Postcard from the beach

Happy Monday!

Walking the beach gives  a little different slant on things especially when a kayaker appears to provide some interest.

Mother Nature sure knows how to paint a picture.

What’s going on this week? Well, hubby is playing golf, and I’ve been working on a wall hanging I’m hoping to finish.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a gardening class at Brookgreen Gardens on insects. It will not only be interesting to hear about their insect challenges, but it counts as CEUs for MG. Wednesday morning, we’re having a card making class.

Have a great week, and I hope it doesn’t include shoveling otherwise I’d be feeling really guilty about the forecasted 60-70°F temperatures. 😎

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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51 Responses to Postcard from the beach

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Enjoy the warmth, Judy. Nice job catching the paddler in the sunlight. We might see a little light snow today, but probably only requiring a broom.

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    • As you know, trying to catch a good photo can be challenging. I took probably a dozen shots, but got one with him right in the middle. 🙂 A broom is much preferable to a shovel and a snowblower plus Maddie can still get her walk in. 🙂

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      • Dan Antion says:

        I also know that after 3 or 4 attempts, your eyes hurt from staring toward the sun. I’m happy you were out early enough to get the picture. If you want to keep getting them, you’ll have to get up earlier as spring approaches. Do it for your fans, Judy 🙂

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    I just came in from shovelling about 2 inches of wet, heavy snow. It’s only 8 am and I’m already thinking about a nap 😉
    Jealous about the kayaker … and the warm weather to do it in.

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    Great shots. Can’t believe you caught the kayaker!

    Sounds like a busy week coming up. I sure hope you can manage in the 60-70 degree temperatures! It’ll be quite a challenge, but you can do it!

    We got a little snow overnight, but a broom took care of it. My kind of snowstorm! Lol.

    Hope you spot the turtles sunbathing on the log again. Love those guys.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. Joyce says:

    Simply beautiful – especially the perfect positioning of the kayaker. Reminds me of last summer’s week at a Lake Michigan cottage – the same type of peaceful sunsets, and then a sail boat would break the surface – miles away – and it was like a fairy tale image, with those of us on shore speculating what it felt like to be on board – and wondering if they were aware of us watching them! – but probably not!
    Should be interesting to learn about regional bugs. I was fascinated by the new styles, colors, and especially SIZE of ones I observed on my first trips “down south” (and I mean Florida and Texas – not exotic Peru or Belize!).

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  5. Don’t feel guilty about the beautiful weather! Walking on the beach at sunrise is the best way to start your day! Beautiful! ☀️

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  6. Beautiful sunrise. And you might be happy to know that so far—knock, knock, knock on wood—the weather has been very mild in central Maine. Went for a walk yesterday, took some pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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  7. Beautiful pictures painted by Mother Nature. That kayaker looks to be having fun. Your week sounds to be off to a good start.

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  8. You are preaching to the choir on this one Judy. Happy Monday!

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  9. These views are stunning! And your days sound delightful.

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  10. Marilyn says:

    Gorgeous photos.

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  11. Wow those are some beautiful horizon shots. It sounds like a perfect day.

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    Ah, glorious! I’m glad at least one of us is getting outside to enjoy some lovely weather. 🙂

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  13. germac4 says:

    Lovely to see your stunning photos of the beach. Everything is looking so normal… far from it here with the bush fires still a big problem. Makes me appreciate the good things. Enjoy your day..🌞😊

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  14. Oddment says:

    I have spent some time today looking at that top photo. I cannot figure out the reflection of the sunrise at the front of the water. It’s a remarkable image, not just of the water and the light, but of the markings in the sand which seem repeated in the water. It’s a beautiful portrait of a new day. As for your week’s activities, they seem like retirement heaven! Good for you! Thanks for these beautiful vistas!

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  15. Such beautiful shots, Judy. Don’t feel bad for me; I’m thrilled for you. Enjoy that warmth and the classes.


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  16. Rose says:

    I so love that last shot!

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  17. Michelle says:

    Beautiful photos!!!

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  18. Nancy says:

    The kayak in the glistening sun is beyond perfect! Well done!

    Sounds like a fun week ahead… enjoy!

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  19. Karen says:

    With views like the lovely ones you captured, I would say life is very enjoyable. 😊

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  20. Gorgeous sunrises … I’m assuming rising because the sea is eastward, but I could be wrong. I think it’s almost as warm here as there! I was on my deck in bare feet to refill all the feeders this morning and I wasn’t cold! Have fun!

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  21. You’re always so full of creativity💕

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  22. joey says:

    SO Pretty! 😀 I’m glad you’re enjoying the beach! (I miss it, of course!)

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  23. Lovely photos (and thank you for making sure the horizons are straight… a pet peeve of mine)! The one with the kayaker in the suntrail is so lovely. We are on the other coast, but are enjoying wonderful weather also. Here, the fall and winter sunsets are the best… but, judging from where you are, those must be sunrises?

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  24. Just returned from AZ, and yet still I am jealous. (Of course, they have no beaches out there.)

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