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Thursday Doors

In 1785, shipping merchant, Jonathan Hamilton, built this Colonial Revival Estate in South Berwick, Maine, overlooking the Salmon Falls River. During the American Revolution, Hamilton expanded his mercantile business to include shipbuilding, timber harvesting, partial ownership of local mills, and … Continue reading

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gardens not candy bar. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, Milton Hershey did create the 5ยข Hershey candy bar in 1900 with the almond variety being added in 1908. According to Candy Central this year, the simple Hershey Bar still ranks #4 in the … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

We’re in Pennsylvania this week visiting a special sister-in-law from Seattle. We decided driving to PA was a long day but not near as long as driving to Seattle. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday, she and I had an absolutely splendid day at … Continue reading

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Hello October

Temps have been in the 60’s – great gardening weather. Plants have been moved, shrubs trimmed, plastic fencing is up and anchored, daffodil bulbs planted, and 103 potted plants are in the ground for next year’s plant sale. I have … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Well, half a door. I LOVE this door, but I couldn’t trespass up a private mountain road to get any closer. I don’t know who thought to put red on the door with white trim to accent the gray weathered … Continue reading

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We’re having great weather. It’s 46ยฐF right now. The leaves aren’t showing a lot of color yet, but there are spots here and there. I’ve trimmed just about every shrub on the property, and I’m gaining on deadheading my perennials. … Continue reading

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Outdoor chores

Do you have a fall outdoor chore list? I live on almost four acres and mine is long. But, the chore list and a MG project have put some strain on my back. I’ve had to back off a bit … Continue reading

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