I’ve deviated from my normal 30 minutes of local news with this virus situation, and I’ve been reminded why it is I don’t normally watch more than that.

You have to work to find real facts and statistics and when you do, sometimes they don’t add up or make any sense to me unless it is some kind of new age math.

For a little perspective, I want them to publicize that influenza has caused 291,000-646,000 deaths world wide and 12-61,000 deaths in the US annually since 2010.

The Governor of South Carolina this morning stated that “…each individual is responsible for their own actions and personal hygiene. If you feel sick, stay home, and contact your doctor.” In NH, a man who tested positive and was told to stay home decided to ignore that advice and headed out to a public event where he infected others. Too bad there isn’t an option available to protect ourselves from stupid people.

But, of all the stupid stuff I’ve read including the source of the virus is Corona beer, here is the topper.

“Those contemplating a cruise need to consider the prospect of a fellow passenger testing positive for COVID-19 and then being quarantined for several weeks on the vessel. 

If people die from an illness sooner, they are less likely to be walking on the deck, swimming in the pool, eating in the restaurants and, thus, less likely to spread the virus.”          MarketWatch, 3/7/20, Quentin Fottrell

I rest my case for normally not watching or reading the ‘news.’

Go forth and have a good week while exercising common sense precautions against catching anything including this virus and be grateful I didn’t even mention the difference between being prepared and the hoarding of supplies. 🙂

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64 Responses to News

  1. krc says:

    I am still searching for rubbing alcohol


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  2. Angela says:

    You are so right. As a friend of mine says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

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  3. Joyce says:

    Good Lord! It’s a crazy world out there today! I usually watch cable news but just can’t take it any more with only corona and politics covered – enough already! And as for hoarding – I’d been told that locally toilet paper is sold out – I thought, “nah, impossible! we in the midwest are too ‘normal’ for that!” – until I was filling out a Sam’s Club online order and saw the LAST TWO 45 roll packs of it DISAPPEAR from my cart by the time I went to check out! And then my daughter sends me a pic of local shelves wiped clean!!! I told hubby we need to ration our last 10 rolls! LOL

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    • We had family visit from Seattle this week. They got out of town before all the craziness started, but when they called back home they heard the same thing – toilet paper shelves are bare. You literally couldn’t think this stuff up – it’s nuts.


  4. I rely on the experts—CDC and WHO—for advice about what to do about Corvid-19, which is shaping up to be a very serious epidemic. As for that guy in New Hampshire…what if someone dies because of his carelessness, selfishness, thoughtlessness or whatever you want to call it? On a lighter note, Clif and I found a saying you might appreciate: Even Duct tape can’t fix stupid.

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  5. Donna says:

    I absolutely love your way with words. It always gives me a chuckle for the day. Might as well laugh as to cry!!

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  6. I agree! I don’t even watch the local news anymore. It’s sad to me that people have to be reminded to wash your hands!

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    For the first time in years this morning I tried to watch Good Morning America on ABC. I lasted 10 minutes because it was all conjecture and fear-mongering. Honestly, I am worried about the virus, but unless it is actual news about something, anything, I’m turning you off, oh TV news source. Common sense tells me that was the best thing to do to stay informed. 🙄

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    • Amen. We’ll wash our hands, use hand sanitizer after touching doors, etc., stay home if we’re sick, and avoid those that are sick just like we usually do. Then if the germs come our way, we’ll fight them the best we can. But, none of that requires the conjecture and fear-mongering except to increase ratings and revenue. Just think of how much happier we’ll be with that boob tube turned off.

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  8. Murphy's Law says:

    If I hear one more word about the corona virus or the presidential campaign, I’m going to have to hurt someone! 😡😤😡😤 I hate to say this, but I hope someone comes up with an App for “Common Sense”, because it’s the only way these idiots will use it.

    The hoarding is out of control here. I love Laura and Clif’s saying about Duct tape. But I’m also upset because I thought Duct tape fixed everything!! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾


  9. Ogee says:

    I will insert a deep sigh because our fellow humans refuse to take a deep breath before spinning out of control. If this is what the “connected world” has delivered us…disconnect me please.

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  10. Oddment says:

    When I read last week that doctors who know what they’re talking about had to defer to politicians, I knew that any minute I would wake up and this would all have been a very bad nightmare. Still waiting to wake up.

    I am trying to shut out everyone but the doctors who know what they’re talking about. As to that guy who took the virus out with him… well, I feel a harangue coming on, so I will stop now. Thanks for letting us all spout off a little!

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  11. It is flu season! I’m taking normal precautions- lots of handwashing, making a conscious effort not to touch my face…not easy! I’m avoiding crowded areas that I can- avoiding the mall for instance, and in flu season I take advantage of my grocery store’s e-cart form of shopping. Love that!

    I’m getting out for a 2-4 mile hike several times a week enjoying the fresh air, and nature. That’s good for me in so many ways!

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    We were all set to go to the Smith College bulb show today (after much consideration) but learned they have cancelled the show. I feel for those that put in all that work and expense (its their major fund raiser). Such a shame, but I applaud their being responsible, unlike the selfish man in NH. Sigh. At least it is spring and we have our gardens to putter in while we avoid congregating in public. Double sigh.
    Snowdrops are blooming and the first tulip have sprouted. We can get through this!

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  13. Glad you wrote all of this, Judy. It was on someone else’s blog (Kate’s Views and Mews) that some of us were commenting on how the knowledge of basic hygiene (i.e. wash hands frequently, wipe down gym equipment, stay home if you’re sick, etc.) might have skipped a generation or two. These are basic things, yet it feels as if so many people are hearing about this for the first time. – Marty

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  14. Almost Iowa says:

    After much research and deliberation, I have decided to panic. It is not that panic serves any real purpose, but I subscribe to the school that says “I must do something and this is something, so therefore I must do it.” and panic is the only thing I can think of that fits the bill.

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  15. pastpeter says:

    We just had a local panic when all schools were closed because a teacher’s spouse was being tested for CV… we still don’t know the test results. But it’s a 65deg sunny day, so hordes of kids enjoyed a day off!

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  16. pbmgarden says:

    Judy, the news is a tough pill to swallow these days. Walk along the beach.

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  17. Dan Antion says:

    Between the hype-hungry news and the stupid people, Those of us searching for facts, and reasonable actions are at a loss, Judy.

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    • I think of you every time I see stats somewhere, and they don’t add up because they’ve left an entire segment of the issue out. How can they quote stats that don’t add up – because they can, and the nerds like you and me are outnumbered ten fold. 🙂 It hurts my head when they expect me to believe 2 + 40 = 90, and then I futilely start searching for what it means that they left 38 out. 🙂

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      • Dan Antion says:

        That just happened this weekend. I was reading an article that was talking about a majority of people involved (44%) that liked something as compared to (32%) that didn’t like it. I read and reread the article in search of any mention of the missing 24%, which would have made either group an actual majority.

        I see these things and I try to figure out who is dumber, the reporter or the public?

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      • The answer to the last question is ‘yes.’ 🙂

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  18. I keep my media consumption to NPR and get my health advice from scientists. My husband and I went grocery shopping today (just the usual stuff, no hoarding) and saw even more empty shelves than before. We also saw a man picking his nose. No, you can’t fix stupid.

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    • I stopped at the store for coffee and walked down the aisles to see which ones were empty – blows my mind. Liquid soap in pump dispensers was sold out while the large replacement bottles were fully stocked. Hmm. You had your guy, and we stopped for breakfast only to see another waitress putting food in her mouth with her fingers right before she was brought plates out. I hope we recover from noticing so much stupid around us.

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  19. joey says:

    I am honestly concerned for my work Mentor who has only recently begun recovering from pneumonia, so I don’t want her to get another respiratory ailment.
    I am mildly concerned that we have a family of four and fewer than a dozen rolls of tp. Normally, this is not an issue of concern.
    Also, just last weekend, Moo informed me that our isopropyl is going to expire in April, and how we should buy smaller bottles. I don’t think it comes in smaller bottles? I have never asked myself, “Am I using enough rubbing alcohol?”

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    • I’ll be hoping everyone you care about stays healthy and weathers this storm. I went to four stores recently and the rubbing alcohol shelves are empty. I’d also like to know who has an insurance company that just lets them order however many prescriptions they’d like in order to stockpile them just in case. Mine has a record of how many days, and there’s no talking anyone into a refill before then.

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      • joey says:

        Right? They let you have some things stockpiled, bc, allergy meds — all the NSAIDS — pharmacy be all “Joey, text blah blah to get 3 months of Celebrex NOW!” But yeah, for stuff that you need to stay alive, like bp meds or pain meds they treat it like it’s a bread line!

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  20. Who was it said that emergencies bring out the best in people? My book club for tomorrow was just cancelled, which is also a bummer. And I even finished the book.

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    • Emergencies do bring out the best in people WHEN it doesn’t concern them directly I’m thinking based on how this situation is evolving. Yes, I’ve received notice of a couple of group cancellations as well. Hope they just postpone your book discussion since you finished the book. 🙂


  21. Eilene Lyon says:

    Really? The dead people aren’t swimming in the pool?!😂 This whole virus thing is getting over the top, for sure.

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  22. So it’s not just here in Australia where there is not a single roll of toilet paper available anywhere. People have gone crazy. All this nonsense makes me wonder if people have just never bothered to wash their hands before.

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    • I went to the store and walked down the aisle with liquid hand soap dispensers – shelves were bare. However, there were a couple of shelves full of the large refill bottles. So, I stood there thinking the same thing. What, until now no one had soap dispensers in the house. We certainly aren’t seeing a real good side of human nature in this instance. Here’s to them ramping up toilet paper production quickly. 🙂


  23. OMG! When I did my blog post I tried to include statistics. They were different everywhere. My brother, who was a statistical engineer (yep, as nerdy as it sounds) says that you can skew statistics to prove any point you want to make. If only duct tape could cure stupid I’d buy a case at the warehouse store along with my toilet paper. BTW I was shopping yesterday. No tp in sight and no bananas. Did I miss something? Are bananas involved in this somehow?

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  24. germac4 says:

    I could not agree more with your post… common sense has flown right out the window!

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  25. Tina Schell says:

    OMG that is indeed the stupidest thing I’ve seen and I’ve seen some VERY stupid things. I was in NYC last week and there is definitely a sense of panic setting in. you’re right, common sense should prevail but sadly the pack mentality is currently winning the battle. Here to more sanity for all of us.

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  26. Nancy says:

    This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.

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  27. Rose says:

    Oh, I am so glad to see I am not the only one looking at how many deaths are cause annually by the flu.

    I always thought Duct Tape was the handiman’s secret weapon!

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