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It’s raining again,

and there are no grandkids playing outside today. There is, however, plenty of ‘pink mulch’ as my granddaughter calls it falling from their favorite tree – Ornamental Crab Apple. This giant umbrella-like tree provides them a place where they can … Continue reading

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Gardening and Repurposing

I love the word, repurposing. It sounds so much better than salvaging or being frugal. Repurposing a work bench into a potting table – it’s Yankee gardening at its best. After a dear friend passed away, his wife asked if … Continue reading

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Gardening for Wildlife

Gardening is a wonderful hobby if you enjoy watching fruits, vegetables and flowers grow and produce delectable foods or beautiful flowers. Enjoying nature including a variety of birds, pollinators, bugs (good and bad), and other small animals that venture into … Continue reading

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Traveling – Bennington, Vermont

If it is April, then we are on a car trip with our granddaughter to see all things historical and some things just for fun. After a three-hour car trip from home, our first stop was Bennington, Vermont. Normally along this … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Festival, Keene, NH

Keene, NH, is a wonderful example of a quaint New England town that offers family oriented events in the downtown area, and they are good at it. One of these special events is the annual Pumpkin Festival. Have you ever … Continue reading

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Art with a Splash

Our New Hampshire TV Channel, WMUR, hosts an evening show, Chronicle, that features local people doing interesting personal and professional things. I saw a show on “Art With A Splash” in Portsmouth, NH. It was an art studio offering classes where you … Continue reading

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Maple Sugaring

We have some good camping friends that have a maple sugar business. They are so enthusiastic about sugaring, that we caught the bug and tapped four maple trees in our yard. They loaned us a couple of pails, coached us through … Continue reading

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Farmer or Gardener

When I think about my grandparents and Brookside Farm, Landaff, NH, my mind is flooded with wonderful memories. It is easy to remember my grandfather tending his dairy cattle and his large vegetable garden while my grandmother cared for her … Continue reading

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Salsbury Beach State Reservation, Massachusetts

Based upon a write-up on some of the best campgrounds in New England, we camped here in our Minnie Winnie for several days in 2010.  The place was packed so there must have been lots of folks who read the … Continue reading

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NOFA NH 2012

Yesterday was a day full of fun and learning for my granddaughter and I at the NOFA NH Conference.  We met fellow gardeners and learned about a variety of organic methods to enhance our gardening needs. Can you imagine, there … Continue reading

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