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The S word

It was cold and windy all weekend, but then it snowed. Snow on May 9. We were lucky that it came down for a couple of hours, but it didn’t stick. My friend to the north in ME watched 10+” … Continue reading

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15 Days

December is flying by. Are you ready? 15 more days to shop, write, bake, and plan. 🎄 My last project was finishing a panel wall hanging. Who knew I’d be working on it multiple weeks, but it’s done, hanging on … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Who’s there? Old Man Winter, and I thought I’d bring two storms to start the season off right. 🌨❄️⛄️ It’s cold, we’ve got 13″ of snow on the ground, and it’s still coming down.  No, I’m not going to mention … Continue reading

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The calendar says Winter doesn’t start until December 21. I guess the joke is on us. On the way back from errands yesterday, I decided to head downtown and see how the water was flowing over the falls and under … Continue reading

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Dig out the shovels

It’s 25°F this morning here in southern New Hampshire while up north it has dropped to single digits. There is snow forecasted for tomorrow and Friday. Good thing we put the snow stakes in yesterday. If you use the orange … Continue reading

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Two and a half days of driving, one day of unloading and putting everything away, a day of washing and cleaning, and we’re almost back to normal. In case you’re wondering, normal is a lot more work than just going … Continue reading

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Weather rant

I did you a favor by putting ‘rant’ in the title so you can tune me out if desired. No offense taken. 🙂 We hear a lot of talk about ‘fake news’ but what about the way weather has become … Continue reading

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Button up your overcoat

It is wicked cold here. Single digits morning and night, and a little north of here it is well below zero. The landscape is white, and the driveways are covered in ice. It’s Yaktrax season. The cold made me think … Continue reading

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Winter wonderland

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in New England.☃️ Six inches of snow fell on Saturday night. We were lucky that Sunday dawned with decent temps and bright sunshine so we had good weather for shoveling and plowing. … Continue reading

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Over coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how your week was and what’s keeping you busy. ‘Tis the season here to get out the shovels, put the Yaktrax on the boots, and switch the mower for the blower on the … Continue reading

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