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Sowing seeds, buying plants, or both?  Both. 🙂 I’ve used a big five-shelf unit with lights that is perfect, but as I ‘mature’ dragging all of that down from the attic is a real challenge. So, the last few years, … Continue reading

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Miracle of seed starting

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the first green poke through the soil in a seed tray. I ordered my tomato plants from Stout Oak Farm, a local organic farm. They are grown in their heated greenhouses, and … Continue reading

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April arrived on the calendar. So did 20 degree temperatures and two snowstorms. I’m regretting taking those 25 bags of leaves off the perennial beds because they probably could have used the blanket of warmth this week. No photo of … Continue reading

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Spring? Really?

The calendar says it is the first day of spring, but it hasn’t necessarily ‘arrived’ in New England.  We had snow flurries last night and there are more in the forecast. I passed this house the other day on the … Continue reading

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Spring in New England

It always amazes me when the calendar says it is spring, and the reality is it is still winter. I heard laughter this morning, looked outside and there was my granddaughter sledding on our family made hill. She was getting … Continue reading

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Organic Seed Starting Update

Recently, we posted an Organic Seed Starting Tip and wanted to give you an update on how things were progressing. It appears that the directed light and the additional heat being held inside the blankets are definitely having a positive effect … Continue reading

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Organic Seed Starting Tip

Seed starting is covered by so many experts that I’m not even going there. But, I do have an interesting tip to share. Last fall, my daughter, granddaughter and I attended a garden club meeting where David O’Connor, or Dr. Tomato from … Continue reading

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