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Turkey for Two

There will be turkey for two this Thanksgiving for the first time ever. Then again, 2020 is the first time ever we’ve tried to navigate a pandemic. Thanksgiving usually means a family gathering to share an extravagant ensemble of dishes … Continue reading

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Let there be light

My mood and the weather have been gray and cool so I decided to do something about my mood at least. On a warm day last week, I climbed to the attic and picked out some Christmas items, grabbed my … Continue reading

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Thank you

Heartfelt thank you to each and every Veteran for your service.

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Although we’re having great weather and I’m still picking up multiple leaf bags full of the neighbor’s pine cones, I’ve basically closed out the gardening season and moved indoors. The sewing and embroidery machines have been running, and I’ve made … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – October 29, 2020

How about a Halloweeny door this Thursday? My friend, Sue, spotted this door in Chester, NH, while she was looking for scarecrow people. Doesn’t everyone go looking for scarecrow people this time of year? 🙂 Chester is 26 square miles … Continue reading

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Whiny and sarcastic

Covid-19 and politics are clearly affecting my disposition so feel free to move on to someone posting a lovely flower photo. I understand, really. 🙂 I’ve been staying home, picking things up curbside again, and just mainly avoiding my fellow … Continue reading

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Fess up

So, we’ve all been hanging at home for the past seven months or so, and we’ve done lots of ‘stuff’ to keep busy. Let’s share the ‘best’ and the ‘craziest’ thing we’ve done. I’ll go. 🙂 We’ve actually done several … Continue reading

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Screen time

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer screen this past week, and I need a break, but here I am posting because I hate to miss chatting with the blogging community. 🙂 There was insurance … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes

New England stone walls are especially handsome this time of year, and when I drove to the top of our downtown parking garage to catch some color I did chuckle that I also captured three white churches. One thing for … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

How about a triple this Thursday courtesy of my friend, Sue, who found this beauty while visiting Franconia Village, NH. Wealthy New England merchants were able to construct mills individually powered by water from the many local rivers. The Northeast … Continue reading

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