside, I agree that it’s wonderful to read the comments of your readers.

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    • You’re not alone in the corner marked dense, I’m right there with you. I also guess I can’t concentrate on every little word in an 80 year old holiday song when I have to deal with real life issues. It was a song about the weather – geez. And, yes, the comments of the readers who stop by here are absolutely wonderful including yours.

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      • Oddment says:

        I do appreciate your perspective that you are dealing with “real life issues.” Your “geez” made me laugh. And thank goodness we can laugh!

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      • Joyce says:

        I agree with this lovely lady! I’m back to enjoy more reader comments (and butt in with my replies!). Furthermore, I agree that the biggest assault on Christmas ever is the “Holly Jolly Christmas” song – omg my poor ears!

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  22. I’m old enough to ignore most of the ridiculousness (“I’m not short, I’m altitude-challenged.”) and the puritanical thing that’s the real should of “PC.” I say Merry Christmas to those I think will celebrate it and something else if I’m unsure. Happy holidays works well when I haven’t a clue what anyone is doing for the holidays. But mostly, PC language is just stupid and doesn’t fool anyone anyway, so why bother?

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  23. Joanne Sisco says:

    Yes – to everything expressed by others before me. I hadn’t heard about the most recent incidents of people being ‘offended’ by certain Christmas traditions. To them I simply shake by head and I say “Bah, Humbug. Get over yourself.”

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    • Yes, I like it – get over yourself. 🙂 The morning news from our neighboring college town announced that the Human Right Commission want to take down the town’s holiday tree down because it does not represent every religion in town. It never ends. 🙂


      • Joanne Sisco says:

        What I find particularly annoying is that it’s usually the result of 1 person complaining. One.

        Some people just like to stir the pot and thrive on conflict and argument. Can you just imagine the chaos – no, anarchy – if EVERYONE threw a tantrum about EVERYTHING that annoyed/offended them?!!

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  24. I read about the controversy regarding Baby it’s Cold Outside happening again this Christmas Season and just shake my head. As William Shatner asked on Twitter yesterday, “

    For those that are complaining Baby it’s Cold Outside is misogynistic (my favorite word!🙄) have you actually seen the 1949 Neptune’s daughter premiere of the song? I’m claiming misandry for Red Skelton!😤🤣😂 https://t.co/bYvhvJxJR1— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) December 3, 2018


    I love those old movies and musicals. I’m not offended by the song. This number from Neptune’s Daughter is cute, and Red Skelton and Ester Williams are brilliant at showing the other side of the coin. 😃 I miss Red Skelton along with quite a few other brilliant comics. That’s another thing that PC culture is ruining en mon avis. The funny comics are gone nothing can be funny anymore. Sigh!

    If I don’t like something on TV or the radio I switch the channel or turn it off. I liked your comment above about the simple rules of Kindergarten being the rules to follow throughout life. It’s true! I say Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays if I’m not sure.

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    • When I read some of the irate concerns, I just think about how innocent it was when it was written. No one associated with those old movies would have had any idea that there would be radio stations banning a Christmas holiday song they were associated with. Yes, if you don’t like something don’t read, watch or listen to it – simple, but it works. Yes, ‘funny’ comics are gone, and the ones that are popular now are vicious. I’d think people might be more concerned about that than a song that is around for a few weeks each year. 🙂

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  25. Ally Bean says:

    No matter what happens or is said someone will take it too seriously. I’ve found that to be a truth in my life. Some people just have to have something to hate on. Also, even though I live in Ohio where the radio station is taking a stand against ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ feel free to play it in my presence. I can cope.

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  26. Suzanne says:

    Hi Judy, you may have worked in Human Resources in the 80’s, but I was working in Personnel. I remember when that departure happened and how ridiculous we all thought it was, like being a “resource” was somehow better than being a “person!” Great post.

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  27. germac4 says:

    Great post, and what a laugh about Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer…..it really never ends. While I was teaching we were given words to use in school reports…. if the student had not made progress, we were to write “”developing” ….which was exactly what the student wasn’t doing!
    When it is cold I sing “”Baby it’s cold out there” to my grandchild, because she is a baby and it is cold…and I’m sticking with that one!

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    • Using the word, developing, reminds me of the practice to give everyone who plays a sport an award regardless of what their skill level is. I’m not sure we do children any favor by disguising the truth. But, I do love the idea of you singing “Baby it’s cold out there” to your grandchild. 🙂

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  28. joey says:

    Excellent post, and comments. Lawd. Everyone so upset about everything all the time. It’s virtually impossible to offend me personally, let alone offend me by mere suggestion. I often think people are gravely separated from the world we live in. It’s nice to be nice because there’s not enough nice. Forcing nice isn’t nice at all.
    Also, I find Baby It’s Cold Outside to be cute and coy. I wonder if people who are offended by that song have ever listened to rap? I won’t quote that stuff here. It’s just nicer that way.

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    • You used a word, separated, that may have a big influence on folks getting so upset. If you and I sat down and one of us was irate about something, and we actually had a conversation looking at pros and cons, it might make a difference. That’s a whole lot different than just banging away on a keyboard. 🙂 Yes, when I was reading about how terrible that song was, I was thinking about rap. But, we won’t go there. I’ll just wish you a very Merry Christmas. 🙂

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      • joey says:

        Thank you, Judy! Even though I am a non-Christian, I am DELIGHTED to be wished merriment! 😀 Merry Christmas to you, too! We can write that every day and make one another smile, and it might well offend people 😉

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  29. slfinnell says:

    Well I’m a Baby sitter to some and a childcare provider to others. I take no offense to either. And as long as I leave happy memories I’m pretty sure that’s all that matters in the end. Love your posts as always!!

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  30. Denzil says:

    Very relevant post Judy. It’s a case of where to draw the line. Some words and phrases are clearly racist and sexist, full stop. But the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. Merry Christmas in a couple of weeks!

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