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If you’re looking to see the Lupines in NH, then when the second week in June rolls around, head north to Sugar Hill, exit 38 for Franconia off I 93. Sugar Hill is on Route 117 between Franconia and Lisbon. … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Welcome to the north country and the tiny town of Landaff, New Hampshire. Landaff was where my grandparents called home. It covers a mere 28 miles, and the 2010 census recorded 415 residents. I went to many dinners, plays, and … Continue reading

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Monday coffee

If we could share a cup of coffee, I’d want to know how you’re doing this Monday. Are you heading off to work or are you planning to spend some time in your garden? How are your tomatoes doing? DIY … Continue reading

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Sense of humor

If there is one thing each of us needs in order to survive what life has in store, it is a sense of humor. Good health, support of family and friends – all necessary. But, humor allows us to deal … Continue reading

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Beautiful weather

Looking for me? I’ve been outdoors most of the time. When you’re outdoors do you have to deal with ticks? NH is listed as the state with the highest record of Lyme disease due to the high tick population and … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Here in the United States, today is Memorial Day. To many it is a three-day weekend providing opportunities for trips to the beach, picnics, barbecues, camping, or an extra day off from work – all good things. However, the real … Continue reading

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In the garden

I’m wiped out. Boo hoo, I know. 😎 The MG plant sale went off on Sunday even though we had several threats of heavy rain. A little over 1,000 individual plants were sold, and we deposited over $4,000 which will go … Continue reading

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