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I love Christmas decorations, and I remember the many, many years when every inch of the house, inside and out, was decorated including several trees. Today, you could say my decoration are somewhat scaled back because everything that comes down … Continue reading

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National Nothing Day

Really? I heard this on the ‘news‘ this morning and had to look it up because I just couldn’t believe we have sunk this low. 🙂 Designated January 2018 Daily Holidays: 1  National Hangover Day 1  New Year’s Day 2 … Continue reading

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Christmas traditions

I’ll tell you mine, if you’ll tell me yours. 🙂 I’ve always loved Christmas decorations. As a child, we always had a decorated tree, but that was the extent of the decorations. However, my grandparents had lots of decorations. My … Continue reading

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Holidays can be so much fun or so stressful. Thanksgiving Day will still contain just 24 hours whether your family resembles the Waltons, Brady Bunch, Friends, or a Modern Family. The day should be enjoyed by each of us in our own … Continue reading

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