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Flower Power

Gardeners who plan well have flowers blooming throughout the spring and summer. I’m still working on that. My biggest problem is I love spring flowers. Besides gardening and reading, we’ve been doing a few jobs around the house. Remember that … Continue reading

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Rain and DIY

Last week we received almost 7″ of rain which certainly made a dent in our moisture deficit. We’ve gotten 1.5″ of rain this morning, it’s still raining, and showers are forecasted a couple of days this week. With a plus … Continue reading

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Day 36

Happy Monday! I hope the sun is shining where you are because I’m relishing the fact that we are having a beautiful day which means I’ll be outside for a couple of hours which is good for my body and … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

I’m a barn fan. What can I say except that my grandparents had a barn, we built a barn in the midwest, and we have a barn in NH. I love barns. So, when I visited my friend, Sue, at … Continue reading

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DIY Composter

Let’s talk trash for a minute. 🙂 Most of us who garden either make compost or buy it in bags or yards. Compost helps to improve soil structure, increases nutrient content, requires less water, and can assist in warding off plant disease. … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

The Salvage Dawgs has been on the DIY TV Channel since 2012. The company, Black Dog Salvage, owned by Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp, is in Roanoke, Virginia. The day we visited, the license plate tags in the parking lot read … Continue reading

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It’s here, and we’ve even had our first snow flakes. The plants have been deadheaded, the grasses cut back, furniture and containers stored, raised beds cleared out, some leaves composted, chicken run covered, mowers treated, and now it’s time to … Continue reading

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Thread Thursday

Our good camping buddies from up north gave me a sign for Christmas – Life’s Better At The Beach. They know me well. 🙂 Last week I decided I couldn’t do anything about the feet of snow still on the … Continue reading

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DIY – Ironing Board

A couple of years ago, I bought a folding wooden TV tray at our local Habitat for Humanity store for $5. I painted it with exterior paint to match our chicken coop, and we used it for a table to … Continue reading

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Quilting DIY

It’s fall and except for a couple of days of severe deadheading, winterizing the Coleman and stacking wood pellets, the outside chores are about finished for the year. It’s time to move into my sewing room where a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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