Earth Day

Can you believe it – Earth Day is 49 years old. It won’t be long before AARP starts sending their mailings. 🙂

I remember back in the early days, I felt compelled to do something green on that day and then forgot about it. I do think we are more aware now about the need to take care of the earth each and every day.

The theme this year is save the species. I don’t have any experience saving exotic species, but I do work hard towards keeping the pollinators healthy because in case you haven’t thought about it – no pollinators, no food, no people. Now, if those bees just realized I was one of the good guys and didn’t sting me every chance they get. 🙂

I also do what I can when it comes to recycling, reusing, repurposing, and not worrying that I have weeds in the grass. The bees like the dandelions, and I could eat them if I wanted.

There’s a t-shirt floating around on social media – there is no planet b. Simple but true.

On a normal day, I’d probably complain that I had to reach back into my photos from South Carolina for spring blooms because my daffodils are no more than 4″ tall and there is absolutely nothing blooming here.

But, since my friend, Linda, from northern Maine posted photos of ice dams taller than the average human, I’ll forgo the minor complaint and just wish you all a great Earth Day!

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  1. Happy Earth Day 😊🌎

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  2. Oddment says:

    Ice dams taller than me? What a horrible springtime thought! It is also horrible that nothing is blooming in NH yet. Gardeners really have to be patient there!

    I loved the line about AARP. I didn’t realize that Earth Day had been observed for so long. For sure anyone who works to help the pollinators is keeping faith with the earth. I agree, however, that the pollinators should be a lot kinder to their benefactors!

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Happy Earth Day, Judy. You have some nice spring pictures in here. I think tolerating weeds is a huge benefit. I wish more people did that. We see bees visiting the tiniest little flowers on what most people consider weeds. We’ve had guys try to sell us lawn service, saying “we can get rid of these” and I tell them “We LIKE those!”

    I don’t think squirrels are endangered, but we’re certainly doing our part to keep them around in CT.

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    • Yes, the squirrel federation should issue you and the Editor a plaque. 🙂 We live near a subdivision of large homes which is a good place to walk on their well kept sidewalks. However, as you walk you can can start to smell it before you even see those little white signs stuck in their grass telling you not to walk there because they’ve sprayed. Yard after yard. I wonder if they ever consider how many pollinators they are killing in the process of eradicating every weed that had the nerve to settle in their massive lawn. I hope they figure it out before it is too late for all of us.

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  4. Wonderful post! This Green Bean wishes you a happy Earth Day, and I applaud what you are doing to attract pollinators, even though you are stung on a regular basis.

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  5. Murphy's Law says:

    You hit the nail on the head regarding AARP! Beautiful spring flowers. The only thing blooming in this area is forsythia!!

    And yes, those bees should be much more user friendly towards you. 😀 And a few weeds never hurt anyone, but certainly help some of our earth friendly critters/insects.

    Happy Earth Day!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  6. Joyce says:

    I think the average “nobody” – like me! – would love to help, but has no idea how to do it. I’ve been grateful for the advice to leave dandelions alone for early spring bee feeding. That, along with recycling, is something I do, but it’s obviously not enough. Seeing the forest fires, floods, and crop damage is making me realize, with alarm, that active intervention is long overdue. I feel helpless, wishing I could do more.
    We took the back roads to a daughter’s house for Easter yesterday and I was alarmed at how many small family farms are either up for sale or being bulldozed for new neighborhoods. That’s sad, too. Hate to think of what the grandkids are going to eat – or what they’ll have to pay when they do find something – ugh!

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    • Well, you summed the situation up quite well. We’re in a pickle, and it just seems to get worse each year. I’m thinking you need to google insect hotel on Pinterest and get some of your younger grands to build you a nice hotel with a welcome mat. 🙂


  7. Almost Iowa says:

    Across Three Drunk Creek, a host of cranes trumpet their odd calls from The Minnesota Mosquito Refuge. Not to be outdone, the Tom turkey who live in the woods, just broke into a warbling contest.. which upset the geese nesting along the shores of our pond.

    I am all for Earth Day…but couldn’t we celebrate it in solemn silence?

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  8. Nancy says:

    Happy Earth Day! The cacti are blooming and the bees are happy. Just wish development would slow down… do we really need 5 Starbucks in our little area here in AZ?

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  10. Eliza Waters says:

    Happy Earth Day, Judy! I think gardeners have a keener than average awareness of how fragile our earth is and that we need to protect the whole ecosystem that is so intricately interconnected.
    Do you get many of the smaller bees? I want to make one of those little solitary bee houses that I see around.

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  11. Love the AARP line. Wish I had thought of it! 🙂 – Marty

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  12. I’ve got daffodils, but mostly, what we have is pouring cold rain. I need three days to get the garden cleaned out: 1 day for the ground to dry from its current full mud state. 1 day to cut and trim and another to move all the branches to the woods. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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  13. germac4 says:

    Earth Day is 49 years old…. long may it continue! Like you I am much more conscious of pollinators these days…& do my best to help the bees especially as they have lost a few useful bushes this year from the heat. Have a great day in the garden Judy..😀

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  14. Jane Lurie says:

    Happy Earth Day, Judy. Keep on loving our earth! 🌏

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  15. After being away for two weeks we came home to a front yard of weeds. I’ll remember your advice about weeds when I look at them from now on.

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  16. Ally Bean says:

    Earth Day is 49 years old! I never stopped to think about that and somehow it astonishes me. I’ve never seen the t-shirt you mention but I like it. Hope your Earth Day was all you hoped for. Ours was sunny and warm, very uplifting.

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  17. KerryCan says:

    Too right that we need to start treating every day as Earth Day–this Earth is the only one we have! I remember the first Earth Day and going out with family and neighbors to pick up trash along the roads–seems a long time ago . . .

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  18. We just got home to lots of wonderful spring flowers – and the news that we should be getting up to 5″ of snow tomorrow!

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  19. Karen says:

    Those daffodils and other beautiful flowers will be making their appearance shortly. And what do they say, April showers bring May flowers. 🙂

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  20. Karen says:

    You will have those lovely daffodils many others soon. Remember the saying, April showers bring May flowers.

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