Knock Knock

You know sometimes you’re cruising along, and Life stops to make sure you’re paying attention. Well, last week that was the case.

Knock, knock – Life calling. In case you thought you had some modicum of control over your every day activities, forget it.

So, as we move into the last week of January, I’m hoping the knocking isn’t quite as loud.

I haven’t been blogging – writing or reading. Give me another week or so, and I’ll be back, but in the meantime I need to pay attention because Life is being pretty persistent.

Mother Nature did think we should have a gift from her this week to balance out reality, and that was appreciated. My Walking Iris, sitting in front of my Monkey Paw Fern, bloomed. It may only last a day, but it is a real beauty and always reminds me that each day is a gift so enjoy it fully.  💗

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