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DIY Composter

Let’s talk trash¬†for a minute. ūüôā Most of us who garden either make compost or buy it in bags or yards. Compost helps to improve¬†soil structure, increases nutrient content, requires less water, and can assist in warding off plant disease. … Continue reading

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May gardening

I’ve been outdoors. Trees and bushes are sprouting leaves and flowers, and I can almost hear the perennials growing. There were numerous days when I worked in the rain¬†drenched to the skin. Rain is really good for transplanting, and if … Continue reading

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My world

Last week I attended a MG plant propagation class at UNH. We covered the various ways to divide perennials, take cuttings, and how to overwinter plants. The most interesting¬†take aways for me were¬†a couple of simple ones. When you pot … Continue reading

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Miracle of seed starting

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the first green¬†poke through the soil in a seed tray. I ordered my tomato plants from Stout Oak Farm, a local organic farm. They are grown in their heated greenhouses, and … Continue reading

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April arrived on the calendar. So did 20 degree temperatures and two snowstorms. I’m regretting taking those 25 bags of leaves off the perennial beds because they probably could have used the blanket of warmth this week. No photo of … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

I’m a sucker for barn doors of any type so when I attended the Blueberry Pruning workshop at Tuckaway Farm I had to take a shot of these doors. I love doors with character and history. They cause me to … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday

Uninvited guests arrived for the holiday. There¬†were two of them, and they were looking for an endless buffet. I know they are handsome, but¬†the only thing they got served was another dose of Milorganite spread around on the grass¬†to deter¬†a … Continue reading

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