Judy’s First and Last News Report

Monday, July 1, 2019

National — Happy Canada Day
Food/drink — Had some tasty blueberry beer
Money — I could use more
Sports — Go Red Sox and Royals
Style — I use to have some
Technical — I can always use more
Travel — Yes, please
Weather — Sun or rain, it depends

News Sections

Disclaimer:  I know I missed someone or spelled something wrong, mea culpa, mea culpa. Remind me in a comment, and I’ll fix it. Can I blame it on lack of spellchecker in WordPress? No. Can I blame it on being of a certain mature age? Yes, let’s give that one a try. 🙂

Best wishes for a wonderful Canada Day to our friends in the north today. Happy 4th of July and safe travels on the road to those of us in the US.

Enjoy some of my favorite bloggers when you have a minute, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.  🙂

About Judy@NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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68 Responses to Judy’s First and Last News Report

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I made the News! I knew if I kept at this blogging thing a major news service would pick up my story 😏

    Seriously, Judy. Thanks for the shout out. In keeping with the Editor’s ban on DIY on the 4th of July holiday, this week’s activity will be muted, but we’ll be back at it soon.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  2. Gone two weeks and already forgotten. 😢. Ha! Hope you’re doing well and I’ll be blogging again soon.


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  3. Joyce says:

    So, here I am, excitedly reading your news with a HUGE smile because I SO need a respite from the 24 hour political bickering, and then………!!!! I stumble on MY OWN site listed as an artsy place for grandparents to visit! Awwww….my smile got even “huge-er!” I’ve got a vet visit for Roxie in an hour, but I’m coming back here again and again during the week to check everybody out. It’ll be fun to match blogs to the names of your readers who’ve become familiar to me during my own faithful visits here. Smart, interesting, engaged people….all of them!
    And personally, I hope this one won’t be your “last” news report! 🙂 I think you’ll have more of them for us when the time is right!
    Happy 4th to you, dear friend!

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  4. Murphy's Law says:

    Hahahah!!! First News Report I’ve enjoyed…..EVER!

    Happy Birthday to all your Canadian readers! 🇨🇦

    Hope you and Dennis have a Happy Fourth!! 🇺🇸

    And have a nice cold beer for every blogger you forgot. You might wind up so sloshed you won’t even feel bad!! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  5. Wish all the news reports were this much fun to read!

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  6. I’m with Wandering Dawgs. Thanks for the shout out, Judy. I’ll be checking out the other blogs that you featured. Have a wonderful holiday!

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  7. germac4 says:

    Many thanks for being included in your News report, and I always like recommendations for new blogs so thank you for your nice long list…(some I’m already following)…I spend more time looking at blogs than the news now…. real people leading interesting lives appeals to me more than news.

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  8. pastpeter says:

    Many thanks for my ref! But where is Cindy Knoke??

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  9. Oddment says:

    Thank you, thank you! Not just for the honor but for the good laugh. I consider this a baptism of humor for the month of July, and that is good for us all. However, I think Judy’s News should be a regular feature, not just for its own merits but for the comments, which, I do believe, are even livelier than usual! I am so glad to have your list of recommendations; you can believe that I will be visiting them all! A very happy 4th to you too!

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  10. Annie says:

    Oh wow! What fun to make the morning news! And what a valuable list you have provided for everyone to peruse. I notice only one blog missing that should be at the very top of the list. Jack of ALL trades: New England Garden and Thread. 😊 Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!

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    • 🙂 We were in your lovely town of Exeter, NH, last week to have lunch at Sea Dog Brewing. They sure have location, location sitting there on the water. The town was bustling and everything looked great. You do live in a truly idyllic New England town. 🙂

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      • Annie says:

        Yes! Exeter is special and is bursting at the seams. Hope you found a convenient parking spot and didn’t have to walk too far. I think we need a parking garage. 😒

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  11. You have a great week too. It’s going to be “that kind of month.” We’ll be away for a week too, so maybe sometime in August, everything will be back to normal.

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  12. joey says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m honored! Thanks so much! 😛
    I really loved the first section, though, I LOLed!


  13. Nancy says:

    I am honored! What a treat to see I was mentioned here on in the NEWS!

    This just made my day! No… my week! Thank you so very much! I’m off to see all the others that made the news report! 😊

    Thank you my friend!

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  14. Joanne Sisco says:

    Now this is the kind of news I can sink my teeth into!

    Thank you for the mention. “Women Power” – wow, I feel so honoured. This comes with huge responsibility 😉
    … and like Joey, I laughed through the first section. Good one!

    Enjoy your long weekend coming up. Ours was wonderful!

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  15. KerryCan says:

    That’s the news report to end all news reports (and, right now, an end to news reports sounds pretty darn good!) You must’ve had a lot of fun writing this. And I am honored to be in such fine company. You read a LOT of blogs–thanks for taking time for mine!

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    • You definitely deserve a special place in blogland because I didn’t even mention the best toffee recipe around. 🙂 I love reading blogs that cover different topics, but I can’t keep up with those who post daily or multiple times per day. Those I skim until I find one post I that sounds interesting. There’s living on line and living in the moment, and I don’t want to miss any moments. 🙂


      • KerryCan says:

        I agree, totally, about the volume of posts and having to make choices about how many to read. I used to think that posting every day was what I wanted. Then I realized I don’t want it and I don’t think readers want it either!

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  16. Karen says:

    What a pleasant surprise to be in the news and in such good company, it is much appreciated. I could use more of the technical too…even more so now with the changes that keep occurring at WordPress. 🙂

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  17. Brenda says:

    I was depressed this morning reading the news about the massive budget cuts in my former home of Alaska. Your news, on the other hand, perked me right up and made me laugh. Thank you for brightening my day. I’m delighted to be included in your blog list and am looking forward to making new blog connections with some of the others. Happy 4th!

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  18. Norm 2.0 says:

    Oh my, thanks for the awesome shoutout 😀
    We could all use more money and more technical, eh?

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  19. Mary says:

    Hi Judy, happy summer to you! Thank you for including my blog on your list – your personal shoutout means a lot and is much appreciated. I hope you are enjoying the warmer temps up your way! Your gardens must be gorgeous!

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  20. pbmgarden says:

    Judy, thanks for mentioning my blog. It’s so satisfying that we can share bits of our worlds this way.

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  21. Eliza Waters says:

    Thanks for the mention, Judy. I hope you have a safe and happy Fourth!

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  22. Thanks for the link. I’ll check out some of the other blogs that are new to me.

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  23. Dawn says:

    This is fabulous, Judy! Can’t wait to stop back here to visit with your your amazing list of roving reporters! This is the REAL news. I feel honored to be included!
    Sending sunshine and cool breezes your way, Judy! Happy July! 💗

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  24. syt says:

    Now you have out done yourself, enjoyed every one of your roving reporters, Thanks for sharing

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  25. I’ve been buried under a pile of visitors (well, not literally), and now, piles of laundry, so I missed this fabulous list of bloggers. Many I follow and many to check out. Thanks so much for the mention of my blog… “Retiring with pizzazz” – I will always strive to live up to this description! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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  26. Oddment says:

    I have now visited every one of the bloggers you listed, and I am in awe. So much talent! The blogs are very sophisticated and really a pleasure to see and read. I started out trying to leave a comment on each one, but there were problems so I gave that up and just read and enjoyed. Thank you so much for including me and for telling all of us about each other. I tend to think that this world of talented and thoughtful bloggers is preferable to the real world and then I remind myself that this talent and thought IS the real world. It just doesn’t get the headlines.

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  27. mitzybricker says:

    May I be so bold as to make a suggestion, Judy? You forgot a catagory: Farming! Read all about it on my blog: bluerockhorses.com 😀👍

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