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Thursday Doors

Garage doors. There’s normally nothing too fancy about them. The story is usually what’s behind them. Does your pulse quicken at the sight of four plus garage bays and a space above? Mine does. Cars plus room for diy projects, … Continue reading

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Beautiful day in the neighborhood

I had a nice week off with hubby doing fun anniversary things. We kept busy with family and friends, and we ate dessert every day because that’s a necessity when you’re celebrating. One day I ate a breakfast of banana … Continue reading

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  We’re taking a page from Laurie at Notes from the Hinterland’s celebrating book, and instead of one celebration, we’re celebrating every day this week with small celebrations. So, I’ll be out and about and busy this week, friends. I’ll … Continue reading

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Lessons learned

If you’re not a gardener, this post will most likely bore you to tears so you have my blessing to skip it and move on. 🙂 Garden bloggers post about nice things, pretty things. But, there is the other side … Continue reading

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Hot, hot, hot – it was hot this weekend. There were no outside activities except for watering and picking raspberries. There was a lot of keeping the shades drawn and finding inside projects to keep busy. Thursday night I did … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Yesterday, I made a stop at Rolling Green Nursery in Greenland, NH. It is a first-class nursery with an amazing assortment of plants, great customer service, and I got door lucky. I must admit the huge bicycle caught my eye … Continue reading

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Home on the range

All I did was glance out the bathroom window while brushing my teeth, and who did I see enjoying a snack in the back yard – a groundhog. Now I’ve got a groundhog? Is Mother Nature kidding me? There isn’t a … Continue reading

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