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Mid February

February is almost half over. Where did it go? I’ve been sick. Not in the hospital sick, but sinus cold type sick. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for almost a week using over the counter meds. I … Continue reading

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End of May

Is it as busy at your house as it is here? The gardens are doing well with some of the early bloomers starting to wind down like the Bleeding Hearts but the Jack in the Pulpit, Geranium Sanguine, and Iris … Continue reading

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Fairy House

There once was a strong oak tree that sheltered the animals and created a shade garden. It became weak and started dropping large branches over the power lines. It had to come down. Then there was a stump. The end. Hardly, … Continue reading

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Hot, humid and still gardening

It is hot and humid, but I’m not complaining because I’m surrounded by color everywhere I look. How humid? Well, I have to let my clothes dry out before I can put them in the dirty clothes basket. I’m not spending … Continue reading

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