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Judy’s First and Last News Report

Monday, July 1, 2019 National — Happy Canada Day Food/drink — Had some tasty blueberry beer Money — I could use more Sports — Go Red Sox and Royals Style — I use to have some Technical — I can … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

You know sometimes you’re cruising along, and Life stops to make sure you’re paying attention. Well, last week that was the case. Knock, knock – Life calling. In case you thought you had some modicum of control over your every … Continue reading

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Cherished Phlox

This vase is a treasured possession because it is from my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary in 1967. But, my cherished item is the plant itself – the simple perennial phlox. This old-fashioned plant that most gardeners today wouldn’t even think of having in their garden … Continue reading

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Armchair quarterback

I’ve never liked dealing with an armchair quarterback who wants to tell you everything that is wrong about something but doesn’t have a solution and isn’t willing to step forward and make an effort to make things better. But, that’s what … Continue reading

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I need more coffee and sunshine

Monday, May 2nd, brought a rainy day in the 40’s, forecasted to last all week.  Add that to the fact that we caught some cold/sinus/bronchial infection during our recent travel, and we have reached a high ‘yuck’ level here. I wish I could … Continue reading

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In Between

The last week of December is always an interesting seven days in between Christmas and New Years. School vacation for some children, short work week for companies, taking down and putting away decorations for many, and reflecting on the past … Continue reading

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Technology updates

I love WordPress. I appreciate WordPress. I relish being part of the WordPress community. Now, with all those positive comments, could I potentially bring up a couple of things that might, just might, be viewed as  unappreciative? Why do they have … Continue reading

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Does God text?

I’m just curious and mean no disrespect, but do you think God texts, tweets, or posts? Have you gotten any messages? Hand-written cards and letters have basically disappeared, email is frowned upon by the under 50 crowd, telephone calls take a back seat … Continue reading

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