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Maple Monday

The state tree for New Hampshire is the White Birch, and a beautiful tree it is. It shines during the winter when the deciduous trees have shed their leaves, and the beautiful white bark is left open to admire. The … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

How about a triple this Thursday courtesy of my friend, Sue, who found this beauty while visiting Franconia Village, NH. Wealthy New England merchants were able to construct mills individually powered by water from the many local rivers. The Northeast … Continue reading

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What’s up?

So, how’ve you been? Staying well and safe, but busy? Busy is good. Since this pandemic started, everything has changed, but repurpose, recycle, and reuse are still good things. We wanted to change our kitchen eating area from a round … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Today is Thursday and Norm is back from vacation, so here’s a door for you to hopefully bring a smile. History? Nope. Story about the door? Nope. Significance? It’s a ‘friend’ door. In other words, my Maine friend sent it … Continue reading

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Have you noticed it’s getting dark earlier? The seasons they are a changing that is for sure. Peak leaf color is going to be considerably earlier this year. We are still under severe drought conditions, but we have gotten a … Continue reading

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