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Rain+cold=More Rain and Snow

We’re averaging one day a week without rain. It’s so cold and rainy my perennials are barely breaking through, and the daffodils are still about 4″ tall. The only blooms I have are these lovely bloodroot – small, short lived, … Continue reading

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Earth Day

Can you believe it – Earth Day is 49 years old. It won’t be long before AARP starts sending their mailings. 🙂 I remember back in the early days, I felt compelled to do something green on that day and then … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

On my last day in South Carolina, three friends and I boarded a pontoon boat with Captain Rommy and headed out into the fog to tour Sandy Island which is a prehistoric sand dune covering around 9,000 acres. Sandy Island … Continue reading

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April showers

April showers bring May flowers. Well, we can hope. 🙂 I was able to get two truck loads of sticks and leaves to the recycling center. I made a dent in the sticks but only a down payment on removing … Continue reading

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Spring chores

Do you have a chore list this time of year? I started mine yesterday. When I was a kid, I played Pick-up Sticks, and every time I’m out there doing this chore, I smile thinking about all those games. I … Continue reading

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I’m home, and I’m embracing the color, brown, because that means there’s no snow left. We have some rain in the forecast so green will start to appear. 🙂 A couple of awards go to: Virginia for the most police out … Continue reading

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