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This month gets my gardening engine revving up. The weather is warm enough to be outside, it rains frequently and keeps the plants watered, and everything is green and colorful. I picked the last of the daffodills yesterday and have … Continue reading

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It’s gardening season, that’s for sure. Last Saturday, I worked at a Master Gardener project with my friend, Sue, where we were trying to bring back four small kitchen gardens at the Colonel Paul Wentworth House. The previous Wednesday morning … Continue reading

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Photography and Fabric

There are so many exceptional photographers in our blogging community, I’d have to insert a list block, and then I’d still probably forget one. The amazing photography that we are allowed to view is truly right up there on the … Continue reading

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A Nor’easter blew in, and it brought me a shed. 🙂 We have been talking about getting a small garden shed for a couple of years, and found this 8′ x 8′ one made by a young man in Casco, … Continue reading

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Blocks and Seeds

I decided I was moving forward, and I watched a variety of YouTube videos on how to use the block instead of the classic editor. The number one reason was that they are continuing to update it, and I decided … Continue reading

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I didn’t post last week because there wasn’t a lot to report. I’m working on a fabric piece, my seedlings, asparagus, and grapes are doing well, I have even been able to do a ‘little’ spring cleanup outside, plus I … Continue reading

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This Monday morning the wind chill is well below zero after a couple of almost 60° days last week. The majority of the snow has melted, sap is running across the area, and my seedlings are doing well. All good … Continue reading

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Sowing seeds, buying plants, or both?  Both. 🙂 I’ve used a big five-shelf unit with lights that is perfect, but as I ‘mature’ dragging all of that down from the attic is a real challenge. So, the last few years, … Continue reading

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Thank you!

As of last Friday, we have received both shots of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as part of the first wave of the >65 age group. We only traveled 8 minutes from home, and we’ve had no negative reactions. Check that milestone … Continue reading

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I know it’s shocking, but it’s still winter here. 🙂 Snow coming this afternoon, and we made a return trip to Alton Bay to check out the bobhouses before the fishing derby started this past weekend. We got a bonus … Continue reading

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