Thursday Doors

Last Friday, six of us ladies set off on a day trip toย Georgetown, South Carolina, which is off Highway 17 between Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

It is the third oldest city in SC, the county seat of Georgetown County, in the Lowcountry,ย with a population of less than 10,000. The historic downtown area with its live oak lined streets has beautiful stately homes, a wonderful harbor, waterfront dining, and many quaint shopping opportunities.

There are also plenty of waterfront doors, including the boat with the skeleton hanging above the door or the opportunity to purchase fresh shrimp right from the boat.. ๐Ÿ™‚

In an effort to support the local economy, we shopped at several stores, had a delicious lunch at the River Room, and after a walk on the harbor enjoyed a dish of wonderful home-made ice cream at Sweeties Sweets. I must confess I also bought some pralines to take home. Those pralines reminded us of visiting Savannah without the mileage.

If you’re ever planning a trip to South Carolina, a day in Georgetown should be a must on your list of things to do. It showcases the historic beauty of South Carolina at its very best. And, if you can, take along a few friends, you’ll have a lot of laughs along the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy March

I guess you could say I’ve been busy, and for me that’s always a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week, about 22 of us went to a ladies’ luncheon at the Calabash Garden Tea Room in NC.

A week or so before we got together and made Fascinators to wear. To say we had a lot of laughs doing that project is an understatement.

What a fabulous time we had making those little hats, getting dressed up, and enjoying our delicious high tea.

There was a poster that Brookgreen Gardens was offering a Dirt N’ Details talk on water features so I couldn’t pass that up. We spent an hour with the owner of Peaceful Ponds while she gave us the fundamentals on putting in a pond or even a small water feature. The essentials are: choose plastic (unit or liner) over concrete because of maintenance. All systems need filtration, rocks, gravel, and a recirculating system. If large enough, fish and plants are a bonus. Research plants wisely though or they will become a challenge and need maintenance themselves.

I also went to a sewing class with a friend on how to make a Brooks Bag. It is a nice big bag with four inside pockets and magnetic closure for carrying meeting or hobby supplies. One is finished, and one is almost done. It just needs the straps, closure and binding applied. Then I’m going to make a small zippered bag for each to carry cash and cards.

There was one project I completed that didn’t involve flowers – a lazy susan basket. One morning to make it, and another morning to stain. It came out well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the ladies I worked with.

Did I mention that we have talented folks down here who are more than willing to share their skills? Sue, NH, plans and coordinates all our ladies’ luncheons, Marilyn, MI, teaches daily water aerobics, taught us to make Fascinators and also brings together talented ladies willing to share and plan classes. Jody, PA, teaches basket weaving each year, Cindy, Canada, taught us how to make beautiful greeting cards, and then there is a host of other talented ladies who make monthly gifts to be given away at our luncheons.

If I haven’t shown you enough flowered material, I can assure you there are azaleas in bloom everywhere I look. Beautiful.

And, for those who thought a return visit to the Culinary Bakery was a good idea, we did. It was just as delicious the second time so just maybe we need to go one more time before we leave.

A friend and I are off to Coastal Carolina Quilt Guild meeting this morning to admire the talented quilters sharing info and eye candy. Now, that’s a good start to my week, and I certainly hope you have a great week as well.

Headed to work or do you have some fun planned for the week? ๐Ÿ™‚

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There are as many reasons as there are snowbirds as to why retirees head to warmer territory than their home state during the winter months. It’s not news to anyone who knows me that one of my top reasons is that I can be outside and enjoy nature.

The weather here is like everywhere else – up and down. But, we have had some beautiful, sunny, warm days in the mid 70’s. Those days are true gifts from Mother Nature. They allow walks on the beach, at the gardens, or just around a shopping area to enjoy hanging baskets and planters done up for spring. Yes, spring has sprung in South Carolina.

Magnolia tree, hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils.

Besides the beautiful spring blooming flowers, there are also animals to enjoy.

Gator swimming in the tree reflections, fox squirrel, cardinal, and turtles.

We stay in touch with the weather at home because although we’re thrilled we don’t have to scrape and shovel, we know our daughter is clearing paths and driveways.

Two weeks from this coming Saturday, we point the Acadia north. Best part after getting hugs from family? We get to see a second spring. Of course, this one comes with yard work, but I’m ready. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thursday Doors

This is one of those glass doors that isn’t spectacular with a long history and amazing hardware, but it leads to something delicious. It leads to Layers Bakery at the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach, part of Horry Georgetown Technical College.

I’m partial to Culinary Schools because for several years I was Director of HR for a NH college that included a culinary school. For a while, my office was actually in the culinary school. Do you know how well you eat when you work in the same building with the student chefs? ๐Ÿ™‚

Layers is a small bakery run by the students for the students. They do welcome walk-ins, and that is what I did.

The case is full of delicious pastries of every flavor, shape and size for a mere $1.50 or $2 each. I settled for six, and that was a real challenge to choose only six. I would give those student pastry chefs an A+.

They also have a well-known restaurant, Fowler Dining Room, with a waiting list of people wanting to enjoy the student chefs’ creations for lunch and dinner.ย Do you have a culinary school near you where you can purchase foods or eat dinner? Ever tried it?

Happy Thursday and last day of February. ๐Ÿ™‚

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There are quilters, and then there are QUILTERS. I belong to the first group. I’m self taught and lack even one artistic bone in my body.

So, when I had a chance to attend a class, View Through the Window, taught by an amazing teacher, Judy Lily, I was signed up. The day was a fun learning experience because a very talented quilter and friend decided to attend as well. There was a lot of laughing going on as we worked on our landscape projects.

The following week, we attended the local quilt guild and were amazed by the various quilts on display. We even won the 50/50 raffle, but then spent almost twice as much as we won at a local quilt store because they were having a sale. ๐Ÿ™‚

Class and guild were followed by the annual quilt show where we were all in shock and awe at the amazing skills on display.

This week, I’ll be back to small projects interspersed with outdoor adventures like a walk at Brookgreen this morning with good friends to see what’s blooming.

You see, it’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood today, and I wish you the same.

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Thursday Doors

I love wrought iron, and here are two lovely gates from Brookgreen Gardens. Were they forged by a blacksmith in Charleston? I don’t know, but I’m thinking they might have been based on the history and attention to detail at Brookgreen.

Through these gates and down the paths, what do you find beside massive sculptures from artists across the country? Flowers, beautiful flowers, are everywhere you look.

The weather here is foggy and rainy so here’s a shot of some turtles and the small alligator basking in the sun on my last visit.

Happy Thursday, and may you find sunshine in your day. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Road trip

A while back the car pulled out and four ladies headed north two hours to Bishopville, SC, to see Pearl Fryar’s very special topiary garden. It’s still beautiful beyond an ordinary gardener’s imagination.

Once we were done admiring this very amazing garden, someone said we should find the Button Museum and check it out. Sounded good. My childhood memories of stringing buttons together to make holiday ornaments came to mind along with the idea of seeing old buttons versus current buttons, gold buttons versus pearl or wooden buttons.

We traveled a few miles, turned down a dirt road, and there was a small sign for the Button King Museum. At first, we thought it was closed, but a nice gentleman came out and invited us in. This gentleman’s father, Dalton Stevens, was the self-proclaimed Button King.

There were definitely lots and lots of buttons, but not exactly what we were expecting.

There were no buttons for sale, just buttons encasing a variety of items like a toilet and the space surrounding it.

Apparently Mr. Dalton had insomnia, and ย he sewed buttons on clothes and shoes for something to do. When he needed new challenges, he started on a car, a coffin, a hearse, and a variety of household and musical instruments. I’ve never seen so many buttons in my life and arranged so artistically.

Pearl Fryar’s topiaries I understand. Although, I couldn’t trim even one bush to remotely resemble his creations, I get it. The buttons just made me smile and shake my head because buttons to me mean closing a shirt or used as an embellishment. But, it sure was a trip that provided a lot of laughs. We even watched his visit on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Landscaping and button artistry, lunch out, and a fabric store stop – ah, a good day for the ladies.

There are also good opportunities for feeding my quilting addiction. A couple of us went to a quilting class last Friday on creating a small landscape wall hanging. Today, we’re off to the Coastal Carolina Quilters’ meeting and some new demonstrations, and on Friday is the Quilt Show. Lots of ‘thread’ for me this month.

What’s on your calendar this week?

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