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Thursday Doors

Glass is the material of which beach home doors are made of so the views can be enjoyed. The glass doors may not be extremely interesting, but the buildings and their colors are certainly colorful. Wonder what my building looks … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Mother Nature gifted us with sunshine and 71°F. That is unseasonably warm even for South Carolina. Regular temps are on their way for the rest of the week including a forecast for frost this Thursday evening. We took advantage … Continue reading

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Dig out the shovels

It’s 25°F this morning here in southern New Hampshire while up north it has dropped to single digits. There is snow forecasted for tomorrow and Friday. Good thing we put the snow stakes in yesterday. If you use the orange … Continue reading

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Let’s catch up

I owe you some follow ups to close out several conversations we’ve had in past posts. Big pharma – Without describing my medical issues in detail on the world wide web, I want to clarify that the two prescriptions I was … Continue reading

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I went to a quilt show last Friday with several friends. Attending a quilt show is like going to an art museum. Some of the pieces call out to you and some are gorgeous but not meant for you because … Continue reading

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Wishes for you? You bet. I wish you health and happiness in that order because you can’t have the second without the first. ❤️ Resolutions – do you make them? I normally do a little soul searching about how or what … Continue reading

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Cornucopia of things

I have to admit I go through a funk when the gardening season is over. I miss being outdoors every day,  hands in the soil, and seeing bright colors. Next week is the annual poinsettia open house at the UNH … Continue reading

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