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Sewing and Gardening

The hummingbird wall hanging is finished, and for the past week a MI friend and I have been working on small bags utilizing lace zippers that are sewn on the outside. We have a list of recipients because some people … Continue reading

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Snow or Surf

There is something beautiful about freshly fallen snow. Everything is white and sparkly. I’ve lived in snow country for my entire life although some areas received inches while other received feet. I’ve skated on ponds, sledded, skied, made snowmen, and … Continue reading

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The weather is going to be in the low 50’s on Thursday, and our daughter came up with a plan to share a meal in an area where we can have good cross ventilation. Let me just say one thing … Continue reading

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The Big Return

In New England, what goes out in the spring must be returned in the fall. At least that is the routine if you want to enjoy those blooms again and use those items the following year and not have to … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Today is Thursday and Norm is back from vacation, so here’s a door for you to hopefully bring a smile. History? Nope. Story about the door? Nope. Significance? It’s a ‘friend’ door. In other words, my Maine friend sent it … Continue reading

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When a person says, paper, it can mean a variety of things, but in this case, I’m talking about ladies who have refined their skills to create beautiful memories with paper. They come from far and wide, Canada, Michigan, New … Continue reading

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Life has leveled out to a normal amount of ups and downs.  Picture a happy dance.  🙂 There have been some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and we also enjoyed some amazing temperatures in the 70’s … Continue reading

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Dear friends

Happy Christmas week! This is a week when you can reflect upon your many blessings both past and present. From my past, I received a letter, a real letter, from a dear friend in the midwest. Are you old enough to … Continue reading

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When good friends mean good eating

Prior to our cross-country move ten plus years ago, we had great friends that we were closer to than some of our family. For years, we watched our kids grow up, attended business functions together, saw grandkids arrive, helped each … Continue reading

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How do you feel about Facebook? Are you an avid fan sleeping with your electronic device of choice on your nightstand? Are you a ‘friend’ to all and ‘like’ everything? Or do you not believe in the social networking frenzy? … Continue reading

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