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Photography and Fabric

There are so many exceptional photographers in our blogging community, I’d have to insert a list block, and then I’d still probably forget one. The amazing photography that we are allowed to view is truly right up there on the … Continue reading

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Maple Monday

The state tree for New Hampshire is the White Birch, and a beautiful tree it is. It shines during the winter when the deciduous trees have shed their leaves, and the beautiful white bark is left open to admire. The … Continue reading

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Safe Shopping

Remember the days when you saw ‘safe’ used as an adjective it was probably describing ‘sex’? Now, we’re using it to explain shopping experiences. 🙂 Lowes opened at 8 a.m. yesterday, and we were there at 9:15 a.m. for a … Continue reading

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Slow Spring

Sooner or later the sun will come out and stay for a while, but it seems like every day there is maybe an hour when it is not gray, overcast, and in many cases sprinkling. It is warmer, so that’s … Continue reading

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I believe

There will no spring 2019. Truly. Snow flurries up north tonight and mid 30’s here tomorrow night. Heck, we’re still having to turn the heat on periodically. There are no containers and hanging baskets full of annuals providing pops of … Continue reading

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Rain+cold=More Rain and Snow

We’re averaging one day a week without rain. It’s so cold and rainy my perennials are barely breaking through, and the daffodils are still about 4″ tall. The only blooms I have are these lovely bloodroot – small, short lived, … Continue reading

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I’m home, and I’m embracing the color, brown, because that means there’s no snow left. We have some rain in the forecast so green will start to appear. 🙂 A couple of awards go to: Virginia for the most police out … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung

I know I complained about spring taking its own sweet time about getting here, but she has surely arrived. I can tell by the blisters on my hand, the soreness in my back, a never-ending list of outside chores, 52 … Continue reading

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Dirty nails

I have dirty nails which means it’s definitely gardening season here in New England. 🙂 The Bleeding Hearts are starting to bloom, the other perennials are popping up, and three blisters later, I had raked 23 bags and two pickup … Continue reading

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Gardening in and out

At last, it is spring in New England. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are even out and about looking for dinner. The plants for the MG sale are now on our driveway where I’m hoping they will start to grow with a little … Continue reading

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