It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Life has leveled out to a normal amount of ups and downs.  Picture a happy dance.  🙂

There have been some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and we also enjoyed some amazing temperatures in the 70’s which allowed for outdoor adventures in short sleeves.

I posted this photo on Instagram and received a message from a local county asking if they could use it for tourism marketing. Why, yes, you can. 🙂

So, what have I been doing on my break? Well, I’ve been fairly productive. I finished the two baby quilts I was working on and got them off to their respective destinations.

Why gray in a baby quilt? Well, the Lattice quilt on the left is going to a baby that has a gray and white themed room. The Kelsey quilt on the right went to a Mom who spends a lot of time outdoors. I thought a fabric panel with animals might be a nice focal point and was able to use some of the same fabric because it went well with the panel colors.

February is a big planning month for northern Master Gardeners. There’s a new Board, new projects, and a lot of online work to be done. I’m back on the Board as of this month and continue the duties of webmaster. That keeps me pretty busy all by itself.

There’s also been a lot of socializing and just plain good times with friends. These snow birds like to have fun, and I try not to miss too many opportunities.

With beautiful weather, there have also been some amazing days with friends at Brookgreen Gardens watching the gardens come to life and enjoying their current Birds in Art exhibits.

Amazing oils and water colors

The art piece on the left is two feathers, and the right one is made out of white paper. Amazing.

I’ve never lived thirteen minutes from a Botanical Garden that I can stop in with friends whenever we want. It’s pretty darn nice. 🙂 Another time, I’ll tell you about the behind the scenes tour we took and maybe a story about some buttons.

For right now, I need to get going because I have a card making class to attend. So, here’s to a great Monday and a delicious Valentine’s Day week. ❤️

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  1. Ally Bean says:

    I like the Lattice quilt, the way it brings old and modern together. I’ve never seen one like it– which is not to say that I don’t like your other quilts, btw. Living near a botanical garden would be a treat. Glad that you’re enjoying it.

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  2. Claudette says:

    Glad you are back and hope to see you soon

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  3. Beautiful quilts and bird art. It sounds like you are e having a great time escaping the cold!

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  4. An amazing post, so much to see here. Especially loved the oil paintings.

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  5. Murphy's Law says:

    OMG!!! Your first photo is just stunning! Yeah, perfect for a tourism pitch! LOVE the quilts. I am always blown away when I see pictures of your craftsmanship. The artwork is amazing, but the eagle created from white paper…..wow!

    Enjoy those warmer temperatures my friend. We’re in for 5″-8″ of snow/ice, and your hometown is expecting considerably more! 😡😡 So glad you won’t have to shovel it!!

    Stay well. Happy ❤️ Day. I’m sure you’ll manage to find something sweet to eat. Lol. Enjoy that card making class.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Okay, I’m feeling guilty about all my northern friends having to shovel. Stay safe and warm. Yes, I always find something sweet to eat. Card making is always a humbling experience for me, but I have a lot of laughs at myself and enjoy the company of the other ladies. I’m not good at stamping. I mess it up one way or another and then have to try and figure out how to cover it up. Today I made a mistake with a tree so I put roots on it to cover up the spot. They all thought that was pretty funny since I’m a gardener. 🙂


  6. Oddment says:

    So good to find you here! As always, I am in awe of your quilting; such things are so impossible for me that I consider them almost trickery — like no one could really do that! Your photo is gorgeous and that artwork is fascinating. Topping it all off with proximity to a botanical garden, it’s no wonder there’s a happy dance! (I think you should post that too!)

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  7. Joyce says:

    But seriously – those baby quilts! Wow. Such subtle beauty. I really like how the quilting stitches are prominent, nicely complimenting the squares.
    The grandkids had eight (8!) “snow days” in the past 2 weeks. Mostly due to bitter cold, ice, and power outages. They’re back today, but more ice is expected tomorrow. Superintendents are besides themselves on how to make up the days, already adding Friday before Memorial weekend, and one more oddball Monday to end of June calendar. I’m worried that any more might bring a throng of Kindergartners to their doors with torches and pitchforks!

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    • Oh my – eight snow days. That’s a lot to make up, but you have had some serious winter weather. And, I certainly enjoyed the visual of Kindergartners with torches and pitchforks picketing the principal’s house. 🙂 Now, I want you to tell me how they did that piece of art with the feathers. I must have stood there for 20 minutes at least trying to come up with a way someone could cut those birds out of those two feathers. 🙂


  8. So glad life has settled down! I have been thinking of you this past week or two. The quilts are very, very lovely. And what wonderful bird art. Being so close to a botanical garden must be a treat, and how great it must be to have a circle of friends who like to be active. Finally, that sunrise is fantastic. Now wonder the county wanted to use it.

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  9. Almost Iowa says:

    It is great to hear you are someplace warm. 🙂

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  10. Dan Antion says:

    Those quilts are beautiful, Judy, you do such nice work. Good luck with the planning and the website work. I think those calls and activity benefits from having that view and those temps. You might be missing (with our forecasts, you never know until it’s over) a nasty winter storm. But, that’s why you went south 🙂

    PS, I can see why they would want to use that photo!

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  11. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful art work, I love that first painting with the alpine flowers. Nice job on the quilts, Judy – you have been really busy! Must be the invigorating temperatures. 😉

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  12. Lucky babies to receive such beautiful quilts. May they be cosy when covered with love.

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  13. You sound really busy. Congratulations on your superb photo having been snapped up. 👏🏻 Love all of those quilts. 😍

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  14. joey says:

    Congratulations on your unexpected tourism photography! It is a stunning shot 🙂
    I really like the lattice quilt, but I adore the animal one. Oh my yes, that’s adorable.
    I went around without a coat for quite a bit yesterday (I think it was around 35) and the ease of movement was refreshing. Of course, eventually, I got cold and went back inside, but it was nice. I don’t even wear short sleeves to bed right now, so you enjoy your 70 degree stuff a bit for me!

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  15. pbmgarden says:

    Glad things have leveled off Judy.

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  16. Absolutely gorgeous ocean sunrise. I’m assuming sunrise cause you’re on the East coast?

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  17. germac4 says:

    Congratulations on your Instagram photo being picked by the county.. it is a beauty. I love your quilts… They will be specials gifts to last a lifetime. Also absolutely love the Bird in Art exhibits … every one of them. I enjoyed your post as always & good to know you are still doing a million things per day .😀

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  18. Lovely! Enjoy, Judy!

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  19. KerryCan says:

    And, here, I was worried something bad had happened to take you away from us! It sounds like you’re having such a wonderful time, really living it up–good for you!

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  20. How exciting to have one of your images selected by the county!! WOOT!!

    The quilts are beautiful. Baby Girl has the same color scheme for our newest grandson’s room.

    I love the side with all the animals. GORGEOUS!

    I hope you had fun card making. I used to do a lot of that when I was in my rubber stamping phase, but haven’t broken out my stamps in a long long time.

    I’m curious now about the buttons and the behind the scenes tour. I hope you share those stories sometime.

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  21. Mary says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Beautiful work on the quilts – recipients will love them. The art of course captures my attention like no other, except your exquisite photograph! Congratulations, very cool!

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  22. Joanne Sisco says:

    The sunset is a gorgeous photo. Now you can add Master Photographer to your other creative talents!!

    Quilt making fascinates me because of the vision you need to have to just imagine it!

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  23. Rose says:

    You have been BUSY! And have accomplished so much. I love the quilts…and the bird art exhibit would have been fun to see. And I LOVE your first shot…it is beautiful!

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  24. Nancy says:

    Glad things are better and I welcome your posts… missed you!

    Beautiful quilts and the birds are lovely. Sounds like a wonderful time is being had!

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  25. Dang. Congrats on the photo. It is a nice shot, and I can see how it would look great on a tourist page. – Marty

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  26. Ooooo that sunset photo is amazing. I do hope you got paid for your photo. As an artist, it’s important to be paid for your work. Such beautiful paintings and I was surprised to see the paper sculpture, it’s not as common. My dad was a paper sculpture artist so my eye detects those right away.

    I’ve also got a quilt going with gray in it but it’s dragging on forever… haha… I needed your inspiration to keep going!

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