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This Monday morning the wind chill is well below zero after a couple of almost 60° days last week. The majority of the snow has melted, sap is running across the area, and my seedlings are doing well. All good … Continue reading

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Day 36

Happy Monday! I hope the sun is shining where you are because I’m relishing the fact that we are having a beautiful day which means I’ll be outside for a couple of hours which is good for my body and … Continue reading

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Day 29

I’ve been trying to write a post, but mostly I’ve sat here looking at the blinking cursor because I’m struggling with something to say. Some bloggers have been energized by the availability of time to post, but I readily admit … Continue reading

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Play Dirt

I hope my friend, Sue, doesn’t mind me borrowing her great-grandson’s favorite request of her to ‘play dirt.’ Trucks, pails, shovels, and laughter follow that request. 🙂 I can’t play dirt here in SC nor could I if I was … Continue reading

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Seeds and Snow

February is the time of year when gardeners everywhere are scouring seed catalogs and getting ready to start the process of planting those individual seeds into cells tucked under lights and kept warm and watered until they are ready for the garden. This winter … Continue reading

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Gardening mid May

I’ve been gardening almost every day for a couple of weeks now. Life is good. 🙂 There has been a lot more pruning than usual because of the harsh winter. I lost some perennials, the deer ate the tops of several … Continue reading

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Easter and Gardening

Here’s hoping you had a nice Easter weekend with plenty of good food including a few exceptional sweets. We have a small family, but my daughter and son-in-law are both terrific cooks, so the food is always delicious from entrĂ©e … Continue reading

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Spring in New England

It always amazes me when the calendar says it is spring, and the reality is it is still winter. I heard laughter this morning, looked outside and there was my granddaughter sledding on our family made hill. She was getting … Continue reading

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Heirloom Tomatoes

We have tomatoes! And, if you could see us all, you’d see smiling faces. We love tomatoes. When the counters are covered with them, we’re ecstatic. This year, we built 23 new raised beds – some single and some double … Continue reading

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Flower Seedlings

Suffice it to say I am great with vegetable seedlings but normally am not all that successful with flower seedlings. Ironic, since I’m the main gardener of flowers in the family. But, with the additional light this year, it has … Continue reading

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