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gardens not candy bar. 🙂 Although, Milton Hershey did create the 5¢ Hershey candy bar in 1900 with the almond variety being added in 1908. According to Candy Central this year, the simple Hershey Bar still ranks #4 in the … Continue reading

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We’re having great weather. It’s 46°F right now. The leaves aren’t showing a lot of color yet, but there are spots here and there. I’ve trimmed just about every shrub on the property, and I’m gaining on deadheading my perennials. … Continue reading

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Outdoor chores

Do you have a fall outdoor chore list? I live on almost four acres and mine is long. But, the chore list and a MG project have put some strain on my back. I’ve had to back off a bit … Continue reading

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Flower Power

I can talk flowers this Monday, but not veggies. My veggies in raised beds are done for the year because they couldn’t make it through the every other day rainfall. I’m sure the local farmers markets will look forward to … Continue reading

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I’ve been growing berries for about ten years now. I’m not an expert, but maybe could be called experienced. We inherited two high bush blueberry bushes that were very large and highly productive for about five years. Then they stopped … Continue reading

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Gardening in the heat

We have just closed out a week of high temps and humidity resulting in ‘feels’ like >100 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of gardening done here was minimal, which translated means the only time I ventured outside was to water or … Continue reading

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Life on this last Monday in June

I could put you to sleep describing weeding, mulching, trimming and such so I’ll just cut to the chase and say I’ve been working outside a lot. The weather is going to hit upper 90’s this coming week, and I’ve … Continue reading

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