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Thursday Doors

We’re in Pennsylvania this week visiting a special sister-in-law from Seattle. We decided driving to PA was a long day but not near as long as driving to Seattle. 🙂 Yesterday, she and I had an absolutely splendid day at … Continue reading

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Road trip

New England is known for its handsome wooden covered bridges, but did you know we also have some remaining stone bridges? Back in the first half of the 19th century, stone bridges were built by talented Scottish stone masons using … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Ever heard of Woodstock, NH? It’s 60 miles north of Concord and 90 miles south of the Canadian border, and it has a pretty well-known craft brewery at the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery. On our way north a couple … Continue reading

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Beer and Menopause

Who knew we’d ever see those two words together. As most of you know, I love a good craft beer. Locally, I’m partial to the Portsmouth Brewery because we know the head brewer, Matt Gallagher. He is the nephew of … Continue reading

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How was your weekend?

We had a nice quiet weekend staying off the interstates and away from the 600,000+ visitors. There were blue skies, lunch at the water on Saturday, and some good craft beer and home-made ice cream on Sunday. We still have … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Spare? My favorite might be spare glasses of beer. 🙂 Have a fun but safe weekend. Check out the other ‘spares‘ this week.

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Thursday Doors

I’m beginning to wonder if I drink too much craft beer. Okay, I thought about it, and the answer is ‘no.’ 🙂 So, when planning the trip to Kansas, our SIL said we had to stop at Free State Brewing … Continue reading

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