Memorial Holiday

The Memorial Holiday and start of the tourist season is a mere four days away. Busy times in this little state as people escape the past year and head to the lakes and mountains.

We’re headed north tomorrow for a stop at the cemetery to pay respects, pick up some maple syrup products at a local sugaring farm, and stop for a long overdue visit with friends we haven’t seen in a year.

The Master Gardener plant sale was yesterday. We set out close to 1,000 plants and had a very productive day.

It was, however, hot, and I mean hot especially with a mask on because that particular town is not doing away with their face covering requirement until today. What a difference 24 hours makes. 😷

There were wonderful conversations with Master Gardeners I hadn’t seen in two years and with fellow residents with interesting gardening questions. Chipmunks were a big topic because of the damage they are doing to vegetable gardens this year, but there are never easy answers to gardening with chipmunks.

There certainly was a smile on my face to load those fifty tomato plants I’d been nurturing for the past three months. They sold well and made good money so that was a good thing.

My garden is doing well, but the heat and wind certainly make watering a challenge. Here are a couple of plants that I’m enjoying as we get close to the start of June.

Take care, stay well, and I wish you all some lovely days outside with nature. 😎

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63 Responses to Memorial Holiday

  1. Eilene Lyon says:

    Love the beautiful flowers! Masks off to you. Have a nice holiday.

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  2. Wonderful news about the plant sale! So glad it went well. Those chipmunks sure can be little rascals. Good thing they are so cute. Today, in Maine, the mask mandate has been lifted, but I think I’ll be wearing mine for a little while longer when I go into stores. Just to be on the safe side.

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    As usual, there’s no moss growing under your feet! Congratulations on the successful MG Plant Sale. Projects like that are always a lot of work for a few people, but a happy ending makes it worthwhile.

    Your plants are stunning. My compliments to the gardener!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow paying your respect, gathering all your favorite maple products, and getting together with your friends after such a long time.

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    Your photos of your garden flowers are lovely. I know the feeling about tourist season. I live in a suburban town that becomes hectic every summer– and I half dread it, half love that the visitors make for a vibrant economy.

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  5. Joyce says:

    Even though I’m a fan of squirrels when most gardeners are not, those nasty little chipmunks are annoying! One of them made his way into the wall adjoining our front door by nibbling the insulation through a space in the molding. Kind of disquieting to hear scratching from behind the wall while all six cats line up to listen and stare. Felt like I was living in a haunted house for awhile there!
    Congratulations on your sale success! The more home gardening in a community, the healthier it is!

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    • I can only imagine the cats lined up ready to pounce at the sound but no critter shows. Squirrels and chipmunks can do some serious damage to a house. I hope yours was easily remedied. Gardening took a real jump when people spent more time at home. Prices of plants this year are higher than last, but nurseries and greenhouses haven’t run out of product at least. I hope it is a lasting endeavor because you are correct about a healthier community.


  6. Congratulations on a successful plant sale! So glad you are able to go on a trip and see your friends again!

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  7. Karen says:

    I’m happy to hear that your plant sale was a success. Who wouldn’t want a tomato plant of two that had been loving cared from by a Master Gardener.

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  8. pastpeter says:

    Nice early blooms! It’s a bit too hot and dry for May, but we’ll take it! Crazy week here with Marian’s pre-surgical appts. She goes into Stony Brook tomorrow for an elective procedure which should reduce pain and spasticity… prayers welcome!

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  9. Eliza Waters says:

    Kudos on a successful plant sale, Judy. A lot goes into it, I know. Too bad yesterday wasn’t like today instead, right? Heat and masks are not fun. Have a great week ahead, may the traffic be light!

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  10. swesely says:

    Congratulations on your plant sale success, and your lovely flowers!

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  11. Denzil says:

    Love those gorgeous Alliums Judy. After living somwewhere for 7 years where a garden was not possible, we have moved to a ground floor apartment with a small garden. The joy of digging and creating a brand new garden! Exhilarating!

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  12. Oddment says:

    You can’t beat a dancing Snoopy for pure joy. I think it captures our hope at the moment. We know things are still uncertain, but when we can plan a weekend — well, hang on, Snoopy! I hope you have a grand time! You will need a wonderful weekend to recover from working in the heat with masks. That could not have been pleasant. But congratulations on finding forever homes for your tomatoes and on doing so much good with your fellow gardeners. Your flowers are beautiful, most especially that bearded iris! Wow. I bet that white clematis is one of those stunners in the evenings.

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  13. Nancy says:

    What lovely flowers Judy! And I’m so glad your tomato plants sold well! We drove around all over the place trying to find some yesterday. We got them! SweetMan put in the Veggie Garden.
    And we are enjoying masks off around here too. Hallelujah!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and enjoy your visit to see your friends.

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  14. How wonderful the gardening season, for our minds and our hearts! It’s all new right now, nothing but possibilities.

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  15. tonytomeo says:

    Clematis montana? It looks more like one of those fancy hybrids that mostly bloom with rich color rather than clear white.

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  16. Congrats on the sale! I love the stories I’m seeing on various blogs that are letting me know that “normal” times are ahead. Enjoy your trip!

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  17. Beautiful flowers, Judy, and I’m happy to hear that you’ll be visiting friends. That’s such a joy (as I well know right now.) Have a wonderful time!!!


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  18. pbmgarden says:

    Have a good trip. You have lots of beautiful flowers and I’m impressed you’ve grown 50 tomatoes. I have one seedling that volunteered from last year I might try to nurture!

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  19. germac4 says:

    Congratulations on the plant sale, I know they are mighty hard work! Enjoy your road trip, it is lovely to be ”out and about” again and meeting up with friends is just the best thing!

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  20. Those are all beautiful! I like the purple sphere ones…are those Allium (sp)?

    It’s been storming here, and super windy…thankfully I think we’re over the rain and snow for now.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  21. Dan Antion says:

    I’m so glad your sale went well. I know that you all put so much effort into the preparation for that event. You flowers are beautiful. We struggled with the heat and the wind last week. It seems odd to be actively watering plants in May. In any case, I’m glad you got out and were able to socialize and enjoy some time with friends. I hope you’re not overrun with tourist in the week to come.

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    • According to the local news, resorts, camp grounds, and boating facilities are swamped with reservations. Good for the economy and the businesses, but I’ll be keeping my distance. Yes, we’ve been watering too, but high heat and all of this winds sure takes a toll. I’m thinking it is going to be a scorcher of a summer.

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  22. Over a thousand plants sure seems like a lot to me, so congrats on the sale! I don’t envy anyone wearing a mask outside in hot weather. Ugh. – Marty

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  23. Congrats on the plant sale. It’s good to see people in person, even with masks. It’s been hot here but day after tomorrow it’s plummeting down to 55.

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  24. I saw your sale on Instagram and wished I could pop over for a visit. I’m no master gardener but I would enjoy a couple of new plants. Mr ET put his winter veg in last week and we are still picking a handful of cherry tomatoes every few days. Happy travels.

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  25. ponzoblogs says:

    Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦

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