Thursday Door

We stopped at a store, and because of where we parked, when I got out of the car this beautiful white steeple seemed to be calling to me in that bright blue sky.

Garden City Chapel sits between Murrells Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.

Since 1952, families have gathered to worship on Sunday from May through Labor Day in September for an interdenominational service with casual dress.

The Chapel is part of a larger campus that offers summer Christian retreats to around 10,000 campers from across the country. The campus takes up about two square blocks directly across the street from beach access.

An opportunity to worship, beautiful white steeple, bright yellow door, and across from the beach – location, location, location.

Have a great Thursday and may all your open doors be good ones. 🙂

Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, January 18, 2018.

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National Nothing Day

Really? I heard this on the ‘news‘ this morning and had to look it up because I just couldn’t believe we have sunk this low. 🙂

Designated January 2018 Daily Holidays:

1  National Hangover Day
1  New Year’s Day
2  Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day
3  Festival of Sleep Day
3  Fruitcake Toss Day
3  Humiliation Day
4  National Spaghetti Day
4  Trivia Day
5  National Bird Day
6  Bean Day
6  Cuddle Up Day
6  Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings
7  Old Rock Day
8  Bubble Bath Day
8  Male Watcher’s Day
9  Play God Day
10 Bittersweet Chocolate Day
10 Houseplant Appreciation Day
10 National Take the Stairs Day
10 Peculiar People Day
11 Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day
12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
12 National Pharmacist Day
13 National Pharmacist Day
13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
14 Dress Up your Pet Day
15 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
15 National Hat Day
16 Appreciation a Dragon Day
16 National Nothing Day

I have to stop typing here because after a lousy night of sleep it is making me crazy. When I looked this up, I could not believe the number of sites and phone apps listing these days so you won’t miss even one of them.

How do these daily ridiculous holidays hit you? I feel like they detract from the real and important holidays like Feast of the Epiphany or Martin Luther King.

In a neighboring NH town, they have recently changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. If this wasn’t a ‘G’ rated blog, I’d say something besides what the heck. Do we really need an Indigenous Peoples’ Day? If we have only now come to the conclusion that Columbus was a slug, just cancel the holiday – take it off the calendar. Done. Finished.

While looking this info up, I had to laugh that March 17 is National Quilting Day. Sorry, March 17 will always be St. Patrick’s Day to me.

Two rants in one month? I think I need a nap or maybe a cold beer and then a nap plus no ‘news‘ the rest of the day because it is dangerous to my emotional health. 🙂

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Flower Show

This past weekend, there was a Camellia Flower Show and plant sale sponsored by The Grand Strand Camellia Society. It looked like a wonderful display to me, but according to those in the know there are normally 700-1,000 entries instead of the 300 this year.

In talking to a couple of the Society officers, many of these blooms were cut on December 28th prior to the cold spell. The cold causes the blooms to shrivel up but does not negatively impact the plant itself. How they hold the flowers over for two plus weeks would certainly be an interesting topic of conversation.

Gorgeous blooms in a variety of colors and sizes…

Those of us from the north don’t get to see too many camellias because they prefer a growing zone 7 or warmer. If you are in an area where you can enjoy these lovelies and want to know more, Southern Living has a nice comprehensive article.

The temperatures here, like most of the east coast, have dropped again, but with layers on I’m still walking the beach.

I’m also eating and drinking well.

My very favorite place, Quigley’s Pint and Plate in Pawley’s Island, still has peach wheat beer on draft. Good stuff.

The local grocers are also well stocked right now with Sumo oranges. If you have never had an opportunity to try one, they peel like a tangerine and have a wonderful sweet taste. They’re a little pricey, but I’ve never seen them at the store in NH so I take advantage while here.

We have found good wood-fired pizza, wonderful barbecue, and many of the restaurants serve warm croissants drizzled with honey butter alongside a dinner salad. Croissants aren’t served as a part of the meal in NH so that has been quite a treat. I guess when you are staying in an area that has almost 2,000 restaurants there are new food adventures wherever you turn.

This is why, cold or not, I’m walking the beach. My destination is the pier which is a two-mile round trip. If I keep working so hard to support the SC economy, I may have to start walking twice a day. 🙂

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Thursday Doors

Greetings this Thursday from Murrells Inlet, Horry County, South Carolina, part of the Grand Strand. The Grand Strand is a continuous stretch of beach which runs along the northeastern part of SC.

The Myrtle Beach metropolitan area, including Murrells Inlet, has a year round population of around 450,000 but attracts more than 14M visitors each year. How do these beaches stack up against others around the world? Well, the Travel Channel ranked in the top ten beaches and Myrtle Beach was #2 behind Hawaii.

Since tourism is the main industry, there are over 1,900 restaurants to choose from when dining out. So, as all good visitors do, we are trying to contribute to the health of the SC economy.

This week we visited Bubba’s Fish Shack. Now, doesn’t that sound like a place you want to visit when you are staying right on the beach?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I forgot to take a picture of the food before I started eating hence there are a few bites gone. 🙂

When I’m not walking the beach, I’m admiring the beautiful snowy white egrets that we see as we drive around.

Here’s to a good weekend for everyone, and an opportunity to support your local restaurant community. We must do our part. 🙂 Have you eaten someplace fun or made a new recipe lately? Do tell.

As always, this post is linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, January 11, 2017. Norm lives north of most of us, but he keeps all the door aficionados corralled each week so we can appreciate a variety of doors from all over the world. Check it out.











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Weather rant

I did you a favor by putting ‘rant’ in the title so you can tune me out if desired. No offense taken. 🙂

We hear a lot of talk about ‘fake news’ but what about the way weather has become such a major part of our life that we consult weather apps multiple times a day in order to be able to do anything, leave the house or plan an activity.

Last week, we had some wicked weather across a large swath of the US including New Hampshire with dangerously low temperatures, high winds, and heavy snow.

There – did you get the idea? Stay indoors if possible, travel safely if you need to go out, and remove snow when the temps are at their highest and the winds at their lowest.

I’ve lived a long time and grew up on the east coast knowing that in the winter there could be winter weather. I know – that is stilly. 🙂 Winter weather, at some time, could include snow, light or heavy, even blizzard conditions which would restrict visibility, and along with that could come high winds or ice.

Now, in order to grab our attention, we describe approaching snow as:

Blizzard warning
Blizzard watch
Blowing snow advisory
Bomb cyclone
Cyclone blizzard
Extreme cold watch
Freezing rain advisory
Heavy snow warning
Ice storm warning
Lake effect snow
Lake effect snow advisory
Lake effect snow watch
Polar vortex
Sleet storm warning
Snow advisory
Snow devils
Winter bomb
Winter hurricane
Winter storm
Winter weather advisory

And, are we so far removed from having just plain old common sense that we need state governors to tell us to be careful, travel safely if we need to go out, check on our neighbors, shovel our sidewalks, and ‘don’t crowd the plow’? Who in their right mind would crowd a 60,000 lb. snow plow?

I also loved hearing the weather channel talking head tell us it would be beneficial to park our car in a garage during the winter but be sure to back it out once you started it. Every car owner in the world would have a garage, if it was humanly and financially possible, but it’s not. And, are we so stupid that we need reporters to tell us to open a garage door before starting and backing out a car? I guess they think so.

“The good old days” were not all good, but the simplicity of just reporting the weather and the news factually sure would be a welcomed change. But, I think I’ll have to settle for the mute and on/off buttons.

Or maybe, wait for it – I’ll open the blinds and look outside or I might even go so far as to step outside to check the temperature. Egads, what am I thinking? 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday

Shrimp boats going out and coming back

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Wishes for you? You bet.
I wish you health and happiness in that order because you can’t have the second without the first. ❤️

Resolutions – do you make them?

I normally do a little soul searching about how or what I can do to be a better person, improve a skill, and enjoy life more.

So, here’s my current internal conversation.

Blogging – I’m still good with one or two posts a week because I’m also prepping two per week on my Master Gardener blog. I love the blogging community – you make my day.

Bullshit – Call it when I see it because I’m tired of just smiling. I may be older, but I’m not stupid, deaf or dumb.

Customer Service – Accept the fact that there isn’t any. But I’m going to continue to seek out and patronize those smaller companies that still make the attempt.

Gardening – Oh, my gardening list is long. I have a bucket list of plants, tools I’d like, a shed maybe, and I can hardly wait to start the 2018 gardening season.

Photography – I love taking photos and I have decent equipment, but I need to  learn more about using my Canon and the iPhone. I had that Samsung Note down pat and now I need to learn about the iPhone and be brave enough to take the Canon off automatic. Yes, I admitted that in public. 🙂

Politically correct – I worked for many years in human resources and had to stop wishing people Merry Christmas and transition to Happy Holidays. I walked around the complex asking employees to take down certain decorations that could possibly offend someone. Possibly offend someone? Get a grip folks, and let’s be realistic. I won’t try to persuade you to my beliefs, you can enjoy yours, and there is always the delete key.

Politics – I’m down to local news as it is and skim national news on the net. That may still be too much when you filter out the personal opinions and entertainment pieces. I think I’ll cut back further because who needs the stress, but I will still send my occasional round of emails when some topic sends me over the edge. I’m probably on a ‘list’ being tracked by some facet of the government that has an acronym we’d all recognize, but at my age maybe they’ll consider me harmless but eccentric.

Quilting – Sewing keeps me same when I can’t garden. It’s not the same satisfaction but as close as I can get. I have a lot of opportunity to improve these skills. I brought my sewing machine to SC this year so I’ll see if I can produce one or two things.

Social media – I love blogging, and I’m developing a fondness for Instagram. I will continue to use Facebook as an electronic yellow pages and avoid fake news and chain sharing at all costs. I have a Twitter account but don’t use it. I have never been able to figure out why anyone would want to know what I think numerous times a day, but it makes lots of people happy – just not me.

So, what are you thinking about on this first day of 2018?





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