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Let there be light

My mood and the weather have been gray and cool so I decided to do something about my mood at least. On a warm day last week, I climbed to the attic and picked out some Christmas items, grabbed my … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – October 29, 2020

How about a Halloweeny door this Thursday? My friend, Sue, spotted this door in Chester, NH, while she was looking for scarecrow people. Doesn’t everyone go looking for scarecrow people this time of year? 🙂 Chester is 26 square miles … Continue reading

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Whiny and sarcastic

Covid-19 and politics are clearly affecting my disposition so feel free to move on to someone posting a lovely flower photo. I understand, really. 🙂 I’ve been staying home, picking things up curbside again, and just mainly avoiding my fellow … Continue reading

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Fess up

So, we’ve all been hanging at home for the past seven months or so, and we’ve done lots of ‘stuff’ to keep busy. Let’s share the ‘best’ and the ‘craziest’ thing we’ve done. I’ll go. 🙂 We’ve actually done several … Continue reading

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What’s up?

So, how’ve you been? Staying well and safe, but busy? Busy is good. Since this pandemic started, everything has changed, but repurpose, recycle, and reuse are still good things. We wanted to change our kitchen eating area from a round … Continue reading

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Is it Monday?

I needed a ‘bummed out’ blogging break last week, but I’ll save you the explanation and just say it was life as we now know it. Outside I kept busy doing my usual –  weeding, watering, transplanting, still trying to … Continue reading

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Isaias came plowing through New England last week. We were without power for 9 hours but many others were out much longer. It took me several hours to pick up all the downed branches, but I didn’t have to worry … Continue reading

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Social media

As we enter the sixth month of living history here, it’s hard to avoid all the elephants in the room although I do give it my best shot. I find myself watching less news, avoiding anyone who wants to talk … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

This is so exciting – I have doors, and they’re potties. 🙂 Besides handsome wooden shoe forms to differentiate them, they also have gardening forks for ‘m’en and ‘w’omen. How cool is that? Last Friday, my friend Sue and I … Continue reading

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The beat goes on

Another Monday has rolled around, and I’m grateful to be here. Being a senior in this pandemic means one day tends to slip into another when there are no events on the calendar. It’s still strange looking at a blank … Continue reading

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