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I’m home, and I’m embracing the color, brown, because that means there’s no snow left. We have some rain in the forecast so green will start to appear. 🙂 A couple of awards go to: Virginia for the most police out … Continue reading

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There are as many reasons as there are snowbirds as to why retirees head to warmer territory than their home state during the winter months. It’s not news to anyone who knows me that one of my top reasons is … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Hello from the Palmetto State and my patio door.  🙂 We’re settled into a very comfortable condo in Murrells Inlet and enjoying the view and sounds of the ocean even on a gray and foggy day. Did I mention it … Continue reading

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Heading north

These three months have flown by. We’re on the road this morning and heading back, taking our time and enjoying the scenery, well except for the thousands of cars we’ll encounter. What are we leaving behind – a family of … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather

flock together… If there is one thing you see plenty of here at the beach in SC, it is birds. They soar over your head and then glide or plop into the water depending upon species. When those brown pelicans … Continue reading

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